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Krisp’s AI-powered Audio SDK is integrated into more than 150 million devices and provides a solution for mobile and desktop apps related to audio conferencing, podcasting, streaming and recording.

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We power the world’s leading voice and video communication platforms

Audio Technologies

Krisp is the leader in developing next-level voice and audio technologies. Our award-
winning, AI-powered Noise Cancellation technology leverages deep neural networks to
achieve an unprecedented level of noise removal and high-quality voice enhancement.

microphone Noise Cancellation

Krisp’s AI models achieve an unprecedented quality of Noise Cancellation, performing well for stationary and non-stationary noises. Our highly-trained models are language independent and interoperable with all codecs. Models of various sizes ensure minimum CPU usage even on thin clients (can be as low as a single core 3-5%).

room echo De-reverberation

Krisp’s de-reverberation technology, also known as Room Echo Cancellation, delivers enriched audio quality for conference and collaboration rooms.

Voice activity detector Voice Activity Detector *

Krisp’s Voice Activity Detection (VAD) technology, based on the same technology as Noise Cancellation, detects human voice in an audio frame with extreme precision.

* Availability varies by platform

Runs on end user device

Krisp technology is designed and optimized to run on the end user’s device. This allows you to:

Save money on server infrastructure

No need to invest in server processing since everything with Krisp is done right on the user’s machine.

Eliminate the need to implement server-side code

Integrating our technology is seamless and easy since servers are taken out of the equation.

Avoid sending user audio and data to external servers

Processing is done faster and more securely without the added step of sending data to an external server.

Supported platforms

Krisp’s Audio SDK library is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Web (JS/WASM), Android, and iOS platforms.

c++ Compiled C library
Krisp runs on Android, iOS, Windows and Mac and can be compiled for special-purpose embedded systems.
Javascript Logo Javascript library
Krisp’s SDK easily integrates into your web application. Requires WASM support (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari).
Krisp config in discord app

Leverage Krisp’s brand

Krisp’s Audio SDK brings the strength of our audio features to other solutions, reassuring your users that your audio is of the highest quality.

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