GMR Transcription has been a top player in the transcription and translation industry. This US-based company prides itself on providing 100% human-powered transcription services for various types of content, including audio, video, text-to-text, and foreign languages. Their team of skilled transcriptionists caters to a diverse range of industries, such as academia, business, legal, media, and more.

In this article, let’s discuss what is GMR transcription all about and what alternatives there are for this service. Let’s also find out how you can pick the best transcription service based on your business needs!

What Is GMR Transcription?

When it comes to transcription, translation, and proofreading services, GMR Transcription is a name you can trust. This US-based company has made a name for itself by delivering great quality human-powered solutions that prioritize accuracy and precision. With a team of skilled professionals, they ensure that your written and spoken words are transcribed with a remarkable 99% accuracy rate.


GMR Transcription has got you covered whether you’re: 

  • A business in need of transcribing important meetings or conferences, 
  • an academic institution requiring transcripts for research purposes, 
  • or an individual looking to capture audio or video content in written form. 


Their services are not only reliable but also affordable, making them an attractive choice for clients across various sectors.

How Does GMR Transcription Work?

GMR Transcription provides transcription services through a mobile app that allows users to record, upload, and download completed transcripts on their devices. It assigns a professional transcriber to the project when an audio or video file is uploaded. 


The transcriber listens to the file and transcribes the spoken words into a text document. After transcription, a proofreader reviews the transcript to check for accuracy, formatting, and grammar corrections.


GMR Transcription offers two transcription service options: automated and human-powered. The automated service uses artificial intelligence to transcribe audio and video files. While faster and cheaper than human transcription, the automated option may lack accuracy, especially for audio-to-text transcription with complex audio. For maximum accuracy, professionals can perform GMR’s human transcription.


In addition to transcription, GMR provides translation services in over 60 languages by a team of translators. They also offer proofreading services to ensure documents are error-free in terms of grammar and language usage.


GMR Transcription caters to businesses, academic institutions, and individuals requiring transcription, translation, and proofreading services. Their service options, including human transcription, translation capabilities, and proofreading, aim to deliver accurate transcripts and documents.

Alternatives to GMR Transcription

GMR transcription service is recognized in the industry as a reliable partner. However, other services and technologies have started to provide similarly accurate and trustworthy services. Let’s explore five of them. 


If you’re looking for an accurate, AI-powered transcription service alternative to GMR transcription, then Krisp is an excellent choice. Krisp’s automated meeting transcription service is one of the most feature-packed in the industry, with the highest level of accuracy. Krisp’s AI-powered meeting assistant uses the latest and most advanced speech-to-text and machine-learning technologies. The latter makes it versatile and can serve different industries.


Accurate AI-Powered Transcription

With Krisp’s automated meeting transcription service, there is no need to set up meetings beforehand manually. Once integrated with your preferred platform, Krisp’s AI assistant transcribes your meeting discussions without requiring you to start the service each time, saving you time and effort. Additionally, you can access your meeting transcripts immediately after your call, making Krisp one of the most convenient meeting transcription services available in the market.


Krisp offers a comprehensive suite of tools designed to optimize virtual meetings. These include noise cancellation, voice isolation, automated transcriptions, and AI-generated meeting notes. Krisp’s AI assistant utilizes advanced language processing to summarize key discussion points, enabling users to customize the notes’ level of detail, ranging from concise highlights and action items to comprehensive transcripts covering all meeting takeaways.


Noise Cancellation

Krisp’s noise cancelation feature is one of its most advanced features. It elaborately blocks background noises, ensuring accurate transcription during meetings. The free version offers key features, making it useful for fewer or shorter meetings. Besides, a free trial of premium features is available for an enhanced transcription and note-taking experience.


Security and Legal Assurance

Krisp is GDPR compliant and SOC-2 certified, with encryption in transit and at rest. No voice data is visible to Krisp servers, ensuring the security of your data. Additionally, Krisp offers quick, easy deployment to all computers at once, user access and management, centralized billing, and email, OAuth, and SSO user verification.


AI Accent Localization

Krisp’s AI-powered accent conversion technology streamlines communication for call centers by automatically adjusting agents’ accents in real time. This innovative solution eliminates the need for costly accent training, allowing call center staff to spend more time engaging with customers. Krisp’s accent localization reduces average call handling times and boosts customer satisfaction scores by enhancing comprehension and minimizing back-and-forth during customer interactions. Moreover, this technology alleviates cognitive strain on agents, leading to improved employee satisfaction and retention rates.

Furthermore, Krisp is invaluable during multitasking situations, ensuring that background activities do not interfere with the audio quality of the meeting.




3Play Media

3Play Media is a comprehensive accessibility solution provider that offers transcription services alongside captioning, audio description, and other accessibility tools. Like GMR transcription, their transcription services cater to various industries, including education, government, corporate, entertainment, and more.

