Podcasts have become popular for sharing information and stories, but listening isn’t always an option. Here’s where a podcast transcript comes in. With podcast transcriptions, reading the podcast’s content ensures you get all the critical details. A text version can be convenient for audiences whether at work, commuting, or somewhere they can’t listen.


Krisp’s noise cancellation and transcription capabilities make it an invaluable tool for podcasters seeking to produce high-quality audio content while streamlining their workflow and improving accessibility.


In this article, learn why podcast transcriptions are essential and how to get a podcast transcript using Krisp. 


Understanding Podcast Transcriptions


Podcast transcription is the process of converting the spoken content of podcast episodes into written text. This can be achieved either manually by a person or automatically through transcription software. Understanding the advantages and the various available formats is essential for producing high-quality transcripts. Doing so can ensure your transcriptions are accurate and beneficial for your audience.


Benefits of a Podcast Transcript


A podcast transcript makes your content accessible to a broader audience, including those with some degree of hearing loss. The latter has increased in recent years due to growing noise pollution. 


Having a transcript can enhance user experience by letting your audience read along with the audio or refer back to the text for clarity and deeper understanding.


Content Production Consistency

Your content strategy is only complete with a clear and consistent distribution plan. Podcast transcriptions can be a goldmine of evergreen content, offering endless opportunities for repurposing and sharing across various platforms. 


By converting your podcast episodes into written text, you create versatile content that can be easily adapted for blog posts, social media updates, infographics, email newsletters, and more. This maximizes the reach of your original content and ensures a steady flow of valuable information to your audience, keeping them engaged and informed.


creating evergreen content through podcast transcriptions


Furthermore, having a consistent distribution plan allows you to maintain a regular posting schedule, which is key to building a loyal audience.


SEO Benefits of a Podcast Transcript 

Transcripts play a crucial role in boosting SEO. Search engines can’t index audio files, but they can index text. A podcast transcript generator, providing a written transcript, helps search engines make your podcast more discoverable. This increases organic traffic to your website.


Using keywords in the transcript can also improve your rankings. When your podcast transcript includes specific terms related to your content, it helps search engines understand your material better. This leads to higher visibility.


Furthermore, adding transcripts creates a better user experience. Visitors who prefer reading or quickly scanning content will find your site more useful. This can reduce bounce rates and encourage longer engagements.


Podcast Transcription Formats


There are two main formats: manual and automatic. 


A manual podcast transcript involves a person listening to the podcast and typing out the spoken words. This method is accurate but time-consuming. On the other hand, automatic transcription uses a podcast transcript generator to convert speech to text quickly. While faster, it may require additional editing for accuracy.


Manual transcripts often include timestamps and speaker labels, increasing their readability and usefulness. Meanwhile, AI-powered transcription tools are becoming more advanced, offering features like real-time transcription and integration with podcast platforms.


Choosing the suitable podcast transcript format depends on your accuracy needs and the resources you have available.


How to Get a Podcast Transcript With Krisp

Creating a podcast transcript is a great way to make your content accessible and searchable. 


Wouldn’t it be great if you could access and use podcast transcriptions the moment you record them? Krisp offers free and unlimited AI-powered transcriptions, making this possible.


Let’s see how to make a transcript using Krisp.


Requirements for Krisp’s Transcribe Feature

There are only a few prerequisites for making a podcast transcript process as seamless as possible with Krisp. 


  • As shown in the image below, you must select the Krisp microphone and speaker in the preferences section of your recording app as a microphone and speaker device. 

setting up audio preferences

  • Your audio recording should be at least five minutes long, with at least one minute of cumulative speech. 

Record the Podcast

Log into your chosen platform and record your podcast. Click the Transcribe button, and Krisp will automatically transcribe what you say in the podcast. 

Krisp will automatically transcribe your recording

Review and Edit

After the podcast transcript is generated, read through it to check for errors, AI-generated transcripts can have mistakes, so correcting any inaccuracies is important. Plus, if you know editing is possible, you don’t have to overthink your pronunciation or grammar mistakes when recording.


