Zoom meetings have become a staple in our daily professional and personal lives, enabling collaboration and connection across distances. 

There are many instances where knowing how to record a Zoom meeting can be incredibly useful. Examples are: keeping a record of critical discussions, training purposes, or ensuring that those who couldn’t attend can catch up, etc. 

This guide will walk you through how to record a Zoom meeting on any device, ensuring you capture every important moment.

​​Local vs. Cloud Recording

Shortly, we’ll dive into how to record a meeting on Zoom and other key details you’ll need. But before that, it’s essential to know that Zoom offers two types of recording: local and cloud recording. 


Local recordings are saved to the host’s device, whereas cloud recordings are saved to the Zoom Cloud and can be accessed, shared, or downloaded via a link.


Local Recording

As you dig deeper into how to record a Zoom meeting, you’ll find that this option saves the recording to the host’s computer or device. 


It’s a useful option when you want to keep the recording private due to your messy background during the call, or maybe you wanna edit it before sharing.


Cloud Recording

This option saves the recording to the Zoom Cloud. 

It’s great for when you want to easily share the recording with others or access it from different devices.


How to Enable Local or Cloud Storage 


Before you can start recording, you must enable either Local or Cloud Storage in your Zoom settings. Here’s how:

  1. Open the Zoom desktop application and sign in.
  2. Click on your profile picture in the top right corner.
  3. Select “Settings” from the dropdown menu.
  4. In the settings menu, click on the “Recording” tab.
  5. Toggle the switch next to “Local Recording” or “Cloud Recording” to enable the feature.


How to Record a Zoom Meeting

Both hosts and participants can record Zoom meetings. However, the ability to record might depend on the subscription plan and settings enabled by the host.

If you’re wondering how to record Zoom meeting as host, follow these steps:

  1. Ensure you’re signed in to the Zoom Desktop Client.
  2. Start a meeting as the host.
  3. Click the Record button on the bottom toolbar.Click the Record button on the bottom toolbar.
    zoom 2
  4. Choose Record on this Computer if prompted. A recording indicator will appear.
    recording zoom

Zoom Recording Tips

There are a few general tips you can follow when you’re learning how to record a Zoom meeting to make your Zoom recording efficient and smooth. Those tips are: 


Ensure Good Audio Quality

Use an AI noise and echo-canceling app like Krisp to filter out background noise, ensuring clear audio in your recordings.

Cancel background noise.

Inform Participants

Always notify and get consent from all participants before recording.

Now that you know all the essential details on recording Zoom meetings, let’s see how you can do so on different devices.  


Optimize Your Internet Connection

A stable internet connection is crucial for uninterrupted recording. Consider using a wired connection for better reliability.


How to Record Zoom Meetings On an Android


To record a Zoom meeting on your Android device, follow these steps:

  1. Join a Zoom meeting as a participant on your Android device.
  2. Tap the screen to bring up the meeting controls.
  3. Tap the “More” button (three vertical dots) in the lower right corner.
  4. Select “Record” from the menu that appears.

The meeting will be available for review now that it has been recorded.


How to Record a Zoom Meeting on Mac/iPhone

Macs are ideal for creative tasks such as video recording and editing, making screen capture effortless. Recording a Zoom meeting on a Mac is simple, requiring just a few keystrokes.


To record a Zoom meeting on a Mac, follow these steps:


  1. Start a Zoom meeting on your Mac.
  2. Click on the “Record” button in the toolbar at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Select either “Record on this Computer” for local recording or “Record to the Cloud” for cloud recording.
  4. The meeting will now be recorded.

How to Record a Zoom Call With a Permission as a Participant


To find out how to record a Zoom meeting with permission as a participant, follow these steps:


  1. Ask the host for permission to record the meeting.
  2. Once permission is granted, follow the steps for recording on your specific device (Android, iPhone, Windows 10, Mac, iPad).


How to Record Zoom Meeting Without Permission as a Participant

Alternative to being permitted to record a Zoom call, you can use a third-party screen recording tool on your device to record the meeting.


However, be aware of the legal implications of recording a meeting without permission. This applies particularly to what you’ll do with the recording after you get it. But more on that later in the article. 


To record a Zoom event without permission on your Android device, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you have enough storage for the recording since it can take up a lot of space. 
  2. Swipe down twice from your home screen to access Quick Settings, then tap the Screen Recorder button.
  3. Choose your video and audio settings, then tap Start Recording.
  4. Wait for the countdown and then your screen will begin recording.
  5. A recording bar will appear, allowing you to add annotations and other features.
  6. Start your Zoom Meeting as usual and stop the recording by tapping the Stop button on the recording toolbar.
  7. You’ll receive a notification that your recording is saved. Access it in your gallery under the Screen Recordings album.


