Do you want to learn how to use AI to take meeting notes, making your notes more organized and presented in a smarter manner? Then you are in the right place. If you’re unfamiliar with some of the terminologies used in meetings, consider referring to the glossary of meeting terms.


There are many reasons why you may want to involve the power of artificial intelligence (AI) in your meetings. Besides making your meetings more productive and focused, using AI to generate your notes enhances team communication and collaboration. 


So, how exactly can you use this technology to take your meeting notes?

This post will take you through all you need to know about getting started with meeting notes with AI by highlighting:


  • Why you should use AI to create your meeting notes;
  • Top ways to use AI to create meeting notes.

Benefits of Using AI for Your Meeting Notes

Taking meeting notes manually can be a real challenge. From struggling to keep up with the pace of the discussion to deciphering your own handwriting, it’s not an ideal scenario. 


Here’s why integrating AI into your note-taking process is a game-changer:

  1. Improved accuracy

One of the main reasons AI was incorporated into meetings, assisting in capturing meeting notes, is its incredible accuracy. 


AI-powered tools can transcribe spoken words and even differentiate between multiple speakers. 


Moreover, when using AI meeting notes tools, you will not need to handle the hassle of misinterpretations or misunderstandings, as the tool notes down words exactly as they are, without objectivity. 


  1. Time efficiency

AI can process information at remarkable speeds. This means it can generate meeting notes in real-time or shortly after the meeting ends. This saves you precious time and ensures you capture all the essential details without rushing.


This feature allows you to focus on the discussions instead of taking too much time to jot down the meeting notes manually. Eventually, you end up saving a significant amount of time. 

  1. Enhanced organization

It is a no-brainer that not everyone knows how to organize meeting notes effectively. However, this isn’t part of your problems when you have an AI note-taking tool. 


AI-enabled note-taking tools can automatically categorize and organize your notes. You can easily search for specific information or access notes from past meetings with just a few clicks. This level of organization can greatly improve your workflow.

  1. Accessibility

AI-generated meeting notes are easily shareable. You can instantly distribute notes to all meeting participants, eliminating the need for manual distribution. 


Whether you want to share the meeting notes on a meeting recap email, share them on project management tools for your organization, or invite collaborators to the AI note-taker dashboard, AI meeting notes are pretty easy to access. This fosters better collaboration and ensures that everyone is on the same page. 


Besides being easy to access for all the necessary stakeholders, it is also straightforward for them to pinpoint the exact information they need. 


This means only by typing in the keywords they can easily access the right notes they need from a lengthy meeting. 

  1. Integration with other tools

Many AI note-taking products seamlessly integrate with other meeting productivity tools and project management software. This means you can effortlessly incorporate meeting notes into your broader workflow, whether it’s for project updates, action items, or follow-ups.


Incorporating AI into your meeting note-taking process isn’t just a technological advancement; it’s a strategic move to optimize your workflow and make your professional life more efficient and effective. 

How to Use AI to Take Meeting Notes

add this sentence: There are numerous methods of using AI to help you in generating meeting notes. If you come across terms that are unfamiliar, refer to this handy meeting terms glossary for clarity. Depending on the resources available to you and your individual needs, you can decide on the method that works best for you.


Here are the most common ways people who use AI have done so to assist them in capturing their meeting notes:

  1. Inviting a note-taker tool into your meetings

One of the most common ways to introduce AI to your meetings to capture your notes is by inviting or adding the tool to the meeting platform. 


For instance, if you are in a Zoom meeting, you will have to access the note-taker separately and add it to your meeting as a participant. Fathom usually works in this way, enabling you to record, transcribe, and eventually get your meeting notes from the AI tool. 

  1. Using summarization tools

There are some tools like Quillbot or Hemingway that can be quite useful when curating summaries. Some online meeting platforms, like Microsoft Teams, make it possible for one to get a transcription of their conversations through the built-in transcription tool. 


However, these transcripts are often quite lengthy. 


To effectively condense the content of the transcription, you can use these Grammar tools to summarize the text, highlighting your meeting discussions. 


Nevertheless, although this is an option, it may not be the best approach, especially if you want actionable meeting notes. Moreover, using this path increases the risk of losing some of your information. 


  1. Using an AI transcription and note-taking tool

Using an AI transcription and note-taking tool has taken shape as one of the most preferred ways of using AI to take meeting notes. 


This method involves using an AI meeting assistant to transcribe your meeting and eventually curate meeting notes. 


Although there may be numerous players in this field, it is crucial for you to consider picking the best one based on factors such as convenience, ease of use, additional features, etc. 


So, how do you choose the best method out of these? 

