Seriously, where do Zoom recordings go?


Phew! The meeting is over. Everything went great. It was a productive session. Let’s check out the recording for some notes. Uh, wait a minute. *music comes to a screeching stop* Where is it? Where did my Zoom recording go?


If you’ve been in this situation before, don’t panic. “Where do Zoom meetings go?” is a question that’s all too common. And it doesn’t matter if you use Zoom for business or personal reasons. Not knowing how to find Zoom recordings is a pain. To save you the headache, we’ll walk you through this maze and tell you where to find Zoom recordings. Our adventure starts before you even jump on your Zoom call.

Setting Up Zoom Recordings the Right Way


It’s a given that you first need to capture your meeting before you locate it. This is especially important if you’re new to Zoom meetings. Let’s go through a quick rundown on how to record Zoom meetings: 


Step 1: Run Zoom

Open your Zoom application and sign in.

Step 2:
Start or join a meeting

In order to
record a Zoom meeting, you either have to start it yourself or have permission to record. Ask the host to give you permission or better yet, become the Zoom meeting host yourself!

Step 3
: Find the Record button 

Luckily for all of us, Zoom has a straight-forward interface. Look for the “Record” button at the bottom of the screen. If it’s not there, it’s probably hiding somewhere in the “More” button menu. 

Step 4
: Choose where to record

If you want Zoom to record on your computer, then choose “Record on this computer.” Choose “Record to the Cloud” to save recordings on Zoom’s cloud storage. Yep, Zoom has its own cloud storage!

Step 5
: Go through your meeting

Everything should go well if you’ve set up the meeting and recording correctly. Once the meeting is over, Zoom will take care of the recording so you can access it later. 

So, where does a Zoom recording go?

You can find Zoom recordings in one of two places. They’re either up there in the cloud or down here on your computer. From this point on, it’s all about where to find and how to access Zoom recordings.


Where do Zoom meetings go on my computer?

Again, we’d have to go back to square one. When gearing up to record Zoom meeting sessions, go to the Zoom recording settings. It should be under the “Recording” tab, somewhere on the top right. From there, choose a default folder as your Zoom recording location. You can name it something like “My Recordings” for convenience. After your meeting is over, you can find Zoom recordings in that folder.


If you forget to add a default location, Zoom will fly solo and choose its own path. Just like any application, Zoom gets its own folder when you install it. It’s usually somewhere in your documents folder. Go to that, and you should be able to spot a Zoom folder. Ta-da! That’s where you can find Zoom recordings on computer storage! 


Before you ask something like “Where are zoom recordings stored on Mac?” we’ll put your mind at ease. The default file path is usually the same for both Windows and Mac:



How to
find Zoom recordings in the cloud

If you chose “Record to the Cloud” when setting things up, then the cloud is where you’ll find Zoom cloud recording files. Everything is done automatically. Zoom recording files are saved on Zoom’s own servers. This lets you access them from anywhere, at any time. An internet connection is all you need! 


You’re probably wondering how to download Zoom recording files from the cloud. Don’t worry! It’s a cakewalk. Or rather, cloud-walk. Follow this three-step process to download your recorded Zoom meetings:


1. Log in

Log into your Zoom account on the web

2. Go to Recordings

You’ll find that on the left panel. You’ll see a list of your cloud recordings.

3. Download away!

Download your recordings to your computer. You can also share them with others.

where do zoom recordings go


Whether on the cloud or on your computer, accessing Zoom meeting recordings isn’t that tricky. You just need to know where to look and how to set up your Zoom recording session. . 


Pairing Zoom meeting recordings with meeting transcriptions


Zoom meeting recordings are so convenient, they feel like something out of a science fiction movie. That being said, you always need a safety net. Despite our best efforts, recordings can sometimes get lost. A faulty internet connection might cause them to be saved partially or not saved at all. Worst case scenario: an apocalyptic event destroys all cloud servers. We’d be left scratching our heads and wondering how to access Zoom recordings.


That’s where meeting transcriptions come in. You can always opt for the good old pen and paper. But why not up your game using AI? AI tools give you the ability to transcribe meetings in real time. Not only that, you can also use AI note taker tools to transform meeting notes into summaries. 

These tools make note taking in Zoom meetings as easy as it gets. AI is the ultimate back-up plan if things go south! Pair your
Zoom meeting recordings with an advanced AI meeting assistant, and never lose sleep over where to find Zoom recordings! Combining the best of both worlds is never a bad idea.


Final thoughts


Now that you have the answer to the age-old “Where do Zoom Recordings Go?” question, the rest is up to you! Either save your Zoom meeting recordings on your computer, or leave it to the clouds with Zoom. The important thing is to set up your Zoom recording correctly and choose where you want to store your Zoom meeting recordings. Just to be safe, use an AI meeting assistant on the side to transcribe and take notes. It’s seamless, does things in real time, and you won’t even notice that it’s there. The internet is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get!  


Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Zoom recordings stored?
That depends on what method you choose when setting up your Zoom recording. Zoom meeting recording files will be stored either on your computer (usually in Zoom’s folder that’s in your Documents folder), or on Zoom’s servers in the cloud.
Are Zoom meetings recorded by default?
Zoom does not record meetings by default. A Zoom meeting host is the only person who can set up Zoom recordings before the meeting starts. You can enable Zoom recording settings from the top right section of the Recordings tab.
Can you record a Zoom meeting on your phone?
You can record a Zoom meeting on your phone only via cloud recording. You cannot record locally on an iPhone or an Android phone. 
Is there a way to share a Zoom recording?
Yes. Here’s a quick guide on how to share recorded Zoom meeting files: Go to Zoom’s Recording page, and find Zoom recordings you want to share. Adjust your sharing settings after clicking share. You can copy and paste the sharing information and send it to whomever you want.
Can you download Zoom recordings?
You can download Zoom recordings that are stored on Zoom’s cloud servers. Select the recordings you wish to download, and save them on your device.
Can I use Krisp on Zoom?
Yes, you can pair Krisp with Zoom. It can transcribe your meetings alongside noise cancellation, background noise removal, and other features.