In today’s fast-paced world, keeping accurate records of meetings is more important than ever. Microsoft Teams has become a cornerstone for collaboration in many organizations, and the ability to transcribe Teams meetings can significantly enhance productivity and ensure no detail is missed. However, while Teams offers transcription capabilities, there are notable limitations that can affect its efficiency and accuracy. In this guide, we’ll explore how to transcribe Microsoft Teams meetings using both Teams’ built-in features and a more reliable, accurate third-party option: Krisp’s AI Meeting Assistant

Transcribing Microsoft Teams Meetings

Transcription in Microsoft Teams meetings serves various use cases, from creating accessible records for those who cannot attend the meeting to serving as a reference for future decision-making and more. There are primarily two ways to transcribe a Teams meeting: using the built-in transcription feature of Microsoft Teams or opting for a third-party solution like Krisp, known for its accuracy and additional features, which has undergone rigorous speech recognition testing to ensure its high level of accuracy.

Before we delve into the specifics of each method, let’s briefly compare the transcription features offered by Microsoft Teams and Krisp:

Feature Microsoft Teams Krisp
Price Requires Microsoft 365 subscription Free
Accuracy Good, but can vary depending on audio quality and accents Excellent, with AI technology that adapts to accents and noise
Works with Any App Limited to Microsoft Teams Desktop Version Yes, compatible with any video conferencing app
Additional Features Basic; Speaker identification, real-time transcription Generating summaries, action items, noise cancellation, recording, and more

How to Transcribe Microsoft Teams Meetings on Teams?

If you are using the Microsoft 365 subscription, you can easily transcribe your Teams meetings. Fortunately, just like using other the best meeting apps, using Microsoft Teams transcription service is pretty straightforward. 

Enable Transcription for Microsoft Teams

Ensure the transcription feature is enabled in your Teams settings, which you can turn on in your organization’s Teams Admin panel. Follow these steps:

  1. Before the meeting, go to your Teams meeting “More Options” section.
  2. Choose “Record and transcribe”, and click the “Start transcription” button.
  3. Attendees will be notified that transcription has started, and they can choose to view the transcript in real-time.

how to transcribe teams meetings

View and Save Transcripts in Microsoft Teams

Once the meeting is over, the transcript is automatically saved in the meeting chat for all participants to view. To access the transcript:

  1. Go to the meeting chat or details.
  2. Click on the transcript file to open it.
  3. You can download or share the transcript as needed.

While it is pretty straightforward to transcribe meetings on Teams, it is important to actively listen and take meeting notes, especially on important discussions, decisions, and action items. Doing so supplements the transcription, allowing you to add context to the final text.

If you’re wondering how to take meeting notes in Teams effectively, remember to utilize the built-in note-taking features alongside the transcription for comprehensive meeting records.

Drawbacks of Transcribing Meetings on Microsoft Teams

While the built-in transcription feature of Microsoft Teams is convenient, it has its limitations:

  • Accuracy may vary, especially in noisy environments or with complex terminologies.
  • Transcription is available for specific Microsoft 365 licenses, potentially excluding some users.
  • Limited features for post-meeting editing and summarization.
  • Does not offer advanced features like generating summaries and action items.

Transcribing Teams Meetings with Krisp

Krisp’s AI Meeting Assistant stands out as a superior choice for transcribing Microsoft Teams meetings, thanks to its cutting-edge AI technology. It not only offers high accuracy in transcription but also provides additional features that enhance meeting productivity. Here’s why and how to use Krisp for your Teams meetings.

Benefits of Using Krisp’s Transcription Feature

  • Free Unlimited Transcriptions: Krisp offers free unlimited transcriptions, presenting a significant advantage over Microsoft Teams, which requires a subscription and admin approval for transcription features. This makes Krisp an accessible and budget-friendly option for individuals and organizations alike, ensuring that everyone has the tools they need for effective communication without additional financial burdens.
  • High Accuracy: Krisp’s AI technology ensures highly accurate transcriptions, effectively handling various accents and minimizing background noise interference.
  • Compatibility Across Apps: Unlike the built-in Teams transcription, Krisp works seamlessly across any app, including Microsoft Teams, offering flexibility for users who utilize multiple platforms for meetings.
  • Rich Additional Features: Beyond merely transcribing, Krisp offers value-added features including noise cancellation, call recording, and the generation of automated summaries and action items from your transcriptions through its AI note-taker.
  • Extensive Post-meeting Editing: Krisp allows for detailed post-meeting transcript editing, enabling users to refine and customize the text for accuracy and clarity.

Using Krisp with Microsoft Teams is straightforward:

  1. Installation and Setup: First, install Krisp and set it up with Microsoft Teams. This might require adjusting settings in both Krisp and Teams to ensure they work together smoothly.
  2. Running a Meeting: When you start a Teams meeting, select Krisp as your audio input and output source to ensure that Krisp’s Note Taker feature is enabled.
    Ms Teams with Krisp
  3. Accessing Transcriptions: After the meeting, Krisp provides the transcript, which can be edited, shared, or saved directly from the Krisp dashboard. This process ensures that even if you switch between different conferencing apps, your transcription needs are consistently met with high quality.

Krisp’s transcription service is not just about creating a text record of your meetings; it’s about enhancing accessibility, efficiency, and productivity by leveraging AI to do the heavy lifting.

With Krisp’s AI meeting assistant transcription notes, users can effortlessly access and review important meeting discussions, facilitating seamless collaboration and informed decision-making within their teams.

Final Thoughts

Transcribing Microsoft Teams meetings is essential for maintaining accurate records, enhancing accessibility, and ensuring that no critical information is lost. While Teams provides a built-in solution, its limitations in accuracy, flexibility, and additional features might not meet everyone’s needs. Krisp’s AI Meeting Assistant offers a compelling alternative, with superior accuracy, compatibility across different apps, and valuable additional features like noise cancellation and post-meeting editing capabilities.

Choosing the right transcription tool depends on your specific needs, including the types of meetings you conduct, the level of accuracy required, and the importance of additional features like action item generation. By comparing the capabilities of Microsoft Teams and Krisp, you can make an informed decision that best supports your meeting productivity and record-keeping requirements.



Frequently Asked Questions

Can I transcribe a Microsoft Teams meeting?
Yes, you can use either Microsoft Teams’ built-in transcription feature or third-party tools like Krisp for more accurate and flexible transcription.
How to enable transcription in Teams?
To enable transcription in Teams, start a meeting, click on “More options” (three dots), choose “Record and Transcribe”, then select “Start transcription.” Ensure you have the necessary permissions and subscription.
How to download transcription from Teams?
After the meeting, access the transcript from the meeting chat or details and download it directly.
Can I transcribe a Teams meeting without recording?
Yes, transcribing a Teams meeting does not require you to record it, as you can easily activate real-time captioning. Moreover, using a tool like Krisp for meeting transcriptions does not require you to record them.
Can I edit the transcriptions of Teams meetings?
Yes, you can edit the transcription of Teams meetings. Head over to the chat section and click the edit button to alter the transcription. You can also make these adjustments using a third-party tool like Krisp.