It’s easy to slip into boredom and purposelessness during the grind of remote work travel.

Try these nine easy ways to keep having fun, grow your knowledge to the next level, and discover your life’s purpose.




Remote Work, Travel, and Good Times!

Find Your Digital Nomad Community at Co-working Space

Loneliness is one of the most common problems during a remote work travel lifestyle. You have co-workers in a traditional office, but you don’t have that office when on the road.

Staring into the glow of your laptop screen day after day while alone as a remote worker in an Airbnb can get hard. It can leave even the most introverted person gasping for friendship.

coworking space for digital nomads

Co-working spaces are a great way to meet other remote workers. You’re not the only one working remotely from anywhere in the world. Why not meet up with others who are doing the same thing?

Networking with others who are on the same path as you can give you inspiration and friendships. These will take you to valuable places you never expected.

Find Friends, Meet People, and Get Remote Work Done at Cafes

Co-working spaces aren’t for everyone. That doesn’t mean your remote work travel is doomed to solitary confinement behind a laptop.

Local cafes can be the answer. They are a great way to break out of isolation and love your remote work while staying productive. Plus, you get a taste of the local environment and can meet new people.

coffeeshop for remote workers and digital nomads

It’s easy to meet other nomads in some of the best cities to work remotely, like Medellin or Chiang Mai. The tell-tale signs of a laptop and someone who doesn’t quite fit in might mean you spotted another working nomad.

Of course, cafes can be noisy. You might have to try a few before you find one with adequate WiFi. Make sure to grab essential remote working software like Krisp – it helps you cut out the background noise during calls at cafes.

Live the Fullest Life by Making Your Adventure Bucket List

Use a bucket list to propel you toward your dreams and avoid falling into boring patterns.

It’s easy to get sucked back into the daily grind while on the road. Before long, you find yourself living a more complicated version of the cubicle worker’s lifestyle.

Here’s the good news. While talking to others living the remote work travel lifestyle, you’ll discover tons of titillating new ideas. Break free from your routine by creating your bucket list with these ideas. Find ways to make your dreams happen.

digital nomad bucketlist

Horseback archery in Japan? Sampling every type of empanada in Buenos Aires? Trekking to the Everest Base camp? Spending months in a Buddhist monastery?

Unique remote work travel activities are endless when you think outside the box.

Some of these ideas might be less practical. Not all remote workers have flexible jobs that let us abandon our computer. Ignored your boss’s emails because you were on a ten-day silent meditation retreat? That might not impress them.

Still, there’s something for everyone. Keep your eyes open for opportunities to add to your own perfect bucket list.

Grow and Learn with With Remote Work Travel

Explore History and Culture at Local Landmarks

During your remote work travel experience, it’s easy to miss being in the moment. It’s good to work hard and network with other expats. Still, if that’s all you do, you’ll miss learning a deeper understanding of the surrounding culture and growing your perspective.

Here’s the good news: many digital nomad jobs give you flexibility with time.  You have the rare chance to tour local attractions during off-hours. Taking long weekends or visiting places mid-week is much easier to do.

digital nomad in a museum

Use your flexible job to have a unique experience most tourists can’t have. Learn the history and feel the place away from the pressure of tourism.

Give yourself a mini-vacation to experience events like Carnaval in South America. Dodge the crowds and see that museum. Take a trip to a landmark when the swarms of tourists are gone – it’ll be a deeper experience.

Learn the Language While Finding Friends

Try taking language lessons. Being unable to communicate makes travel hard, limits your experiences, and leaves you lonely.

There are translation apps, but they’re often unreliable. It’s hard to have a good conversation through a translation app during remote work travel activities.  People appreciate your respect and are friendlier when you speak their language.

digital nomad language lessons

Language lessons can also be a great way to meet new people and hear their stories. Meet people in group lessons, or have a more in-depth conversation with a solo teacher. You can even do them online with remote working software like Krisp that removes distracting background noise during calls.

Show Yourself Some Love with Fitness, Yoga, and Meditation

Why not take advantage of your remote work travel lifestyle to show your body and mind some love?

Lifting weights in a gym might not be your thing, but you can go for a jog. It’s a great way to experience a new place during your remote work travels quickly.

Digital nomads often have flexible jobs, which makes this easier. Want to take a walk every few hours? That’s hard if you’re in a cubicle, but manageable if you work on your own time. Want to try a yoga class that’s only available during regular work hours? No problem.

digital nomad travel and fitness

Along with physical exercise, your mind can use some love. The travel community is notorious for pursuing meditative and spiritual activities. Give it a try.

You might enjoy a meditation retreat, diving into the spirituality of the local culture, or just a five-minute break from your work to relax and breathe.

Take Your Career and Purpose to the Next Level during Remote Work Travel

Attend Digital Nomad Conferences with Other Remote Workers

Traveling to conferences is often easier a digital nomad. Digital nomad conferences and retreats provide a great way to take advantage of the benefits of your location independent work while moving ahead.

Even if you’re familiar with the conference’s content, there’s always one more thing you could learn. The excitement of the moment can increase the impact of an idea you’d otherwise gloss over.

digital nomad conferences and retreats

It’s not just about the information. Conferences are a fantastic way to network with like-minded people.

Spending time with other remote workers like you doesn’t just relieve loneliness. It can help you find remote employment opportunities you would never have found on your own.

Use Your New Surroundings to Help You Discover Your Calling

Is your current remote work your life’s goal?

It might be, but it’s often just a way to make money. Plus, goals change over time as you grow.

During remote work travel, you have a unique chance to discover what makes you tick. It can be hard to step back when you’re trapped in the daily grind. Looking at the bigger picture is easier when you’re on the road.

digital nomad life purpose

Try reading a digital nomad book about finding your meaning and designing a lifestyle. It might give you more perspective on what you’re chasing, and what value you have to offer to other people.

Remote work travel expands your perspectives, whether in a part-time remote job or full-time remote job.

Start a Side Hustle That Can Become Your Future

Conferences and reflecting on your calling might give you ideas for a side hustle.

Remote work travel uncovers real-world problems you’d miss when living a traditional lifestyle. With your unique skill set that you’re developing on the road, you can help solve these problems.

Finding it hard to meet others? Create an app to make it easier. See others trying to start remote work travel? Coach them. Have an idea for a better pair of travel pants? You get the idea.

digital nomad side hustle

If the part-time remote job you created for yourself doesn’t work out, that’s alright. You learned valuable skills.

If it succeeds, you might have the option to replace your last remote work career. It’s easier to love remote work when your remote work is accomplishing your dream.

Experiment with These Unique Remote Work Travel Opportunities

Finding yourself stuck in a rut? Looking for new things to try while on the road? Looking to get more from your remote work experience?

Give these nine digital nomad activities a try during your remote work travel and see where they lead you.