How to Choose the Best AI Note-Taking Method

To determine the best method for AI note-taking that suits your needs, consider the following factors:

  1. Consider your primary purpose and use case

Are you taking notes during interviews, lectures, or brainstorming sessions? The best AI note-taking method can vary depending on the context. 

  1. Analyze the format of your meetings

Different AI methods work better in different situations. If your meetings are primarily virtual, you can explore AI integrations with video conferencing platforms. If meetings are in person or hybrid virtual meetings, AI voice assistants might be more practical.

  1. Assess your accuracy needs

Some AI methods provide highly accurate transcriptions, while others may be less precise. If your notes require a high level of accuracy, look for tools or services that offer quality transcription and speech recognition capabilities.

  1. Consider your budget

Some AI note-taking methods are free or low-cost, while others may require a subscription or one-time purchase. Weigh the cost against the benefits you expect to gain from AI note-taking.

  1. Check compatibility with your existing tools

If you already use note-taking or project management software, look for AI solutions that integrate seamlessly with these tools. This ensures your notes are easily incorporated into your workflow.

  1. Evaluate the user-friendliness of the method

Some AI tools are designed with a user-friendly interface that requires minimal setup and technical expertise. Others may be more complex, requiring a learning curve.

  1. Consider how you’ll share notes

If collaboration and sharing are essential, look for AI methods that allow easy sharing of notes with colleagues, team members, or stakeholders.

Choosing Krisp: Your AI-Powered Meeting Note-Taker

With its advanced speech-to-text technology and AI-driven note-taking capabilities, Krisp is your ideal partner for transforming meeting notes and enhancing productivity. Here’s why you should consider Krisp as your preferred AI note-taking partner:

  • Accurate Transcriptions, Every Time

Krisp employs the most advanced speech-to-text technology to deliver accurate AI transcriptions of your meetings. 


Whether in a virtual meeting, a conference call, or a one-on-one meeting, Krisp ensures that every word is captured with precision. You will not have to deal with the frustrations of deciphering muddled notes or misinterpretations, as Krisp’s transcriptions are crystal clear.

  • AI Note-Taker for Effortless Meeting Summaries

Krisp’s AI note-taker takes your meeting notes to the next level. After transcribing your discussions, Krisp automatically generates meeting notes highlighting key discussion points, action items, and meeting takeaways


The convenience of Krisp’s AI note-taker means you no longer need to sift through entire transcripts to find the highlights. 


With a simple click, you can access a summary of your conversations, saving you valuable time and effort.

  • Customizable Note Formats

Krisp understands that different meetings have different note-taking needs. That’s why it offers flexibility in note formats. 


You can choose between longer, more detailed notes encompassing a comprehensive view of the discussion or opt for shorter, more condensed versions that provide a quick overview of essential points. 


Krisp adapts to your preferences, ensuring your notes are tailored to your specific requirements.

  • AI Noise Cancellation for Crystal Clear Transcriptions

Krisp’s AI noise cancellation feature ensures that other parties in your meetings can hear you clearly. It also significantly enhances the quality of your transcriptions. 


By minimizing background noise, Krisp reduces the chances of errors in your meeting notes, making them not only accurate but also highly reliable.


Besides these key features, Krisp also:


  • Is compatible with every meeting platform;
  • Gets you meeting notes without the need to record the meeting;
  • Is budget-friendly, and you can even take advantage of the feature-packed free version;
  • Is easy to use with a simplistic dashboard;
  • Allows you to customize the format of meeting notes that you want. 


Try Krisp for free today and elevate your note-taking game with the power of AI.



Frequently Asked Questions

What is AI-enabled meeting note-taking, and how does it work?

AI-enabled meeting note-taking refers to the use of artificial intelligence technology to automatically transcribe and summarize spoken content during meetings, capturing essential information, action items, and discussions. 


These AI systems work by utilizing advanced speech recognition algorithms to convert spoken words into text.

Which AI tools or applications can I use for automated meeting note-taking?

There are several AI tools and applications available for automated meeting note-taking. 


Some popular options offer real-time transcription and AI-generated meeting notes; Krisp, which provides AI transcription and AI note-taking with noise-cancellation features; and, a transcription service that offers automated and human-generated transcriptions.

How do I enable AI note-taking during a meeting?

To enable AI note-taking during a meeting, choose a suitable tool and create an account. Link it with your meeting platform, and allow it to access your meeting.

Can AI tools differentiate between multiple speakers during a meeting?

Yes, many AI-enabled meeting note-taking tools have the capability to differentiate between multiple speakers. These tools use advanced algorithms and voice recognition technology to identify and label speakers based on their unique speech patterns and vocal characteristics.