And for an iPhone, follow these steps to find out how to record a zoom meeting without permission:


  1. Go to Settings and then Control Center.
  2. Add Screen Recording to Control Center.
  3. Return to the Home screen and open Control Center.
  4. Press and hold the Record button.
  5. Enable your microphone by tapping the Microphone icon.
  6. Choose the location for your recording to be saved.
  7. Tap Start Recording. You’ll see a three-second countdown before recording starts, indicated by a clock icon in the upper left corner of your screen.
  8. Begin your Zoom meeting. To stop recording, tap the clock icon and select Stop Recording.
  9. Your Zoom recording will be saved in your gallery. 

Where Do Recorded Zoom Meetings Go?

Exploring how to record a zoom meeting has its intricacies one of which is the question as to where the Zoom recordings go afterward. Local recordings are saved to the host’s device in a ” Zoom ” folder by default. Cloud recordings are saved to the Zoom Cloud and can be accessed, shared, or downloaded via a link whenever you want. 

How to Share a Zoom Recording

The ability to share the context of the meeting is one of the key reasons why people want to record meetings. Thus, the shareability of meeting recordings matters to every participant of the meeting, especially the hosts. 

To share a Zoom recording, follow these steps:


  1. Locate the recorded meeting on your device or in the Zoom Cloud.
  2. If it’s a local recording, you can share the file directly. If it’s a cloud recording, you can share the link provided by Zoom.
  3. Share the recording via email, messaging apps, or by posting the link on a website or social media platform.


What is an Alternative to Recording Zoom Meetings?

In conclusion, recording a Zoom meeting can be done either locally or in the cloud, with each option offering its benefits. Local recording saves the file to your device, while cloud recording stores it online for easy access and sharing. 


While recording a Zoom meeting captures the essential visuals and dialogue. The latter enhances the quality and usability of those recordings, as well as the longevity of your remote communications and business outcomes. 


As we try to learn how to record a Zoom meeting, Krisp comes into play. Krisp’s AI-powered noise cancellation removes unwanted background noise, ensuring that your Zoom recording is crystal clear. But Krisp goes beyond just noise cancellation. 


Offering top-notch audio and video recording capabilities, Krisp goes beyond the basics with advanced editing features like virtual meeting transcriptions and seamless integration with Zoom. 


Audio Recording 


Krisp offers an easy-to-use audio recording feature that ensures your meetings are captured with high-quality audio.


Record Zoom meeting audio.

Transcription and Meeting Notes


Krisp can transcribe your meetings and generate meeting notes, making it easier to capture the gist of discussions without having to rewatch the entire recording.

Taking notes automatically with Krisp during a Zoom call.

Integrating Krisp with your Zoom meetings doesn’t just elevate the quality of your recordings; it transforms them into more accessible, actionable resources that can significantly boost productivity and collaboration.


Easy to use and reliable, Krisp ensures your meetings are captured in high quality, ready to be shared and reviewed whenever you need them. 


Say goodbye to complicated recording setups and hello to a smoother, more efficient way to capture your Zoom meetings.



Final Words

Recording a Zoom meeting can be straightforward, provided you know the steps and ensure you have the right tools at your disposal. 


By following the guidelines above and utilizing Krisp, you can capture high-quality recordings of your meetings, complete with clear audio, transcripts, and notes. 


This not only makes it easier for everyone to stay on the same page but also enhances the overall productivity of your team or organization. For more insights and tips on maximizing your virtual meetings, visit Krisp’s blog.


Frequently Asked Questions


Is it legal to record a Zoom meeting without permission?
In most jurisdictions, it is illegal to record a Zoom meeting without the consent of all participants. It’s essential to check your local laws and regulations regarding recording meetings.
Does Zoom notify if you screen record on iPhone?
Yes, Zoom notifies participants when a screen recording is started on an iPhone.
Why can't I record my Zoom meeting?
If you’re unable to record a Zoom meeting, it may be due to restrictions set by the host or limitations based on your subscription plan. Check with the host or your Zoom account settings for more information.
How do I convert a Zoom recording to MP4?
To convert a Zoom recording to MP4, you can use a video converter tool or software. Simply import the Zoom recording file into the converter and select MP4 as the output format.
Why don't I have a record button on Zoom?
If you don’t see the record button in Zoom, it may be because recording privileges are restricted.
How do I know if my Zoom is being recorded?
To know if your Zoom meeting is being recorded, look for a recording indicator in the top left corner of the meeting window.
How do I block participants from recording the Zoom meeting?
To block participants from recording the Zoom meeting, you can disable the recording feature in the meeting settings or remove recording permissions from specific participants.
Are other participants alerted if I record the Zoom meeting?
Other participants are not alerted when you start recording a Zoom meeting unless you manually inform them.
Can I convert the Zoom recorded file?
Yes, you can convert a Zoom recorded file to MP4 format using the Zoom client or third-party conversion software.