In the energetic environment of a contact center, maintaining clear and focused communications with customers is critical, and foundational. Agents often face the challenge of background noise and overlapping voices, which not only distract customers but can also lead to inadvertent disclosure of sensitive information. Traditional headsets and hardware solutions fall short in addressing these issues effectively. Krisp’s Background Voice Cancellation (BVC) is a game-changer for contact center operations, materially improving AHT, CSAT and ESAT.

What is Krisp Background Voice Cancellation?

Krisp BVC is an advanced AI noise-canceling technology that eliminates all background noises and other competing voices nearby, including the voices of other agents. This breakthrough technology is enabled as soon as an agent plugs in their headsets, without requiring individual voice enrollment or training. This innovative solution integrates smoothly with both native applications and browser-based calling applications via WebAssembly JavaScript (WASM JS), ensuring high performance and efficiency.

Why Choose Krisp BVC for Your Contact Center?

1. Enhanced Customer Experience

Customers often struggle with understanding agents when there’s background chatter, leading to frustration and reduced satisfaction. By using Krisp BVC, all extraneous voices and noises are filtered out, allowing customers to focus solely on the agent they are speaking with. This ensures a smooth and professional interaction every time, which directly contributes to higher CSAT scores.

2. Privacy and Confidentiality

In a contact center, the risk of customers overhearing personal information from other calls is a significant concern, especially for financial and healthcare customers. Krisp BVC addresses this by completely isolating the agent’s voice from the background, ensuring that sensitive information remains confidential.

3. Hardware Independence

While headsets and other hardware solutions provide some noise reduction, they do not eliminate background voices. Krisp BVC works independently of hardware, offering superior noise and background voice cancellation without the need for additional devices or complicated setups.

4. Plug-and-Play Functionality

Once the agent’s headset is plugged in, Krisp BVC is activated automatically. There’s no need for agents to enroll their voice or go through any training process, making it an effortless solution that saves time and resources.

5. Versatility Across Platforms

Krisp BVC is uniquely available for both native applications and browser-based calling applications through WASM JS. This means it can be integrated effortlessly into various platforms, ensuring consistent performance and reliability.

6. Efficient Performance

Krisp BVC is designed to run efficiently in the browser, making it an ideal solution for Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) platforms. Its high-performance capabilities ensure minimal latency and a smooth user experience.

7. Improved CSAT Metrics

With the enhanced clarity of communication provided by Krisp BVC, customers are more likely to have positive interactions with agents. This leads to increased satisfaction, as reflected in improved CSAT metrics reported to us by a number of customers. Clear and effective communication is crucial in resolving issues promptly and accurately, which in turn boosts customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Integration Made Easy

Integrating Krisp BVC into your contact center application is straightforward. Here’s a sample code snippet to demonstrate how simple it is to get started:

Visualizing the Difference

The graphical representation above illustrates the clarity and focus achieved by using Krisp BVC. Notice how the agent’s speech is clear and distinct, free from background distractions.

Hear the Difference

Experience the transformative power of Krisp BVC with this audio comparison:

Without BVC – Competing Agent Voices


With BVC – Clear communication



Integrating Krisp BVC into your contact center solutions can significantly enhance the quality of interactions and customer satisfaction. Its ease of integration, combined with superior performance and versatility, makes Krisp BVC a must-have feature for modern contact centers. Upgrade your communication systems today with Krisp Background Voice Cancellation and experience the difference it makes, including improved CSAT metrics.

Ready to get started? Visit Krisp’s Developer Portal for more information and comprehensive integration guides.