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Krisp’s AI-powered Media SDK is integrated into more than 150 million devices and has improved more than 10 billion minutes of voice communications.

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Improve real-time communications

Upgrade your audio with high-quality voice enhancement and Noise Cancellation.

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Eliminate distracting echoes

Enhance audio quality with Krisp’s best in-class de-reverberation technology.

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Integrate robust video capabilities

Combine your product with Krisp for greater video image customization and quality.

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Post-processing audio

Speech recognition

Automatic Speech Recognition


Sentiment analysis

Audio Technologies

Krisp is the leader in developing next-level voice and audio technologies. Our award-winning, AI-powered Noise Cancellation technology leverages deep neural networks to achieve an unprecedented level of noise removal and high-quality voice enhancement.

microphone Noise Cancellation

Krisp’s AI models achieve an unprecedented quality of Noise Cancellation, performing well for both stationary and non-stationary noises. Our highly-trained model is language independent and interoperable with all codecs.

microphone Noise Level Detector

Krisp’s Noise Level Detection (NLD) technology detects the Sound-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) level in an audio frame to help when an app or device needs to detect background noise, including human voices.

microphone Voice Activity Detector

Krisp’s Voice Activity Detection (VAD) technology, based on the same technology as Noise Cancellation, detects human voice in an audio frame with extreme precision.

microphone De-reverberation

Krisp’s de-reverberation technology, also known as Room Echo Cancellation, delivers enriched audio quality for conference and collaboration rooms.

Video Technologies

Our Video SDK works in perfect combination with Krisp’s audio technologies. Krisp’s video technologies help provide visuals that align with the precise Noise and Echo Cancellation capabilities provided in our Audio SDK. We provide high-quality visuals by employing technology such as:

blur Video segmentation

Video segmentation allows you to apply a custom virtual background image to any video and switch seamlessly between images, while a smart blending technique ensures you always look professional.

blur Background blurring

Krisp’s background blurring feature provides an alternative option for video backgrounds, rather than using a customized background image.

blur Brightness adjustment

Krisp adjusts the brightness of your entire video frame, or just your image foreground when using a custom background, and provides a high-quality video experience.

Supported platforms

Krisp’s Audio SDK library is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Web (JS/WASM), Android, and iOS platforms. Our Video SDK is available on Windows and Mac.


c++ Compiled C library

Krisp runs on Android, iOS, Windows and Mac and can be compiled for special-purpose embedded systems.

c++ Javascript library

Krisp’s SDK easily integrates into your web application. Requires WASM support (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari).

c++ Docker container

Krisp’s docker container can be hosted inside your server infrasctructure and scaled to meet your needs.
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Leverage Krisp’s brand

Krisp’s Media SDK brings the strength of our audio and video features to other solutions, reassuring your users that your audio and video is of the highest quality.

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