In today’s connected world, where web browsers serve as gateways to an assortment of online experiences, ensuring a seamless and productive user experience is paramount. One crucial aspect often overlooked in browser-based communication applications is voice quality, especially in scenarios where clarity of communication is essential. 


Diverse Applications of Noise Cancellation on the Web

From virtual meetings and online classes to contact center operations, the demand for clear audio communications has become ever more important, making AI Voice processing with noise and background voice cancellation an expected and highly sought-after feature. While standalone applications have provided this functionality, integrating this directly into browser-based applications has proven to be a challenge.

The need for noise and background voice cancellation extends beyond conventional communication platforms. In Telehealth, for instance, where accurate communication is vital for call-based diagnosis and consultation, background noise and voices can hinder effective communication.  Another interesting example is insurance companies, taking calls from their customers from the place of an incident. Eliminating background noise ensures that critical information is accurately conveyed, leading to smoother claims processing and customer satisfaction. These, and many other use cases, often involve one-click web sessions for the calls. 


Overcoming Challenges for Mobile Browser Integration

The growing demand for quality communications in browser-based applications extends to both desktop and mobile devices. Up until recently, achieving compatibility with mobile devices, particularly with iOS Safari, posed significant difficulties. Limitations within Apple’s WebKit framework and the inherently CPU-intensive nature of JavaScript solutions hindered bringing the power of Krisp’s technologies to mobile browser applications.

The introduction of Single Instruction, Multiple Data (SIMD) support marked a significant opening for Krisp to deliver its market-leading technology into Safari specifically, and mobile browsers generally. SIMD enables parallel processing of data, significantly boosting performance and efficiency, particularly on mobile devices with limited computational resources.

By leveraging SIMD, the Krisp JS SDK has achieved low levels of CPU efficiency, making its market-leading noise cancellation available for users on mobile browser applications. This breakthrough not only enhances the user experience but also opens up new possibilities for web-based applications across various industries.

As Krisp’s technologies continue to evolve and extend into new territories, the ability to make AI Voice features available for all users across desktop and mobile browser-based applications is fundamental and allows users to have seamless access to the best voice processing technologies in the market.


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