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Some of the world’s most innovative AI researchers built Krisp’s technology from the ground up using deep neural networks—and they’re just getting started.

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Wayne B.
quote I want to be professional on a call, not a "working dad." Krisp helps filter out the noise. I can relax knowing that things can be going to hell in a handbasket around me and nobody on the other end of the call notices!
Wayne B., CEO at a small-business organization Read more user reviews

Improve your online meeting experience with Krisp’s audio and video capabilities

mic Noise Cancellation

Remove disruptive noise from both ends of the line Krisp’s AI-powered, bi-directional Noise Cancellation eliminates background noise from your microphone and your speaker. With Krisp toggled “on,” you can rest easy knowing that your voice—and your voice only—is heard clearly.

But Krisp doesn’t stop there. Sounds on the other end of the line are identified and eliminated, so there are no distractions to break your focus during that important meeting.


mic Voice Cancellation

Exclude voices other than the primary speaker With Voice Cancellation—the only technology of its kind—Krisp not only removes background noises but also background voices of anyone other than the owner of the device.

Whether you’re working from home or from the office, voices from another pitch category will be detected and eliminated, reducing distractions caused by outbursts from housemates or loud office chatter.

mic Echo Cancellation

Eliminate distracting room and acoustic echo Krisp’s Echo Cancellation removes the echoes bouncing off of the walls or other hard surfaces in the room you’re taking your call from. So feel free to take your call from anywhere … the office, kitchen, or bathroom... but just don’t forget to wear pants.

Krisp even takes care of that pesky echo problem, which results from an overly-sensitive microphone—or acoustic echo. No matter the room, no matter the echo, Krisp leaves you with crystal clear audio on every call.


virtual backgrounds Virtual Backgrounds

Choose one, use it everywhere With Krisp’s Virtual Backgrounds, you can give your video calls a more professional or branded look by adding one of Krisp’s preloaded images or uploading one of your own.

Because Krisp works across all conferencing apps, you don’t need to set up your background each time you join on a new platform. Choose one background and use it everywhere.

Improve your online communication skills with insights and analytics

mic Talk Time

Monitor real-time call participation Krisp’s Talk Time provides you with real-time insight into your meeting participation by displaying the exact amount of time you speak during a meeting.

Talk Time allows you to monitor your own engagement and provides insight on when to leave room for others to speak. This helps ensure every online meeting is collaborative and inclusive.


mic Meeting Insights

Monitor key historical data points With Krisp’s Meeting Insights, you can monitor personal metrics related to meeting time, participation, and Talk Time ratio.

By analyzing these data points, you can identify opportunities to improve engagement and ensure a healthy level of time spent in meetings.

Call analysis Call Summary

Keep track of your call performance Krisp’s Call Summary provides a quick overview of insights after each call to help you keep track of your meeting effectiveness.

You can uncover meaningful insights such as how long the meeting lasted, how much time you spent speaking, and how much noise Krisp canceled. With Call Summary, you can show up as your most confident self in every meeting knowing Krisp has your back.

Call summary view in Krisp app

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800+ communication tools

Krisp acts as a “smart” layer between your device and any online communication solution to eliminate all background noise with a single click.

Krisp widget

Visual Widget

Gain peace of mind during your online meetings when anxiety-inducing background noise kicks in.

Simply turn to the Visual Widget to see what is being picked up on your mic and for convenient access to key features and insights.

Krisp HD voice

HD Voice

Krisp pairs perfectly with any HD-supported device to maintain crystal clear audio quality at all times—even while eliminating distracting background noise.

Krisp low power

Low Power Mode

Switch to the optional low power mode when you’re running many taxing programs to minimize CPU usage.
By using smaller AI models, you’ll retain comparable benefits of Krisp’s Noise Cancellation with less work from your system.

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Available on Mac or Windows desktop and laptop devices


Supported on any headset, microphone, or speaker


Personal and Team meeting insights

An enterprise-grade app for business users

Getting Krisp approved by your IT and Security teams will be a breeze. We provide essential security and privacy features to protect the integrity of your team’s conversations.

  • Team admin management dashboard
  • Centralized billing and deployment
  • Email, OAuth, and SSO user verification
Privacy & Security
  • GDPR compliant
  • SOC-2 certified
  • Encryption in-transit and at-rest

Krisp is recognized by the most respected industry experts for its cutting edge technology

Gartner cool vendor
Forbes AI 50 2020
Webby awards

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Voice Cancellation Filler Words and Sound Detection
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Noise insights Interruption and Monologue Detection
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Note Taking Sentiment Analysis
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