AI Zoom Meeting Transcription & Summarization

Transform your meetings with Krisp's AI-powered Zoom transcription and summary feature. Capture every word and create concise meeting summaries effortlessly!

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Revolutionize your Zoom meetings with cutting-edge
transcription and summarization technology.

Krisp automatically transcribes your Zoom meetings using advanced AI technology, capturing what different speakers say, and providing you with effective summaries with highlights of key discussions and action items.

Free unlimited transcriptions
Automatic summarization
Bot-free non-intrusive experience
Tap into the Potential of AI for Flawless Zoom Transcription

Don't let important discussions slip through the cracks. Krisp's Zoom meeting transcription and advanced summarization keep everyone aligned with precise accuracy, leaving no detail behind.

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Powerful Features for Seamless Zoom Transcription

Discover the power of Krisp’s AI Meeting Assistant, offering Zoom transcription and summarization to maximize the precision and productivity of your Zoom meetings.

Zoom Transcription

Simplify meeting documentation with Krisp's automatic Zoom transcription. Focus on what matters while we handle the transcription hassle.

  • Simplified workflow
  • Hassle-free transcriptions
  • Works on all your devices
Transcription Feature

Effortless Zoom Meeting Summaries

Easily digest meeting content with Krisp's AI-powered Zoom meeting summaries. From full transcripts to concise highlights, it's never been easier to grasp the crucial details.

  • Instant insights
  • Concise takeaways
  • Tailored summaries

Easy Sharing

Enhance team collaboration with Krisp's easy-sharing capabilities. Share meeting insights with attendees or selected team members for effective follow-ups.

  • Seamless collaboration
  • Enhanced follow-ups
  • Team accountability

AI-Powered Accuracy

Harness the power of AI for exceptional accuracy in Zoom transcription with Krisp. Trust in the world's leading AI platform for flawless meeting documentation.

  • Unparalleled precision
  • Comprehensive transcripts
  • Reliable documentation

Simplified Workflow for Your Zoom Meeting Transcriptions

Capturing and organizing meeting notes is essential for effective communication and collaboration. With Krisp's AI Zoom Transcription, you can simplify and streamline your online meeting documentation process in just a few easy steps:

1. Sign up for Krisp

Create an account on Krisp's platform to gain access to the powerful AI Zoom Transcription service. Getting started is quick and simple.

2. Schedule your Zoom meeting

Set up your online meeting as you normally would using Zoom. No additional plugins or extensions are required. Krisp seamlessly integrates with Zoom to enhance your meeting experience.

3. Enable Krisp Transcription

Once your meeting is scheduled, enable the Krisp Transcription feature. With a click of a button, Krisp's advanced AI Zoom notetaker will start capturing the audio and transcribing it in real-time.

4. Review and Edit Transcriptions

After your meeting ends, you'll have access to the transcription in your Krisp account. Take a moment to review and edit the transcription if needed. Krisp's accuracy ensures that every word is captured.

5. Generate Summaries

In addition to the transcription, Krisp offers the option to automatically generate summaries from the transcription. Choose between long and detailed Zoom meeting notes or short and concise summaries, depending on your preference and meeting requirements

6. Share and Collaborate

Krisp makes it easy to share the transcriptions and summaries with your meeting attendees or selected team members. Collaborate effortlessly and keep everyone aligned by providing access to the meeting insights.

Why Settle for Less? Go for Krisp's AI Zoom Transcription
and Elevate Your Meeting Experience

Unlimited Free Transcriptions

Say goodbye to limitations. With Krisp's AI Zoom Transcription, you can enjoy the freedom of unlimited transcriptions for all your Zoom meetings at no extra cost.

Transcription Automation

Let Krisp handle the heavy lifting. Our advanced Zoom AI notetaker automates the transcription process, saving you time and effort while ensuring accurate and reliable results.

Immediate Meeting Summaries

Capture the essence of your meetings instantly. Krisp provides immediate meeting summaries in both short and long detailed formats, highlighting key discussions and action items.

Bot-Free and Non-Intrusive Experience

Enjoy a seamless and hassle-free experience. Krisp requires no plugins or extensions, ensuring a clean and distraction-free environment during your Zoom meetings.

Easy to get started

Get up and running in no time. Starting with Krisp's AI notetaker for Zoom is quick and simple, with no credit card information required for sign-up.

Easy Sharing and Collaboration

Foster effective collaboration with ease. Share your transcriptions, and Zoom notes effortlessly with meeting attendees or selected team members, facilitating seamless communication and collaboration.

Calendar Integration for Automation

Streamline your note-taking process. Easily connect Krisp’s AI note-taker with your calendar to automate note-taking and sharing, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow.

Who can benefit?

Professionals and Business Executives
Remote Teams and Distributed Workforces
Students and
Journalists and
Professionals and Business Executives

Stay organized and never miss important details in your Zoom meetings.

Krisp's Zoom Transcription service ensures accurate and comprehensive documentation, making it ideal for professionals and business executives who need precise meeting records for reference and follow-up actions.

meeting owners
Remote Teams and Distributed Workforces

Foster effective collaboration and alignment among remote teams with Krisp's Zoom Transcription. Share transcriptions and summaries to keep everyone on the same page, even across different time zones.

Remote teams can access meeting insights, action items, and decisions conveniently, facilitating productive remote work.

meeting owners
Students and Educators

Simplify note-taking and review processes with Krisp's Zoom Transcription. Students can focus on engaging in discussions rather than frantically scribbling notes, ensuring a more immersive learning experience.

Educators can also benefit from transcriptions for reference when preparing lesson plans or providing detailed feedback.

meeting owners
Journalists and Interviewers

Krisp's Zoom Transcription is a valuable tool for journalists and interviewers. Capture interviews and press conferences with precision, ensuring accurate quotes and eliminating the need for manual note-taking. Transcriptions help in fact-checking, transcription services, and creating detailed reports.

meeting owners

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Zoom Transcription Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
How do I get a transcript of a Zoom meeting?
You can easily get a transcript of a Zoom meeting by using Krisp’s AI Zoom Transcription. You simply create an account and enable the transcription feature. Krisp works in the background in a non-intrusive way to capture everything said during the Zoom meeting — word by word!
Is there a free trial available?
Yes. You can take advantage of the 7-day Pro Trial without having to input any payment details.
Can I transcribe any Zoom meetings?
Yes. You can transcribe any Zoom meeting as long as you have enabled Krisp’s Zoom Transcription. You get unlimited meeting transcriptions without having to worry about any caps on the number of meetings or the total meeting time.
Can I edit the Zoom transcriptions if needed?
Yes. Once your transcript is ready, you can easily go through it and make any changes or edits where you deem necessary before saving it as the final copy.
Do I have to record the Zoom meeting to get it transcribed?
No. Krisp transcribes your Zoom meetings in real time, meaning you do not have to record the session to get a transcription.

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