Accurate Human Transcription

3Play Media’s transcription services are powered by a team of experienced human transcriptionists who ensure a high level of accuracy. They specialize in transcribing different types of content, such as lectures, meetings, interviews, and more. The transcripts are meticulously checked for quality, ensuring that they are error-free and easy to comprehend.

Customizable Services

3Play Media offers customizable transcription services to meet the specific needs of clients. Users can choose from various options, such as verbatim or non-verbatim transcription, time-stamping, speaker identification, and more. This flexibility allows clients to receive transcripts tailored to their preferences and requirements.

Secure and Compliant

3Play Media places a strong emphasis on security and compliance. They follow strict data protection protocols and comply with various industry standards, including HIPAA, FERPA, and GDPR. This ensures that sensitive information remains confidential and secure throughout the transcription process.


Alconost is a speech recognition and transcription software provider that offers both desktop and cloud-based solutions. This one is a bit different from GMR transcription, although their products are designed to cater to various industries too.

Intelligent Speech Recognition

Alconost’s speech recognition technology is powered by deep neural networks and advanced language models, enabling it to accurately transcribe audio and video content. The software supports multiple languages and can handle various accents and dialects, making it a versatile solution for global clients.

Desktop and Cloud Solutions

Alconost offers both desktop and cloud-based transcription solutions, allowing users to choose the option that best suits their needs. The desktop software provides a local solution for transcribing files, while the cloud-based service enables users to upload files and receive transcripts remotely.

Customizable Workflows

Alconost’s transcription solutions offer customizable workflows, allowing users to tailor the process to their specific requirements. Users can configure settings such as audio channels, speaker identification, and output formats, ensuring that the transcripts meet their desired specifications.


TranscribeMe is a leading online transcription service like GMR transcription that specializes in providing accurate and affordable transcripts for various industries. The latter include legal, academic, business, and more industries.

Experienced Transcriptionists

TranscribeMe employs a team of skilled transcriptionists who are carefully vetted and trained to ensure high-quality transcripts. The transcriptionists are proficient in various domains, allowing them to transcribe content from diverse fields accurately.

Quick Turnaround

TranscribeMe prides itself on offering fast turnaround times, with some transcripts being delivered within a few hours. This makes it an ideal choice for clients who require transcripts urgently, such as those in the legal or media industries.

Secure and Confidential

TranscribeMe takes data security and confidentiality seriously. They employ strict measures to protect client data, including secure file transfer protocols, encryption, and non-disclosure agreements with their transcriptionists.


GoTranscript is a renowned online transcription service that provides accurate and reliable transcripts for various types of content, including interviews, lectures, meetings, focus groups, and more.

Human-Powered Transcription

GoTranscript’s transcription services are powered by a team of experienced human transcriptionists who are skilled in delivering accurate and high-quality transcripts. They follow a rigorous quality assurance process to ensure that the transcripts meet the highest standards.

Multilingual Capabilities

GoTranscript offers transcription services in multiple languages, making it a suitable choice for clients with multinational audiences or content in various languages. Their team of transcriptionists is proficient in several languages, ensuring accurate transcription regardless of the source language.

Customizable Options

GoTranscript provides customizable options to meet clients’ specific needs. Users can choose from different turnaround times, output formats, and additional services such as time stamping, speaker identification, and verbatim transcription.

Summing Up

GMR Transcription has established itself as a reliable and reputable provider. However, as the demand for accurate and efficient transcription solutions continues to grow, several alternative services have emerged, offering competitive features and capabilities. Services like Krisp, 3Play Media, Alconost, TranscribeMe, and GoTranscript have carved out their respective niches, catering to diverse industries and clients with varying requirements.


While some GMR transcription alternatives prioritize advanced AI-powered transcription and noise cancellation capabilities, others excel in human-powered accuracy and language diversity. Ultimately, the choice of the best transcription service depends on factors such as the required level of accuracy, turnaround time, cost, and specific industry or project needs. By exploring these alternatives, businesses and individuals can find the transcription solution that aligns seamlessly with their unique requirements, ensuring efficient and seamless communication across various mediums.


How to Pass GMR Transcription Test?

To pass the GMR Transcription Test, ensure you have a strong command of grammar and punctuation, familiarize yourself with transcription guidelines, and practice transcribing various audio files to improve accuracy and speed. Utilize high-quality transcription software and tools, and carefully proofread your work to meet their high standards.

What are the work-from-home opportunities available at GMR Transcription?

GMR Transcription offers work-from-home opportunities for transcribers who can work remotely. This means you can work from the comfort of your home and set your own schedule. GMR Transcription provides all the necessary training and support to ensure that you can work effectively from home.

What payment methods does GMR Transcription use for compensating its transcribers?

GMR Transcription uses PayPal to compensate its transcribers. This is a secure and reliable payment method that ensures that you get paid on time. You will need to have a PayPal account to receive your payments.