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Our Mission is to Empower Everyone to Become Effective Communicators

Krisp brings freedom and flexibility to people and enables more confident remote communication.


Krisp is in the Center of
Remote Communication Revolution

We live by our mission, and empowering people to become effective communicators starts with our own company. We are a distributed team and, thus, we experience the challenges of remote communication every day. We’re building technologies and a product we believe in — as well as a strong, diverse team of curious people who want to do the best work of their lives.

We Are Guided by The Following Values

Transparency and Fairness

We believe that full information and decision transparency aligns everyone toward a single mission. Every team member must understand the context and justification of every decision being made in the company. Every macro and micro decision made at Krisp must be fair towards our customers, our team members, and investors. Fairness is necessary for creating long-lasting relationships built on trust and respect.

Happy Customers

We go extra miles to ensure that our customers have a great experience when using our product, when getting support from us and when going through any trouble.

Best Arguments Always Win

We want to work with the smartest people in the world. Smart people have smart arguments. If you have the best argument in the room - fight for it because it will eventually win, no matter who is in the room.

Smart and innovative

We are building a product category that doesn't exist yet, technologies that others struggle to build. We bring the best people in the world who are hungry to learn. Innovation is in our DNA. We always do our best to find the simplest and most scalable solutions.

Fast Pace

We don’t believe in perfect plans. We believe in action. Every day we solve problems we never saw in the past. We solve these problems by making small steps and shipping them. We iterate and learn, iterate and learn and keep doing this until the problem is solved. We believe that the single most important competitive advantage we have is our fast pace.

Teamwork and Integrity

We are a team with an aligned mission. Every day we help each other to be successful in our roles. When we notice issues - we talk about them, fix and move forward, as a team. We don’t tolerate internal intrigues and politics.

We have been backed by a group of extremely smart and passionate investors.

Deeptech is Our Passion

When we started Krisp, 6 out of 7 team members held PhD in Math or Physics. Even today, after 3 years, our research team is unusually sizable (25%) compared to other companies at this stage.

Deep Technology is Our Passion and We Live it Every Day.

Benefits at Krisp

Krisp is a remote-first company.

All Krispions can work from wherever they are most comfortable. While Krisp has physical offices, all our processes are structured to support both remote and hybrid setups.
We enable a workplace culture that empowers people to create, grow and share knowledge.

Stock options

Learning and development assistance

Health, dental and vision insurance

Unlimited PTO

Paid Parental Leave

Maternity Leave Top-up

Gym reimbursement

Referral bonus program

Work from forest (remote work initiatives)

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