Wondering how to cancel out background noise in Zoom calls? Then keep reading to learn more about Zoom noise cancellation.

If you work remotely, then you probably know about Zoom, which is a cloud-based video conferencing software. It’s one of the leading video communication technologies that exist in the market at the moment.

Zoom is also one of the pioneers in noise cancellation technology. If you make conference calls, then you know how distracting and annoying background noises can be. Keyboard typing, barking dogs, and crying kids – all these noises can affect the productivity of your call.

Fortunately, with the help of technology, you can easily get rid of all unwanted sounds and enjoy professional conference calls. So, if you are interested to know how to cancel out background noise and how Zoom’s noise cancellation function works, then keep reading.

What is Zoom noise cancellation?

In August 2018, Zoom announced and added the long-awaited background noise cancellation feature. According to Zoom, this function automatically detects and blocks background noise, such as keyboard typing.

This function is switched on by default, so you don’t have to do anything in the settings. When you make calls using Zoom, noise cancellation automatically works in the background, and you don’t need to worry about turning it on.

Recently, Zoom added two additional advanced settings that allow you to suppress either persistent or intermittent background noises or both. The difference between persistent and intermittent types of noise is that the first is continuous noise, such as air conditioning or fan noise. In contrast, intermittent noise is irregular sounds like keyboard strokes and barking dogs.

zoom noise cancelling

These two settings are also enabled by default, which means that when you’re in a call, Zoom recognizes background noises, whether they’re persistent or intermittent, and removes them from your calls. 

However, sometimes you don’t need to remove background noises. For example, if you’re teaching online guitar classes, then the enabled noise cancelling feature will do more harm to you than good – your students simply won’t hear you playing. In such cases, it’s better to turn off Zoom noise cancellation feature.

How to turn off Zoom noise cancellation?

To disable Zoom noise cancellation feature, you need to enable the preservation of the original sound. It’s not as difficult as it sounds. Preserving the original sound means that other call participants will hear the original audio from your microphone, without the audio-enhancing effect and noise cancelling feature of the app.

This option is great when you have a high-quality microphone, or you want the other call participants to hear clear audio like in the case with music classes. So if you’d like to turn off Zoom noise cancellation, you will need to enable the option of preserving original sound.

How do I reduce background noise in Zoom?

To do this, you only need to take a few steps.

1. Open Zoom’s desktop app on your Mac or Windows device

2. After opening the app, click on Settings icon.

3. From there, select the Audio section.

4. Then click on Advanced in the lower right corner.

5. Check the box to Show in-meeting option to “Enable Original Sound” from microphone.

6. Set to “Disable” both Suppress Persistent Background Noise and Suppress Intermittent Background Noise as shown in the picture below.

Zoom noise reduction

So you now disabled background noise cancellation in Zoom from the advanced audio settings. However, to turn on the option of preserving original sound, there’s one more step. 

7. When you’re in a meeting, press on Turn on Original Sound.

By pressing the blue checkmark in the advanced settings, you only allow Zoom to display the “Turn on Original Sound” pop-up during your calls. To actually enable the preservation of the original sound, you’ll have to manually turn it on from the pop-up during your Zoom meetings. This is convenient as you can turn it on and off as needed.

How to cancel out background noise?

But sometimes there is so much background noise that the built-in noise cancellation may not be enough. Or maybe you often switch between communication apps, making your work calls with Zoom, personal calls with Hangouts, and sending quick video messages via Loom. In such cases, Krisp app can help you cancel out with background noise and have a productive noiseless experience.

What is Krisp?

Krisp is an AI-powered noise cancelling app that removes background noise from your calls with one click. With a single button, helps you to have a productive and professional conferencing experience without background noise.

Plus, Krisp can block background noise on both ends of the call. You can cancel noise on your side with Krisp Microphone so that other call participants can only hear your voice. Conversely, if there is a lot of background noise coming from other participants, Krisp Speaker can help you don’t hear their noises.

It seamlessly works with any conferencing app, including Zoom. Here’s how you can easily set up Krisp with Zoom.

1. Download Krisp app.

2. Follow the Krisp Setup Wizard instructions to install Krisp.

3. After this, open Zoom and select Settings -> Audio tab.

4. From there, select Krisp Speaker and Krisp Microphone.

5. Now start a Zoom call and switch on Remove Noise toggle in Krisp.

That’s all! Try Krisp app during your next Zoom call and feel the difference for yourself.


Wondering how Krisp compares with Zoom noise cancellation ? Take a look at this video review.

If you’re a Mac user, here’s a helpful video on how to set up Krisp with Zoom on Mac.

If you don’t have Zoom app yet, you can download Zoom for Mac.

And if you’re PC user, here’s the tutorial on how to set up Krisp with Zoom on Windows.

Wrapping up

Hopefully, this short tutorial will help you to block background noise from your Zoom meetings and enjoy productive conference calls. If you have any questions, ask us on Twitter.

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