Active noise cancelling headphones have become commonplace in today’s society.

It’s rare to go a day in public without seeing someone wearing headphones to drown out the world around them. Whether you’re in a mall, at a library, and especially in a gym — it’s likely that you will see someone wearing a brand of noise cancelling headphones.

With how the prevalence of music and podcasts streaming services, consumers are provided with numerous options to keep them plugged into their headphones. 

Noise-cancelling headphones are also important for freelancers and remote workers who want quiet when they are working.

While the headphones won’t be used in the same fashion as those who are blasting their favorite music, remote workers also demand a quality product which keeps outside noise from disturbing their workflow.




The following is a list of the top noise cancelling headphones freelancers will be able to use for work.

1. Sony WH-1000XM3

According to Tech Radar, the Sony WH-100XM3 are the best noise cancelling headphones in the world over the past two years. Reports state the noise cancelling aspects are so good that they mute a live vacuum cleaner.

sony xm3


Sound quality and over a 30-hour battery life are some of the other benefits associated with this set. In the near feature, it will also feature Google Assistant and, Alexa support.

2. Bose QuietComfort35 II

The Bose QuietComfort 35 II also has Google Assistant support and delivers classic noise support which Bose is good for. While not as flashy as numerous other models, it is perfect for workers who want a quiet working experience.

bose quietcomfort 35II


It delivers good sound quality, comfort, along with delivering a great noise cancelling experience. The battery life is far less powerful than the Sony WH-100XM3.

3. Bowers and Wilkins PX Wireless

The Bowers and Wilkins PX Wireless comes with 22-hour battery life and with solid noise cancellation performance. These headphones also turn on and off depending on whether they’re being worn or not.

bowers wilkins px active noise cancelling headphones


Remote workers will also be able to use a USB-C charging standard which should be a viable option well into the future. However, the sound quality associated with the headsets isn’t at the level of the other highly rated noise cancelling headsets.

4. Microsoft Surface 

The Microsoft Surface noise cancelling headphones are not at the top tier of noise cancelling, yet they should be able to deliver in most work situations. The 15-hour battery life is also a little on the short side.

microsoft surface headphones


The headphones make up for the shortcoming by providing amazing sound quality which could come in handy during meetings.

5. AKG N700NC

The AKG N700NC is said to be a set which has Ambient Aware technology, allowing users to hear the outside world when they choose to. 

akg n700 nc active noise cancelling headphones


While the noise cancellation properties are said to be of quality. There are better options for those who are working from a digital office. The AKG N700NC is not as comfortable as some of its competitors, which creates problems for those who will need to wear them for hours at a time.

6. Cowin E7

While a bit bulky, this set delivers noise cancellation and has a battery life over 30 hours. The Cowin E7 model is also said to be comfortable despite being bulkier than most of its contemporaries.

cowin e7 active noise cancelling headphones


Freelancers and remote workers from all walk will find the E7 to their liking if they choose to go with a cheaper option that still delivers a quiet working experience.

7. Taotronics TT-BH22

This interesting model should be perfect for remote workers who are mainly concerned with eliminating distracting noise, “This pair is for the people who need active noise cancellation way more than an exceptional sound quality.

taotronics headphones


These best budget noise-cancelling headphones will offer decent active and passive (good padding) noise cancellation if you happen to travel. They will cancel low-frequency noises like humming or the rumbling of the car or airplane engine.”

The model is also said to have a comfortable fit, to go along with exceptional battery life. The TT-BH22 is also an affordable option for those who don’t need a full-featured noise cancelling headphone set.

8. MPOW H5

The affordable MPOW H5 has a 30-plus hour battery life, is great for digital nomads who work from a variety of locales and would like a sleek looking design that is easy to travel with.

mpow h5


While not as flashy as other options, the H5 gets the job done good enough to make the list.

Bonus Tip

Whichever active noise cancelling headphones you choose, you can upgrade them with a noise cancelling app and improve the quality of your work life and remote conferencing as well. Krisp is such a noise cancelling app that removes background noise during calls on both ends.

This means that you will be able to both speak and listen without any noise no matter where you take the call from. Krisp works with any conferencing apps, microphones, speakers and headphones, so it will be the perfect noiseless combo for you.

We hope you will find the best active noise cancelling headphones that fit your working routine best in this list. Let us know about your favorites!