Note: The COVID-19 plan will end on October 13, 2020, and we will no longer accept new requests. For all registered accounts as of October 13, the COVID-19 plan will be valid for 6 months from the registration date. If you are currently using the COVID-19 plan, you will be switched back to the Krisp Free plan when your 6-month period expires and will be able to remove background noise from your calls for 120 mins per week for free. Please read more about it here: Krisp COVID-19 Plan & Pricing Updates

What’s happening in the world these days is scary. We understand it’s going to get worse until it gets better. Individuals and companies need to proactively react to help each other through this difficult time.

Self-isolation is the only proven way to contain the spread of the virus and that means people need to work from home (WFH). We need the right tools to stay productive and have less stress during this difficult time. 

In the last two years, our company has made AI-powered technological breakthroughs (noise cancellation, room echo removal and more coming soon) which allow people to work from anywhere they want and these technologies come really handy these days. 

Krisp weekly downloads are increasing by +600% week over week. This tells us one thing: Krisp helps people and removes some of the stress while WFH.

It is our responsibility to step up and do everything to help in such situations, with the extent that is possible. 

While Krisp is growing at rapid pace, we are not yet a large company and thus have limited resources and reach. However, we think that every action matters and even though we are small, we can still have our impact on the world.

With this in mind, we have made some important decisions.

What we’re changing today

Effective today and for the next 6 months:

  • Krisp introduces a free tier. All users get 120min/week of free noise cancellation.
  • All students, teachers, hospital and government workers, worldwide, get unlimited Krisp for free.
  • Krisp Pro and Teams cut the price 30%. The new price is $40/year and $5/month.

For more information about these changes and how to apply them, please visit our help center.

Make a dent

This decision has been inspired by Zoom, Google, Webex, Loom and other awesome companies that are taking actions these days.

This is an exemplary quote from Loom’s recent blog post:

“Our hope is that by stepping up, we’re making a dent in the global impact this pandemic is causing, not just by making our product more accessible, but by helping set the kind of example we hope more businesses will follow.”

Please reach out if we can be of any help.

Thank you.