The idea to write about this blog came from the question of hundreds of Krisp users who wanted to clean the noise from the videos online on the browser. So I thought of letting you know about this solution that will help you to cancel the noise while watching videos or listening to audio files from the browser.

By the way, we will have this background noise removing feature available for Windows users too! If you would like to use the Windows version, visit us at!

Spoiler Alert: We have a secret tool at the end of the blog post so you might wanna stay tuned to check it out.

Step 1:

To start off,  click on the blue button below to download Krisp.

Step 2:

Afterwards go to Finder > Go > Utilities or simply press Shift+Cmd+U and access the AUDIO MIDI Setup in the Utilities section of your Mac settings and you’ll see an interface that looks like this:

Step 3:

Click on the Plus button in the left bottom corner of the app window to create another speaker. After clicking the Plus button, choose the option Create Aggregate device.

Step 4:

It will ask you to configure the newly created device. All you need to do is check Krisp speaker as an option in the checkbox. Alternatively, you can give a name to the newly created speaker as shown in the image below (I named it as Krisp for browser).

Step 5:

One more step and you’re good to go!

Choose Krisp for browser as the setup in the Sound section of System Preferences.

Since this tool is still in beta, it’s possible for you to have minor issues. Report it to us so that we can make the experience more worthwhile for you. Besides, you will help us make Krisp so much cooler!

If you would like to know how this cool technology works, feel free to read our blog post for Nvidia.

Compared to the solution offered for the real time browser noise cleaning this tool provides really high-quality results.

P.S. Here’s another detailed guide on how to instal and use Krisp noise cancellation software on Mac devices.

Let me know about the results in the comments!