Everyone is at risk of finding themselves in a rut, desperately lacking in motivation to get things done. This has a drastic effect on your work productivity. To prevent this, you need to learn some techniques and strategies to make yourself more productive.

We are fortunate that nowadays, we have the ultimate tool at our disposal – the Internet. There are so many websites putting out content full of ideas and tools, telling us how to improve productivity.

However, the Internet is a double-edged sword and can be dangerous, especially if you are a master procrastinator like myself.

With that in mind, we have cherry-picked five of the best productivity blogs full of advice to help keep you motivated and increase your productivity (in no particular order).

1. LifeDev

lifedev productivity blog

Source: lifedev.net

LifeDev is a fantastic source of information. Coolest of all, is its sincerity in wanting to help people become more productive in creating and finishing projects, no matter how big or small they are.

There are lots of useful tidbits to be found here – all sorts tips for boosting your productivity in your work and your home life.

2. Dumb Little Man

dumblittleman productivity blog

Source: dumblittleman.com

In the words of the owner and founder, Jay White, “the site is about productivity, exceeding goals, automation, and, well, finding a simpler way for everything”. Categories include happiness, success, money, how to, life hacks, health. Have a poke around the site, and you are sure to find something to help you increase your productivity.

3. Productivity501

productivity501 blog

Source: productivity501.com

Founded by Mark Shead, Productivity 501 is a blog focused on serving up tips and tricks to help you increase your personal productivity. Once criticism could be that it can be slow at churning posts out, but that’s just as a result of making originality its priority.

The blog does its best to come up with one original post every week, and rest assured, these posts are always rammed full of work and lifestyle productivity boosting techniques. This blog also has its own YouTube channel, offering up lots of productivity measurement ideas and tactics to get yourself motivated to get your work done.

4. Lifehack.org

lifehack productivity blog

Source: lifehack.org

Founded by Leon Ho – Life Hack is regarded as one of the most popular self-development blogs on the web. As well as ways to improve your productivity, Lifehack covers lifestyle, communication, money, tech, and work tips.

This means you are almost guaranteed to find a nifty trick or too to boost your productivity or get yourself motivated in whatever you are doing, whether it be work-related or not.

5. Steve Pavlina

stevepavlina productivity blog

Source: stevepavlina.com

Steve Pavlina’s blog is recommended by many personal development freaks, and I am no different. This is a well-rounded blog, and a treasure trove of ways to improve your productivity. He writes about productivity, relationships, money, career, health, personal development, habits, and spirituality.

As with Lifehack, there is a huge amount to be gained from these various categories covered. One other cool thing is that Steve is keen to point out how his tips personally benefited him in getting motivated and improving his productivity.

6. I Need Motivation

ineedmotivation productivity blog

Source: ineedmotivation.com

I Need Motivation is much more than just a blog, it’s a business based on personal growth, ways of boosting your productivity and self-development. The team behind it has written many books on these subjects, and they also hold seminars and coaching sessions.

7. Krisp Blog

krisp blog productivity

Source: krisp-blog.10web.me

Krisp is a great place to find loads of tips on how to boost your productivity. There is a heavy focus on noise, and how it can derail your motivation to get things done, but the blog does offer great advice on general ways of improving productivity, like how to set up and get the most out of handy apps, the most efficient ways to conduct conference calls, and even articles rounding up pieces of tech, to help save you time when it comes to deciding what is best for you.


We hope this list of the best productivity blogs will help you pull yourself out of any motivational crises you might encounter.

Remember, the best way to remain focused and productive is to be prepared! Use the tools and techniques aimed at increasing your productivity learned from the links provided in this post to ensure you are ready!


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Do you often struggle to motivate yourself to get things done? What tips do you have to make yourself more productive? Which are your favourite motivational blogs? Please let us know in the comments below.