One remote worker’s nightmare might be one of the best coworking spaces for someone else.

Personal preferences vary wildly. Are you looking for community, quiet, luxury, cost-effectiveness, location, or other attributes in your coworking facility?

You can work around some of the issues. For example, a more expensive coworking space could help your earn more if it makes you more productive. 

Perhaps you’re using Krisp to eliminate background noise from your calls, so the person on the other end doesn’t hear your jubilant coworking space comrades.


Nonetheless, specific coworking spaces keep topping the lists – and the numbers don’t lie. Which of these legendary remote work facilities fits your style?

Best Coworking Spaces in North America

WeWork (NYC, USA)

As one of the largest coworking companies, it’s no surprise that WeWork offers some of the best NYC workspaces for an individual or company.

If you want to try a different location, no sweat – you’re free to move between any of their workspaces with your membership.

The Farm (NYC, USA)

Need a hideaway treehouse in your coworking space? How about a nap room? If so, The Farm will shoot to the top of your best coworking spaces list.

This coworking space offers a bonus If you’re in the healthcare industry since it’s home to the Blueprint Health accelerator.

Proximity Space (Montrose, Colorado, USA)

Will proximity to each other in a connected space provide the opportunities of the future? Proximity Space thinks so and provides one of the best coworking spaces to accomplish just that.

Enjoy the inspirational work environment and the massive number of amenities at the flagship location in Montrose or one of its seven other Colorado working spaces.

NeueHouse (Hollywood, California, USA)

Membership is only by application – but if Lucille Ball, Bob Dylan, and Joyce Carol Oates considered it one of the best coworking spaces, then you might want to check it out.

Seven stories of sound stages, recording studios, and workspaces ensure you’ll find what you need along alongside Hollywood’s top names in creative fields.

BrightLane (Toronto, Canada)

Can’t work without your pet at your side, craft beer, and a rooftop terrace with BBQ? 

This workspace nestled in a historic brick building might be the perfect fit for you, whether you’re running a small business or a freelancer.

Northspace (Toronto, Canada)

Sick of pesky freelancers sharing your coworking space and interrupting your empire-building plans? Try Northspace – it’s aimed at small businesses and startups.

This workspace’s core values of diversity and entrepreneurship could add that missing ingredient to your endeavor.

northspace coworking space


BoxJelly (Honolulu, Hawai)

If your mantra is “work hard, live better,” you just happened to quote BoxJelly’s tagline. 

You might find yourself at home in this workspace’s creative, innovative environment alongside artists, designers, video editors, developers, engineers, and entrepreneurs.

Crew Collective (Montreal, Canada)

Lodged in the mostly intact 1920’s headquarters of the Royal Bank of Canada, Crew Collective offers a unique, magic ambiance – giving it a spot in the list of the best coworking spaces.

As its CEO stated, “We’re taking this old building and moving it into a new era of work.” You’ll find all the typical amenities in this coworking space.

Design Spaces (San Francisco, USA)

Need free shuttles? “Wine and design” events? Maybe you just enjoy working outdoors?

If so, this could be the stylish coworking space for you – particularly If you’re a small startup ready to grow your business.

Central America’s Best Coworking Spaces

Cocovivo (Isla de San Cristóbal, Panama)

Trying to go somewhere beautiful, as far away from it all as possible? Cocovivo lets you do just that while staying connected to the internet.

If you can focus while surrounded by fantastic amenities like jungle hiking, night bioluminescence, reef snorkeling, and wakeboarding, then this might be the remote office for you.

Just be careful not to fall into the first common stereotype of remote workers.

Creasala Coworking Cafe (San Jose, Costa Rica)

You’ll enjoy the stylish workspaces, but one of the best parts of this coworking cafe is – well, the cafe.

They’re pet-friendly, so be careful not to set your exquisite confectionary or delicious brunch-over-lunch (available with a wide variety of membership packages) too close to the edge of your table.

Some of the Best Coworking Spaces in South America

Coollabore (Itajaí, Brazil)

Nestled in the womb of a city that recently experienced three thousand new organizations and 718% growth in GDP, this workspace hums with the glow of empowerment for a change in work environments.

Benefactor Maur Federighi’s vision is that “… the exhausting and mechanical works of the past-present will be supplanted by fun and imaginative work.”

