Gone are the days of the cumbersome manual sharing of meeting records and transcripts! We’re thrilled to introduce a game-changing upgrade. Collaborative meetings revolutionize your workflow by integrating a direct invitation system right into the meeting interface, ensuring swift and effortless team alignment when it matters most. Experience the future of teamwork today with Krisp’s collaborative meetings!


This update is designed to streamline how teams work with recorded and transcribed meetings, making it easier than ever to share, review, and edit meeting content collaboratively.

What Has Changed?

Until now, participants had to manually share recorded or transcribed meetings with colleagues, which could be annoying, especially when quick team alignment was necessary. With collaborative meetings, we aim to remove these hurdles by integrating a direct invitation system into the meeting’s interface.

How It Works?

After a meeting that has been recorded or transcribed with Krisp, participants will now see a straightforward Invite to collaborate” option. There’s no need to update the app, simply click this button on the Meetings page after the meeting to start collaborating seamlessly.

The new feature offers several significant advantages:

  • Focused interaction: The modal is designed to be intuitive. It includes essential elements like a meeting selector (when applicable), and a participant list that updates dynamically based on the selected meeting.
  • Default editing permissions: To expedite collaboration, all invited participants within the same workspace are granted ‘Can Edit’ permissions by default. This setting ensures that team members can start working together immediately, without the need for additional configuration. You can always change their access afterwards.
  • Integrated meeting content: If you have a transcription or recording of a meeting and another participant shares the same meeting with you, the contents will be automatically merged under one meeting entry on My Meetings page. This ensures that all relevant information is consolidated, making it easier to manage and review meeting details.

Check our help article for more information.

Looking Ahead

As we continue to refine meeting experience of Krisp users, we are excited about adding more capabilities and features to make meetings more collaborative in the future. We are committed to evolving this feature based on user feedback and technological advancements, ensuring it remains at the forefront of collaborative technology.