Security at Krisp

At Krisp, we understand how crucial it is to ensure security and confidentiality in today's rapidly evolving digital landscape. Whether you are an individual looking for a tool that cancels noise and transcribes audio, or a business seeking an AI-based solution that processes audio in real-time while suppressing unwanted noises and voices, we have a well-thought and well-tested solution for you.

Security at Krisp

for Enterprise

Krisp for Enterprise is designed with enterprise security in mind. It stores minimal data in Krisp cloud and gives full control to enterprise admin teams.

Discover the Security Measures of Krisp Enterprise
Security for Enterprises
Security for Meeting Notes

Krisp Meeting Assistant
for Small Teams

Krisp AI Meeting Assistant stores more data in Krisp Cloud (e.g. meeting transcripts, recordings, etc) and is designed for Small Teams. It provides flexible controls on data management, control and transparency.

Discover the Security Measures of Krisp AI Meeting Assistant