MS Teams Transcription: Effortlessly Capture and Share Meeting Transcripts

Unlock the power of MS Teams with Krisp's transcription solution. Capture and share meeting transcripts & summaries effortlessly to maximize productivity.

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Elevate Your MS Teams Experience with Automated Transcriptions

Elevate your MS Teams meetings with Krisp's reliable transcription. Enhance productivity and collaboration as Krisp keeps a written record of everything said, ensuring no crucial discussions are forgotten. Try it today!

Seamless integration
Unlimited free transcriptions
Bot-free, non-intrusive experience
Unlock the Power of Accurate Transcripts and Collaboration

Powered by the world's leading OpenAI, Krisp's advanced AI Meeting Assistant ensures every word spoken in your Microsoft Teams meetings is captured with unparalleled accuracy.

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Powerful AI-Powered Features for Automatic Meeting Notes in Teams

Experience the future of note-taking in Microsoft Teams with Krisp's powerful AI-driven features. With automatic meeting notes, every crucial detail is captured accurately and effortlessly.

MS Teams Transcriptions

Embrace seamless automation as our intelligent technology transcribes every word spoken during your Teams meetings, eliminating manual note-taking.

  • Efficient transcription process
  • Capture every word
  • Easy editing for further clarity
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Fast and Reliable Meeting Notes

Effortlessly transform lengthy transcriptions into concise and reliable meeting notes with Krisp’s AI note-taker. Krisp highlights key discussions,and action items, simplifying information retrieval.

  • Efficiently summarize your meeting transcription
  • Capture essential discussions, decisions, and action items
  • Choose between short and detailed summaries

Easy Sharing

Seamlessly share your meeting transcripts or summaries with ease directly from Krisp's intuitive platform. Collaborate effortlessly by distributing essential meeting insights to all participants and stakeholders.

  • Remote transparency and accountability
  • Foster collaboration and alignment
  • Empower efficient follow-ups

Searchable Content: Find Discussions with Ease

Krisp empowers you to transform your meeting transcripts into a searchable database, allowing you to access relevant content at your fingertips.

  • Save time with key point highlightinge time by
  • Turn notes into a searchable database
  • Streamline follow-ups for efficiency

Effortless Transcription Process for MS Teams Meetings

Meeting transcriptions with Krisp ensures a seamless and straightforward experience from start to finish. No more juggling between taking notes and actively participating – with Krisp, you can focus on the discussion while the transcription process works silently in the background. Getting your Ms. Teams meeting transcriptions with Krisp is as simple as these four steps:

1. Download Krisp

Create an account and download Krisp within seconds.

2. Connect your Ms. Teams account

Set up your online meeting as you normally would using Zoom. No additional plugins or extensions are required. Krisp seamlessly integrates with Zoom to enhance your meeting experience.

3. Join or start your meeting

Join or start your Teams meeting as usual without doing anything else. Krisp automatically starts transcribing your meeting in the background in a bot-free and non-intrusive way.

4. Access and edit your transcription

Head over to your Krisp dashboard to access your transcriptions for further action, such as creating summaries, editing the transcript for clarity, or sharing with others.

The Krisp Advantage: Unrivaled MS Teams Meeting Transcription

Krisp goes above and beyond to ensure you make the most out of your Ms. Teams meetings with unmatched transcriptions, effective summaries, and a plethora of other features that make it your worthy companion

🎯 Accurate Transcripts with Advanced AI and Noise Canceling

With Krisp, accuracy is paramount — our cutting-edge AI technology, combined with advanced noise-canceling features, ensures crystal-clear and precise transcripts, leaving no room for misunderstandings or misinterpretations.

🚫 Bot-Free, Non-Intrusive Experience - No Plugins or Bots Needed

Unlike other solutions, Krisp prides itself on being bot-free and non-intrusive. With no need for plugins or bots, our seamless integration makes the transcription process smooth and hassle-free, allowing you to focus solely on your meetings without distractions.

🆓 Unlimited Free Transcriptions for Worry-Free Usage

Experience the freedom of unlimited free transcriptions, eliminating any worries about usage limits or hidden costs. Krisp is committed to empowering your productivity without constraints.

🤝 Effortless Sharing and Collaboration for Seamless Workflow

Sharing and collaboration become effortless with Krisp's intuitive platform. Conveniently distribute meeting notes, summaries, or transcripts with just a few clicks, keeping everyone on the same page and accelerating project progress.

🔒 Privacy and Security

Krisp prioritizes your data privacy and security. All transcriptions and meeting summaries are securely stored, ensuring confidentiality and peace of mind for all your sensitive discussions.

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Microsoft Teams AI Transcription: Frequently Asked Questions
How does MS Teams Transcription work?
Ms. Teams transcription using Krisp works by changing the conversations made during the meeting into text. This makes it easier for future reference and the creation of meeting minutes or summaries.
Is the AI transcription process accurate?
Although transcription services may not usually be 100% accurate, Krisp prides itself in leading the pack with the best accuracy in AI transcription. Thanks to the advanced speech-to-text AI and the noise-canceling feature, Krisp is able to capture almost every word spoken with accuracy. Moreover, you can easily edit the transcript for accuracy before sharing.
Can I share the Teams transcripts with other participants?
Yes, Krisp allows you to effortlessly share your Teams transcripts with other participants, through your preferred mode, such as emails.
Is there a limit to the number of MS Teams meetings I can transcribe?
No, you can try out Krisp today and enjoy unlimited free meeting transcriptions without worrying about a cap.

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