Seamless Slack Transcription For Enhanced Team Communication

Enhance productivity with Krisp's Slack transcription. Instantly transcribe and summarize meetings, capturing key insights for streamlined collaboration.

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Get Automated Meeting Transcriptions for Enhanced Collaboration and Productivity

Embrace streamlined collaboration through Krisp's AI-driven meeting transcriptions in Slack. Seamlessly capture details, decisions, and actions without intrusive bots or extensions.

Free unlimited transcriptions
Automatic summarization
Bot-free, non-intrusive experience
Capture Meeting Insights with Automated Slack Meeting Notes

Krisp’s advanced AI note-taker transforms how you capture meeting insights, delivering precise and effective summaries within seconds.

Green check mark Free meeting notes and summaries
Green check mark Capture key discussions and decisions
Green check mark Choose condensed or detailed summaries
Background voice cancellation

Powerful AI-Powered Features for Automatic Meeting Notes in Slack

Gone are the days of frantic note-taking, as Krisp’s AI meeting assistant in Slack acts as your diligent scribe, capturing vital discussions and insights in real-time.

Real-Time Transcription Wizardry

Step into a world of unparalleled efficiency with Krisp's Real-Time AI Transcription Wizardry. As your team engages in a dynamic Slack meeting, our advanced AI assistant works its magic in real-time, converting every spoken word into accurate and actionable text.

  • Instant access to your Slack meeting transcriptions
  • Align teammates on key meeting takeaways
  • Focus on the meeting as you let Krisp take notes
Transcription Feature

Precision, Perfected

Precision is paramount with Krisp, and our advanced AI achieves unparalleled accuracy. Utilizing cutting-edge speech-to-text AI systems, every spoken word is captured with remarkable precision.

  • Enjoy crystal clear transcriptions
  • No more editing hassles
  • Get word-by-word transcription fast

Actionable Summaries, Instantly

Say hello to a new era of time-saving productivity with Krisp's Actionable Summaries. No more sifting through lengthy meeting transcriptions to find key takeaways, as our AI meeting assistant does the heavy lifting for you.

  • AI-powered instant summaries for efficient meetings
  • Focus on actions, not transcriptions
  • Personalized condensed or comprehensive reports

Seamless Slack Integration

No more wasting time downloading plugins or extensions. With Krisp, you can get started with Slack meeting transcriptions instantly and effortlessly.

  • No integrations needed, download and enjoy
  • Distraction-free meetings, no disruptions
  • Focus on discussions, Krisp handles the rest

Effortless Transcription Process for Slack Meetings

Simplify meetings with Krisp's effortless Slack transcription. Connect, transcribe, and access insights in a few steps. Enjoy real-time transcriptions on the Krisp dashboard for enhanced communication.

1. Download Krisp to Your Computer

Get started by downloading Krisp to your PC or Mac. The download link is a breeze to access, and the installation takes only a small amount of storage space and mere seconds to complete.

2. Change Speaker and Microphone Settings in Slack

Easily grant Krisp access to your Slack by adjusting the speaker and microphone settings. Once connected, Krisp seamlessly integrates into your Slack workspace.

3. Join or Start the Meeting as Usual

No need to change your meeting routine. Just join or start your Slack meeting as you normally would, and Krisp automatically springs into action, transcribing every word spoken.

4. Access Transcripts on the Krisp Dashboard

After the meeting, head to the Krisp dashboard to access your transcripts effortlessly. From there, you can convert them into concise summaries or automated meeting minutes, making collaboration and follow-ups a breeze.

The Krisp Advantage: Unrivaled Slack Meeting Transcription

Step into the world of unparalleled excellence with Krisp, the undisputed leader in Slack meeting transcriptions. With our cutting-edge technology and unrivaled features, we set the gold standard for accuracy, efficiency, and user experience.

⚙️ Seamless Integration, Instant Activation

With Krisp, connecting to Slack is effortless, requiring no complex setups or lengthy configurations. Instantly activate meeting transcriptions and save valuable time.

💡 AI-Powered Accuracy

Our advanced AI technology ensures unparalleled accuracy in capturing meeting discussions, leaving no room for errors or confusion.

🗣️ Noise-Free Transcriptions

Krisp's cutting-edge noise cancellation feature guarantees crystal-clear transcriptions, even in noisy environments, eliminating distractions and enhancing comprehension.

🔗 Effortless Integration

Seamlessly integrate Krisp with Webex and get started in no time without the need for additional plugins or complex setup processes.

🚫 Distraction-Free Experience

Unlike other transcription services, Krisp offers the world's first true bot-free meeting transcription, providing a seamless and uninterrupted meeting experience.

🚀 Instant Access, Swift Review

Access meeting transcriptions in real-time after each meeting concludes, enabling swift review and action without delay.

🤝 Effortless Collaboration

Share meeting insights effortlessly with your team, promoting seamless collaboration and alignment.

📊 Customizable Summaries

Tailor your meeting summaries to suit your preferences, choosing between concise highlights or detailed comprehensive reports

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Slack Meeting Transcription and Notes: Frequently Asked Questions
Are the Slack transcriptions generated in real time during the meeting?
Yes! With Krisp's advanced AI meeting assistant, Slack transcriptions are generated in real time as your meeting unfolds.
Can I access and review past Slack transcriptions & notes for reference?
Yes, you can! Krisp provides easy access to all your past Slack transcriptions, and meeting notes through the Krisp dashboard. Simply navigate to the dashboard, and you'll find a comprehensive archive of all your meeting records, ready for review and reference.
Can Krisp’s Slack Transcription capture multiple speakers accurately?
Certainly! Krisp's AI-powered Slack Transcription excels in accurately capturing discussions involving multiple speakers. Our technology is designed to distinguish and transcribe each speaker's contribution, ensuring a precise and coherent record of your meetings.
Is it possible to share the transcribed Slack meeting notes with team members?
Absolutely! Sharing transcribed Slack meeting notes with your team is easy. With Krisp's collaboration features, you can easily share meeting insights, summaries, and action items with team members. Foster better alignment and enhance collaboration among your team, all with just a few clicks.

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