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The world has never been as loud as it’s now. All the noise keeps following us everywhere – it’s in our homes, offices, outside and even in our conference calls.

Background noise during conference calls negatively affects our productivity even if we sometimes don’t notice it happening. It’s important to know how it happens and what you can do to fight it.

1. Distraction

Background noise is something we don’t control and the impact it has on our conference calls is drastic. It becomes increasingly difficult to pay attention to the discussed topics, answer questions or express opinions. hile there are some steps that can help to reduce noise, in most cases it’s impossible to get rid of it.

video conference call A possible solution to this is moving to a more silent room that doesn’t produce any echo. Another solution is to invest in high quality noise cancelling headphones. However, the other call participants will still hear your noise.

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    To make sure other participants don’t hear the background noise on your side, you can download Krisp app. It’s a software designed to mute all the background noise in real-time conference calls. You can also mute the noise coming from other call participants and use it with any conferencing app of your choice. 

    2. Miscommunication

    Poor audio quality can lead to overlapping voices, which is especially noticeable in case of video conferences. If there are many conference call participants miscommunication is inevitable. It will be hard to distinguish who’s speaking and who asked question. In those cases try muting/unmuting yourself or switching off the video to get better connection.

    miscommunication during conference call

    Other solutions to avoid high latency you can switch to Ethernet or simply use landline for your conference calls. If you experience other audio quality issues with your conference calls, you may consider changing your conference call provider.

    3. Health

    When you’re exposed to background or ambient noise your brain can’t fully concentrate. According to The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, background noise can increase stress levels.

    As a result you can end up having high blood pressure, migraine, headaches, achiness and more. When you’re trying to concentrate on your wellness is deteriorating, it will be difficult to follow the discussions and be productive.

    high blood pressure from background noise

    To avoid this, try to make your working atmosphere as noise-free as possible. Get more plants and furniture that will prevent echoing, set isolating windows and replace your conditioner with noiseless one.

    There’s not always an opportunity to eliminate noise, but you can try to mitigate it. Concerning the background noise coming from other call participants, simply get Krisp and mute all the noise with just one click.

    4. Fatigue

    Some people get tired after conference calls, and there’s a reason why. Our brain isn’t good at multitasking. When we have a conference call with background noise, our brain has a hard time processing both of them. Specific frequency noises can help block out the rest of the background noise, but in case of conference calls all our brain gets is infinite single sourced frequencies all at once.

    A study done by University of Nebraska-Lincoln proves that the perception of noise impacts the performance of people in mental work. Because of the hard work the brain does to process it, we easily get tired and lose energy. Same works with music, street noise or people chatting in the library – whenever there is an extra noise, it’s harder to keep in focus.

    Now when you know the crucial impact of noise on our productivity and concentration, we hope that you’ll take steps to reduce it and lead a more productive life!



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