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With Krisp, customer service agents can resolve customer issues with confidence, knowing that background noise and distractions won’t get in the way.

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Clearer communication is the key to great customer experiences

6% Decrease in average handle time
Improve agent productivity

Better call quality leads to more efficient calls, making it possible for agents to resolve customer issues faster and also boost customer satisfaction along the way.

8% Increase in CSAT
Reinforce brand loyalty

Happier customers are return customers — and the faster agents can answer their questions or resolve their issues, the more likely they’ll leave those interactions with a positive perception of your brand.

78% Drop in noise complaints
Drive business growth

Eliminating background noise and other distractions builds added confidence and trust in customer interactions, enabling the customer service experience to become a powerful lever for customer retention and business growth.

Krisp is recognized by the most respected industry experts for its cutting edge technology

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Forbes AI 50 2020
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Improve your Customer Experience

mic Noise Cancellation

Eliminate distractions from both ends of the call Nothing stands in the way of clear customer conversations. Krisp’s virtual microphone and speaker ensures that only an agent’s voice is heard clearly—free from disruptive background noises—and also blocks anything but the customer’s voice from being heard on the agent’s end, too.


mic Voice Cancellation

Make background chatter a thing of the past With Voice Cancellation—the only technology of its kind—Krisp not only removes background noises but also background voices, including the chatter of other agents on calls in the next cubicle.

mic Echo Cancellation

Experience crystal clear audio without disruptive echo Krisp removes the echoes bouncing off of the walls in an empty room as well as those resulting from the customer’s voice being captured by an agent’s sensitive mic.


mic Low power mode

Get more power with less processing Krisp operates efficiently by not taking up CPU power, allowing agent devices to run smoothly without any issues.

SupportZebra reported a 78% drop in customer noise complaints.

flag Challenge

Customer noise complaints soared to an all-time high when agents were required to work from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, which created an unpredictable, challenging, and oftentimes noisy work environment for them.

lamp Solution

Krisp’s AI-powered noise cancellation technology seamlessly integrated with the agents’ equipment and headsets, allowing them to focus more on customer needs and less on background distractions.

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quote "We frequently refer to Krisp in internal meetings as ‘working like magic. Agents, their managers, and customers are all ecstatic and happy, and the difference is black and white.”
Nathan Yap, CEO, SupportZebra
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     Olivier Camino
    quote “Krisp’s technology supports our vision of leveraging AI to deliver better experiences for our clients’ customers. Our group is committed to driving grounded innovation through partnerships that empower CX improvement, and Krisp is a valued partner on this roadmap.”
    Olivier Camino, Global COO at Sitel Group

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