La Casa Redonda (Medellin, Colombia)

Medellin is a modern digital nomad hotspot, and La Casa Redonda pulses with its energy in the Laureles neighborhood.

Its close-knit community emphasizes communication and collaboration – values that define its “round table” philosophy.

la casa best coworking spaces

La Casa Redonda


NOTE TO EDITOR: I grabbed this image from their Facebook page. I don’t think that violates any privacy, copyright, or royalty-type issues – but you might know better.

Europe’s Best Coworking Spaces

Patchwork (Paris, France)

Creatives will appreciate Patchwork’s trendy interior. Top-notch designers left their aesthetic, comfortable mark as they meticulously designed this coworking space.

Don’t need a long-term workspace? Don’t worry – digital nomads passing through are welcome during regular work hours.

MOB (Barcelona, Spain)

If you’re searching for a community based around creation, growth, collaboration, and innovation, look no further than Makers of Barcelona (MOB). This unique workspace could be better described as an ecosystem.

Entrepreneurs, developers, and all forms of creatives will find themselves at home and making connections in this coworking space.

B. Amsterdam (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Abandoned IBM, Nissan, and Mexx headquarters joined another building (abandoned for 11 years) to form the B. locations – all within walking distance of each other.

The three office spaces host different crowds ranging from creatives, entrepreneurs, and corporate innovators, which has helped Amsterdam become the largest startup ecosystem in Europe.

Factory (Berlin, Germany)

If you cringe at the idea or clientele of most coworking spaces, you might appreciate Factory’s branding as a “business club”. 

You’ll bump shoulders with a variety of remote workers (and their pets) – including major established corporations, startups, freelancers, and influencers.

Weserland (Berlin, Germany)

Weserland founder Felix Hofmann believes that “Berliners need to get creative and create their own jobs and become entrepreneurs.” 

Fuel your workday with the Magister ES 60 coffee machine. After you’ve hit your goals in this innovative coworking facility, pop next door to Berlin Burger International for a convenient bite to eat.

Betahaus (Berlin, Germany)

With fifteen international locations, it’s hard to narrow down which Betahaus location wins the best coworking spaces prize.

Fortunately, you can try them all (at any time of day) with your membership and enjoy some of the 1,000 events hosted per year.

Coworking Bansko (Bansko, Bulgaria)

Even if walking in the door to an established coworking community’s workspace sounds intimidating, you’ll feel at home in Coworking Bansko within the day.

A separate social space ensures that you can network with others without being a burden on the productivity of others. Daily social activities help you become connected in no time.

coworking Bansko

Coworking Bansko

Kaptar (Budapest, Hungary)

You’ll find digital nomads, freelancers, and locals working in the heart of Budapest at Kaptar. Companies can also find an event space and seat service here.

After riding your bike to Kaptar and stashing it in the provided storage units, enjoy a day of productivity powered by the constant coffee.

Best Coworking Spaces in Africa

Cogite (Les Berges du Lac, Tunisia)

“The place was thought of as a bubble for entrepreneurs, a sort of shelter,” said co-founder Houssem Aoudi.

Leave your suit at home – you’ll find casually-dressed remote workers by the pool, enjoying the home provided by this whitewashed villa.

Cape Town Office (Cape Town, South Africa)

Feel free to bring your pet. Let it stare out the window at the fanastic city views. Meanwhile, you’re free to hustle in one of the best coworking spaces of Cape Town.

You’ll find yourself in a friendly, family-like environment; surrounded by other workers with a wide variety of skills.

CoworkingC (Las Palmas Gran Canaria)

Nacho Rodriquez knows a few things about digital nomads. 

He founded the coliving space The Roof and the annual event Nomad City – and is very active in the international digital nomad community.

It comes as no surprise that when he founded CoworkingC, nomads hailed it an efficient and modern space to make their coworking home.

Surf Office (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria)

Guess what you’ll find here? You got it: your selection of prime coworking spaces topped off with afternoon surf lessons and trips.

Need to clear your head? Take three minutes to head to the beach. Surf for an hour. Head back to finish your workday (before heading out for a beer with your remote work community). 

OPEN (Johannesburg, South Africa)

It has all the usual amenities like a cafe, hot and dedicated desks, offices, boardrooms, and a lounge.

