Automatic meeting recordings with
any app

Records your meetings with any app, making it easy to review and share with others. Accompanied by Transcriptions and AI Notes.

Green check markCompatible with any conferencing app Zoom meeting app Microsoft Teams meeting app Google meet meeting app
Green check markEasy download and sharing
Green check markSynchronized playback with transcription
Green check markFor individuals and small teams Green check markNo credit card required
Green check markFor enterprise and call centers
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Never miss a detail with AI
powered recordings

Streamlined recordings and playback

Smoothly capture meetings with any app and store them all in one place.
Green check markSynchronized playback with AI transcriptions
Green check markCompatible with all conferencing apps
Green check markFlexibility to join with or without Bot

Free unlimited transcriptions

Green check mark 96% accurate AI transcriptions
Green check markUnlimited transcriptions under free plan
Green check markNo plugins or extensions are required

AI-powered meeting summary and note taker

Use Krisp to simplify meeting follow-ups:
Green check markSummarize the meeting with AI
Green check markAssign tasks to team members
Green check markGenerate action items and set deadlines

Flexible access and sharing

Krisp generated meeting ntoes Ready-to-use templates to generate and share meeting summary and action items with team mates
Krisp generated meeting ntoes Easily connect Krisp with your calendar to automate recording, note-taking and sharing


AI Noise Cancellation
Ensure maximum clarity by eliminating background noises, voices and echo from both inbound and outbound meetings and calls.
  • Feature presentation Works with any conferencing app
  • Feature presentation Works with all call center platforms
  • Feature presentation Works with any headphone and device
Hear the demo:
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playing progress
playing progress
Without Krisp With Krisp
Try different noise types
AI Meeting Transcriptions
Unlock real-time insights with Krisp’s accurate transcriptions that are both easy to edit and share.
  • Feature presentation Free unlimited transcriptions
  • Feature presentation Bot-free, non intrusive experience
  • Feature presentation On-device and secure transcriptions
AI Note Taker
Save time and maximize collaboration with automated meeting notes and summaries.
  • Feature presentation AI-generated Meeting Summaries
  • Feature presentation AI-generated Action Items
  • Feature presentation Easily editable and sharable
Meeting Recording
Never miss a detail in your meetings with automatic recordings.
  • Feature presentation Works seamlessly with any voice application
  • Feature presentation Access, download, and share your recordings with ease
  • Feature presentation Secure and private, with recordings stored safely in the cloud
Call Center Transcription
A dedicated solution designed to tackle the specific challenges faced by call centers and BPOs in capturing and maintaining call transcriptions.
  • Feature presentation Real-time on-device transcription
  • Feature presentation Compatible with any UCaaS and CCaaS platform
  • Feature presentation PII redaction and secure upload to private cloud
Call center transcription
AI Accent Localization
Eliminating language barriers, Krisp's AI dynamically enhances comprehension between customers and non-native English speaking agents by adjusting accents in real-time.
  • Feature presentation For BPOs and call centers with offshore operations
  • Feature presentation Supports 17+ dialects with more coming soon
  • Feature presentation Multiple male and female voice outputs
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playing progress
Without Krisp With Krisp
Try different output voices

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How AI Meeting Recording works

Download and install
Download and install the latest version of Krisp to access the AI Meeting Assistant. Upon installation, the Meeting Notes feature package will automatically begin to download.
Donwload and install Krisp
Select both Krisp Speaker and Krisp Microphone in your communication app. Toggle Note Taker ON in the Krisp app. Select to Transcribe or Transcribe and Record your meeting directly from the app. Connect your calendar to Krisp for one-click meeting access. Start your meeting and experience the AI-driven functionality.
Donwload and install Krisp
Easily manage your post-meeting tasks and collaborate smoothly. Distribute the notes to your team members, delegate tasks, and establish priorities and deadlines.
Donwload and install Krisp
Donwload and install Krisp Donwload and install Krisp Donwload and install Krisp

Benefits of AI Meeting Assistant

Focus on what really matters

Automate the meeting note-taking, recording, and sharing with Krisp and focus on what really matters; making important business decisions.

Background Voice Cancellation
Never miss out important information

In a world of information overload and distractions, Krisp ensures that you’ll always capture all the essential details.

Background Voice Cancellation
Improved team collaboration

Empower everyone to stay informed and accountable by easily capturing and sharing all the discussion and action items.

Echo Cancellation

Who can benefit?

Meeting owners
Automate the note-taking process for all the meetings you facilitate. Generate a concise summary of action items and distribute it to attendees right after the meeting.
  • Feature presentation Improved focus due to automation of note taking process
  • Feature presentation Easy tracking of all follow-ups and action items
  • Feature presentation Easy access to all information and decisions by stakeholders
Meeting Owners
Leaders and managers
Focus on making the most important decisions and solving the problems by automating the note-taking, summarization, and sharing process.
  • Feature presentation Improve the informed decision making capabilities
  • Feature presentation Keep your team updated about key decision items
  • Feature presentation Enhance accountability and alignment across team
Meeting Owners
Keep track of all discussions with different clients, and highlight important decisions and commitments made during those discussions.
  • Feature presentation Summary of key decisions and commitments
  • Feature presentation Clear next steps and action items
  • Feature presentation Compatibility with every app you use for client meetings
Meeting Owners

Krisp works wherever you have conversations

Krisp seamlessly works with any voice and conferencing app out-of-the-box without requiring additional plugins or extensions.

Krisp works with any app

World-class recognition and awards

gartner cool vendor Cool Vendor in Digital Workplace Programs and Applications
forbes most promising award America’s Most Promising AI Companies
Webby award winner People's Voice Winner in Productivity & Collaboration
G2 Leader in noise cancellation Leader in Noise Cancellation and Voice Recognition
Have questions? Let’s find answers
Who has access to Transcript and notes?
Only you, Transcripts/notes sharing prefereces are private by default. Unless you chose to share the link with others.
Can I pause/resume the transcription in the middle of my meeting?
Yes, you can pause and resume the transcription from the UI whenever you like.
What happens when I delete my transcripts or meeting notes?
In case the user decides to delete call transcripts or meeting summaries, they are completely wiped from Krisp’s infrastructure (we use the “hard-delete” method which safeguards user data from being recovered after demolition).
Should I notify others that the meeting is being transcribed?
We don’t let others know they are being transcribed by Krisp. However, a reminder will be shown to you each time a call starts to notify other meeting participants that this meeting is being transcribed.

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