Additionally, you can summarize the podcast transcript or create action items from it like adding internal links to the text, or creating follow-up tasks for yourself, or the participants of your podcast. 

summarizing and creating action items


Save and Share Your Podcast Transcript

Once edited and formatted, you can save your podcast transcription as a text file or copy it, depending on your needs. You can share it on your podcast’s website or social media to increase reach and engagement.

saving transcripts in preferred format


You can also share the podcast transcript with your creative team or other people as necessary, as shown in the image below. 

creating shareable podcast transcripts

Following these steps can efficiently transcribe your podcast with Krisp and improve its accessibility.

Why Choose Krisp As Your Go-to Podcast Transcript Generator

Krisp is packed with possibilities to optimize your podcast creation experience as a creative individual. Thus, let’s look at the features and benefits that make it a perfect choice. 

Real-Time Transcription

Krisp’s AI Meeting Assistant offers an automated transcription service that accurately transcribes audio recordings into text format. Thus, you don’t need to worry about how to get a podcast transcript as an extra step part of your post-production.


As shown above, this feature streamlines the podcast transcription process, saving podcasters like you valuable time and effort. Krisp’s transcription service integrates seamlessly with all the conferencing platforms and recording software, making it a versatile podcast transcript generator instrument.


This functionality is especially beneficial for podcasters who host interviews or have multiple speakers, as it can differentiate between voices and assign the transcribed text to the right speaker.


Krisp uses unique technologies to ensure accurate and private transcriptions directly on your device, eliminating the need for servers or internet connectivity. It integrates well with online communication applications and offers real-time transcriptions with features like punctuation, speaker identification, and noise reduction.

Accessibility and Repurposing

Using Krisp’s transcription feature, you can effortlessly generate transcripts of your episodes. You can use these transcripts for various purposes, such as creating show notes, repurposing content for written formats, or improving accessibility for listeners. They can also be easily edited and shared, enhancing collaboration and productivity.


Noise Cancellation

Krisp is also an AI-powered noise-cancellation tool that can significantly enhance the audio quality of podcast recordings. It employs advanced algorithms to remove background noises, echoes, and other unwanted sounds in real time. The latter results in crystal-clear audio and a detailed podcast transcript. This feature is particularly beneficial for those who record in less-than-ideal environments, such as home studios or remote locations.


Cancelling background noise with Krisp


Krisp’s noise cancellation and podcast transcription capabilities make it an invaluable tool for podcasters seeking to produce premium-quality audio content while streamlining their workflow and improving accessibility.


Key Takeaways


In conclusion, podcast transcriptions are a powerful way to improve accessibility, engagement, and reach. By converting spoken content into written text, you can make your content more accessible to a broader audience, including those with hearing impairments. Transcripts also improve user experience by allowing listeners to read along with the audio or refer back to the text for clarity.


Key benefits of podcast transcriptions:


  • Improved accessibility for a broader audience
  • Enhanced user experience through read-along and reference capabilities
  • Opportunities for repurposing content across multiple platforms
  • Boosted SEO and discoverability through search engine indexing
  • Streamlined workflow and improved audio quality with Krisp

Frequently Asked Questions on Podcast Transcript 

In this “FAQ” section, we’ll cover some common questions about accessing and using podcast transcriptions from popular platforms like Apple Podcasts and Spotify. 


How to get Apple podcast transcript?
As of iOS 17.4, Apple Podcasts provides transcripts for many podcasts in its app. To view a transcript, simply play an episode and tap the speech bubble icon to see the text highlighted in sync with the audio. Transcripts allow searching and jumping to specific points
How to get podcast transcript on Spotify?
Spotify does not currently offer transcripts for podcast episodes within its app or service. Podcast creators may provide transcripts independently on their websites or through third-party transcription services, but Spotify does not generate or display transcripts.
What does a podcast transcript look like?
A podcast transcript presents the complete spoken dialogue from an episode in a script-like written format. It shows speaker names or labels, timestamps, and the corresponding text, allowing users to read along or quickly reference specific content.