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Supercharge your online meetings with the power of AI

AI-powered meeting note taking

Maintain a comprehensive record of all your conversations including:

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Automatic meeting transcription 

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Works with any voice app:
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Easy sharing and collaboration 

Krisp generated meeting ntoes Effortlessly generate and share meeting notes, discussion topics, and action items with Krisp's pre-designed templates
Krisp generated meeting ntoes Easily connect Krisp with your calendar to automate note-taking and sharing

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Calendar 17 May, 11:00 PM - 11:40 PM
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Great job! You can now access detailed transcriptions for every participant on your call. By tapping the 'Next' button, you'll catch a glimpse of Krisp AI's magic - turning transcripts into concise meeting notes and summary.
With Krisp, summaries are not one-size-fits-all! Choose from two tailored formats:
'Short summary' a bird's eye view of the meeting agenda and upcoming discussion topics.
'Detailed summary' delves deeper, providing comprehensive coverage of all discussion topics, decisions, and action items.
Click 'Summarize' to experience a short summary in action.
Choose a summarization template

Short summary

Agenda of topics for further discussion

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Detailed summary

An extended list of the details discussed during the call.

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  • 11:02
    Hey! So glad to have you on board. With so many meetings on your calendar every week, I know it’s hard to keep track of everything.
  • 11:10
    It is! Time’s never enough and there are so many distractions. Sometimes I lose focus or simply zone out. And even if I manage to jot down the gist of every meeting, it gets a bit chaotic at the end of the day.
  • 11:11
    This is very common, but totally solvable with Krisp. Have you heard about our new automatic Meeting Notes feature?
  • 11:30
    No! What is it?
  • 11:32
    It's awesome! It automatically records meeting notes and securely stores them in the cloud so everyone can refer back to them later.
  • 11:40
    That sounds like it could be really useful. How could it help productivity and collaboration?
  • 11:47
    Well, it would make it easier to keep everyone in the loop. Plus, it takes the burden off of someone having to take notes and transcribe them after the meeting. Everyone can have access to the same information and avoid working sylos.
  • 12:02
    What type of notes will it generate?
  • 12:04
    These notes basically record the key points of a meeting, like tasks, decisions, discussion points, action items and any other important information. Another great thing about this is that if you have missed a meeting then you can catch up on decisions and items being discussed in seconds.
  • 12:13
    I’m so glad I signed up and connected my Calendar! Note-taking is very time consuming and it requires frequent follow ups. I am very hopeful that Krisp can take a bit of that weight off my shoulders.
  • 12:24
    Of course! Now that you are on board, you can get transcripts for all the calls with Krisp every day and generate notes!
  • 12:30
    This sounds cool! And what if I need to change something in my notes?
  • 12:34
    No worries! You can make the necessary changes and edits to any of them.
  • 12:40
    And will I be able to access my notes later on?
  • 12:43
    Absolutely. We will store your data in your account. You can come back to your notes and share them with your team so everyone’s on board. By the way, please rate the notes so we can improve.
  • 12:53
    Okay, sounds good. I think that this could really help us stay on top of our tasks and stay informed and organized.
  • 13:00
    Definitely! Plus, it could be really funny to look back at some of those meetings and see what we said!
  • 13:09
    Haha, I'm sold! Alright, let's get started with this automatic meeting notes feature

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Benefits of Krisp AI Meeting Note Taker

Generated meeting notes
Focus on what really matters

Make critical business decisions with ease, thanks to Krisp's automated note-taking and sharing.

Never miss out on important information

Capture crucial details every time with Krisp's distraction-free solution in today's information-filled world.

Generated meeting notes
Generated meeting notes
Improved team collaboration

Foster informed and accountable teams with effortless sharing of discussions and actions.

Krisp captures notes wherever you have conversations!

Krisp seamlessly works with any voice and conferencing app out-of-the-box without requiring additional plugins or extensions.

Krisp works with any app

Who can benefit?

Meeting owners
Leaders and managers
Meeting owners

Optimize your meetings by automating the note-taking process. Effortlessly create a concise summary of action items and promptly distribute it to attendees once the meeting concludes.

tracking action items Note-taking automation heightens focus and efficiency.
note taking Action item tracking made easy with automated note-taking.
share transcripts Stakeholders gain simple info and decision access with automation.
meeting owners
Leaders and managers

Streamline decision-making and problem-solving by automating note-taking, summarization, and sharing.

note taking Boost decision-making abilities with improved information.
tracking action items Keep team informed of vital decision items for enhanced collaboration.
share transcripts Increase accountability and alignment through improved communication.
meeting owners

Track all client conversations, highlight important decisions and commitments made for a comprehensive record.

note taking Easily locate key decisions and commitments with summary feature.
tracking action items Conveniently find and reference meeting summaries.
share transcripts Compatible with all popular client voice apps.
meeting owners

World-class recognition and awards

gartner cool vendor Cool Vendor in Digital Workplace Programs and Applications
forbes most promising award America’s Most Promising AI Companies
Webby award winner People's Voice Winner in Productivity & Collaboration
G2 Leader in noise canellation Leader in Noise Cancellation and Voice Recognition
Private and secure Private and secure
Krisp processes everything locally so voice conversations never leave your device.
Have questions? Let’s find answers
Do you store my voice data, recordings, transcripts or meeting notes?
No, Krisp processes all audio data on the user's device. This means that the user's voice audio data NEVER leaves the user's device and hence never seen by Krisp cloud.
When Meeting Notes feature is enabled, Krisp stores the meeting transcripts and summaries in its cloud (voice audio data is NOT included).
Krisp has implemented industry-standard security best practices to ensure the highest level of security around user data.
Who has access to Transcript and notes?
Only you, Transcripts/notes sharing prefereces are private by default. Unless you chose to share the link with others.
Can I pause/resume the transcription in the middle of my meeting?
Yes, you can pause and resume the transcription from the UI whenever you like.
What happens when I delete my transcripts or meeting notes?
In case the user decides to delete call transcripts or meeting summaries, they are completely wiped from Krisp’s infrastructure (we use the “hard-delete” method which safeguards user data from being recovered after demolition).
Should I notify others that the meeting is being transcribed?
We don’t let others know they are being transcribed by Krisp. However, a reminder will be shown to you each time a call starts to notify other meeting participants that this meeting is being transcribed.

You’re one step away from supercharging your online meeting!