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Investing in noise cancelling headphones is a big deal, but there are always other options around it – like best budget noise cancelling headphones. 

So we found 6 pairs of budget noise cancelling headphones that might benefit you by providing decent active noise cancellation, sound quality and comfortable wear.




Take a look, and maybe you’ll find your best pick right here:

1. COWIN E7 

cowin E7 noise cancelling headphones


If you’re looking for the best budget noise cancelling headphones, this is for you. These buddies got a great bass boost and a great crispy sound quality. However, this may not be the best option if you’re not a bass lover.
The design is simple and a bit bulky.

These are not the best lightweight option, however they are still comfortable to wear. The battery lasts at least 30 hours after a full charge and you will also get a reminder to have a break if you listen to headphones for too long

Thoughts:  Great sound quality and noise cancellation, comfortable wear, decent battery life but a bit bulky design.

2. Audio-Technica ATH-ANC7B 

audio-technica noise cancelling headphones


If you are traveling a lot this pair will be helpful in terms of folding and comfortably packing it in your backpack.
These are great for travel especially since they can hold up for at least 40 hours with ANC (but still, they’re wired).

The headphones are simple in terms of design – they have big and comfortable padding which can mostly isolate the noise from you. ANC7B has pretty decent noise cancellation which makes up for the sound quality, if you happen to listen in a slightly less quiet environment. So you can get these if you value active noise cancellation over the sound quality. 

Thoughts: Simple design, comfortable wear, good ANC, but wired and not the best sound quality.

3. TaoTronics TT-BH22

taotronics headphones


This pair is for the people who need active noise cancellation way more than an exceptional sound quality. These best budget noise cancelling headphones will offer decent active and passive (good padding) noise cancellation if you happen to travel. They will cancel low frequency noises like humming or the rumbling of the car or airplane engine. The battery life is also sufficient for traveling as it allows up to 30 hours of playback.

The design is nice with comfortable soft ear pads. The headphones are foldable which makes it easier to carry around for trips. TT-BH22 is ready to be used both wired and wirelessly, so you get to choose that as well. 

Thoughts: Comfortable wear, long battery life, great noise cancellation, but average sound quality. 

4. Mpow H5

mpow H5 noise cancelling headphones


Another bass boosted pair of best budget noise cancelling headphones which is great for the heavy bass lovers. The design is nice, with easy control options for noise cancellation. The earpads are soft and isolate the noise easily. If combined with the active noise cancellation, you actually get rid of annoying low frequency noises. 

The battery power with ANC on lasts up to 30 hours, so Mpow H5 can be used for traveling, especially since you can fold them and easily carry them in your bag. The headphones can be connected to 2 devices at the same time, allowing you to share your music with others.

Thoughts: Fit for heavy bass listeners, comfortable wear, but average ANC.

If you are looking for a way to upgrade your best budget noise cancelling headphones, you can opt for trying noise cancelling apps.

If you travel and work remotely, chances are you participate to a lot of remote conferences. So get yourself the noise cancelling app called Krisp and it will do a greater deed with cancelling the incoming and outgoing noise in your conference calls. It will help you work and stay productive in your calls wherever you are and you will get the most out of your favorite headphones, too. 

5. Sony MDRZX110 NC

sony noise cancelling headphones


This is the cheapest pair of one of the greatest noise cancelling headphones you might need. Let’s start of by saying this is another pair that’s great for traveling as its compact, lightweight and foldable. Even though the passive noise cancellation is slightly less than that of over-ear headphones, the ANC is still there.

Of course, the noise cancellation could have been a bit better, but taking into consideration the price point, this sounds like a great deal still (especially with this cool design). The battery life with ANC lasts up to 80 hours and the batteries are AAA. 

Thoughts: Foldable, great for traveling, nice design, good sound quality, but weak ANC.

6. Monoprice Over-Ear Headphones

monoprice over ear headphones


This pair of noise cancelling headphones will come in handy for its comfortable wear and good active noise cancelling.  The ear pads are soft and big, fully sealing your ear without applying much pressure.

You will have a great sound quality with bass boost. The only thing is that the battery life can hold up to 20 hours, not much more than that and these headphones require AAA batteries. 

The noise cancelling of these headphones is both passive (thanks to the padding) and active, cancelling low frequency noises of 15 dB.

Thoughts: Fair sound quality & noise cancellation, quite comfortable to wear, but wired and have short battery life.


Picking budget noise cancelling headphones which are also high quality is not that easy. We hope this list will help you find yours!


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