Are you looking for ways how to find remote work?

In 2020, there’s more remote work from home jobs available than ever before – but it can be hard to know where to get started. Keep reading for some tips and tricks to find jobs that let you work from home.

Are Remote Companies Right For You? (Maybe Coronavirus Left You With No Choice)

First things first: before you start diving into how to find remote work, there’s an important question. Are remote jobs right for you?

Some careers are well suited for working remotely. Of the best remote jobs, marketing, customer service, and remote tech jobs have commonly topped the list. Along with an often considerable remote developer salary, other top-paying remote jobs include consulting, freelancing, and some executive positions.

However, some other jobs aren’t a great fit when considering the best careers for remote work. For example, a surgeon can’t usually work from home; neither can a construction worker.

Maybe you’re forced to work from home now (thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, many jobs moved from the office to home). If you need some extra income from remote work from home jobs, part-time is also an option.

Pros of Working from Home (You Could Even Be a Digital Nomad)

Working from home offers quite a few benefits for both employers and employees.

Employees often have less stress and feel happier. Increased freedom and flexibility is another bonus. In fact, some remote workers are “digital nomads” – they travel the world while working remotely.

Employers often enjoy increased productivity, higher employee retention, and increased access to top talent in the industry.

In both cases, employers and employees tend to save significant amounts of money, thanks to decreased commute and overhead costs.

Remote Positions Have Challenges

However, remote work comes with a new set of challenges you’ll need to handle.
Are you comfortable with technology? Are you willing to learn the art of effective online communication?

Would previous employers consider you trustworthy? Do you enjoy your job and have the self-discipline to manage yourself? Do you prefer to be with people, or are you willing to be alone on most workdays while working from home?

remote communication

These are all vital skills and preferences that will make-or-break your work from home enjoyment.

Get Familiar with the Community and Lingo (Freelancing, Telecommuting, Working from Home?)

There are many ways how to find remote work, meaning that you don’t have to be a full-time employee of a single company.

You could be working multiple remote jobs as a part-time employee, freelancing with numerous (often short-term clients), or working contracts for a single company. Some will prefer working for a single job full-time, while others might prefer juggling multiple part-time jobs.

Consider which one works best for you. Maybe the income from a part-time job is all you need, freeing up precious time in your day. Perhaps you prefer to harness multiple skills in a variety of roles, or you’d prefer to do contract work for a few months, then take a few months off.

Remote Job Boards (There’s More than FlexJobs)

There’s a dizzying array of websites where you can hunt for remote jobs online. Sites such as RemoteOK, The Muse Jobs,, and FlexJobs – remote work job boards are abundant.

Want to know more? Check out the 33 best websites to find remote work in 2020.

In addition to job sites, less obvious places such as social media. If you have a strong presence on LinkedIn or Twitter, remote work might find you as prospects contact you.

Check Facebook – remote jobs are often posted in relevant groups, making it one of the less utilized ways how to find remote work. Plus, if you’re a digital nomad, you have a leg up when looking for remote travel jobs worldwide. Other full-time traveling entrepreneurs often post remote work jobs for digital nomads.

Facebook groups can offer a not-so-obvious way to get a remote job with no experience. If you have a strong resume or work experience, this solves much of the challenge of how to find remote jobs on LinkedIn.

Remote Job Hiring Applications: Resume Considerations

Once you’ve decided on your strategy for how to find remote work, it’s time to get your resume in order.

Highlight any familiarity you have with the best tools for remote work. If you’re not already familiar with them, watch some videos and spend some time getting comfortable with them.

how to find remote work

Remote work requires great communicators. Display your communication skills by ensuring your resume is typo-free, keeping your language easily understandable, and including all relevant details.

Hiring a remote worker can be risky since remote workers need to be disciplined problem solvers with plenty of motivation. Make sure to mention anything you’ve done that illustrates these skills, even if you need to start a side-hustle.

Do be careful when talking about side projects, since you don’t want to give the impression that you’ll be distracted from the position for which you’re applying.

Remote Interviews Are Different (Even If They’re Entry Level)

Once you’ve applied, a crucial part of how to find remote work is to get ready for interviews. When interviewing with a remote company, there might be some differences than when applying for traditional office jobs.

For example, remote positions are often more laid back. You don’t want to seem overly uptight – but balance this with looking serious about the job. Do you seem like the kind of person that the interviewer would want to spend time with inside and outside of work?

It’s often more acceptable to talk about personal life during remote interviews. Most remote companies are proud of and enjoy their diversity. Be professional, but don’t be afraid to share your hobbies and interests.

Don’t forget to demonstrate your remote communication skills by using Krisp to remove any distracting background noise from your interview call.

Ready to Start Hunting for Your Remote Career?

Most remote workers love working remotely, but the path from a traditional office job to a remote job isn’t always obvious. There’s no one best way how to find remote work, but these tips will help you get started.

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