What sets OPEN apart from its neighbors? It’s one of the largest – but most welcoming – workspaces and commands an incredible view of the city.

Asia: Home to Many of the Best Coworking Spaces

Hubud (Ubud, Bali, Indonesia)

Be warned: if you enter Hubud, you might never leave. 

The bamboo architecture cradles mini-environments designed for socializing. They’re accompanied by an in-house restaurant to keep you from leaving so you won’t miss the daily networking and skill-sharing sessions that build community.

Were you planning to actually do some work? No problem – Hubud provides you with fast internet, 24-hour service, Skype booths, and even a mailing address.

Dojo (Canggu, Bali, Indonesia)

Near Ubud, Canggu is currently one of the most popular cities for digital nomads. It’s home to Dojo, which provides ample gorgeous space for you to work without isolating you from the community vibe. 

It’s not the most distraction-free coworking space. You probably won’t mind while you’re taking a break at its art gallery or interacting with the vibrant community.

Enjoy the magic of the sea breeze from the beach (a mere 100m away) from the balcony workspace, or head down to the regular community events.

The Work Project (Hong Kong, China)

Are you on a tight budget? Then the luxurious Work Project might not be for you. It’s more like a luxury hotel than a beachside cafe.

If you can swing the price, you get what you pay for – including a minibar, fresh coffee, cookies, and even heated toilet seats.

WeWork Weihai Lu (Shanghai, China)

Once an opium factory, WeWork Weihai Lu now manufactures productivity for its remote workers. It includes all the amenities you would expect from WeWork, the company that essentially began the coworking movement.

The fancy, colorful facilities are themselves a work of art – referencing the building’s other history as an artist’s residence.

Ministry of New (Mumbai, India)

You’re free to bring your pets to this coworking space – an oasis of space and calm in crowded Mumbai. 

“We both are strong believers in “form meets function,” says one of the founders – and this eclectic, homey coworking facility reflects it.

The Working Capitol (Keong Saik, Singapore)

The Huffington Post selected it as the best coworking space in Singapore, and for a good reason – it embodies the futuristic vision of its director and co-founder. 

As he put it, “We see workspaces of the future becoming a one-stop shop, with the integration of lifestyle and domestic elements and offering more specialised equipment like gyms and podcast rooms.”

working capitol

The Working Capitol

Businesses such as Stripe, Vice, and Rutgers Business School help form this coworking space’s impressive community.

BeacHub (Koh Phangan, Thailand)

This beachfront office is what you get when combining an all-inclusive resort to a coworking space. 

Gourmet organic food, yoga and gym classes, and even an outdoor cinema complement your stay in the ocean-front bungalows.

Don’t worry – you’ll still get work done in the comfort of this picturesque workspace.

Punspace (Chiang Mai, Thailand)

One of the first coworking spaces to succeed in Chiang Mai, Punspace has a reputation for attracting a crowd of regulars.

Here you’ll find a robust community – stemming from every possible remote work career – bursting with a mission to get work done.

KoHub (Koh Lanta, Thailand)

James Abbot knows a thing or two about being a digital nomad. He’s been living the lifestyle before the phrase was coined. 

Unsurprisingly, the digital nomad community of Lanta revolves around this workspace that he founded – marking it as one of the best coworking spaces.

The delicious, convenient meals help you stay focused on your work without having to leave. The KoHub apartment accommodation with 24/7 access to the coworking space enables you to focus on your remote work.

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A Couple of the Best Australian Coworking Spaces

Fishburners (Sydney)

Freelancers and young companies flock to Fishburners. It’s one of Australia’s oldest coworking spaces and has a strong reputation.

You might enjoy joining the hundreds of entrepreneurs and techies at seminars, classes, events, and workshops in this bustling Sydney workspace.

Framework (Melbourne)

It’s professional but collaborative while retaining the social aspect you want. Even though it’s smaller than some other workspaces, this gives Framework a more tight-knit vibe.

Copywriting, designers, marketers, developers, videographers, and more creatives form a well-bonded community.

Coworking Spaces Are Not Created Equal – There’s One for Everyone

Maybe you’re a coworking space junkie – or perhaps you’ve only visited one coworking facility (and hated it).

As you can see from this list, the odds are that there’s a coworking space somewhere in the world to fit your unique preferences.

Leave a comment below. Let us know the best coworking spaces you’ve visited!