Enhanced Noise Cancellation boosts agent productivity and elevates customer experience with embedded AI for Vonage Contact Center


BERKELEY, CALIF., (March 26 2024) Vonage, a global leader in cloud communications helping businesses accelerate their digital transformation and a part of Ericsson, has announced the addition of Vonage Enhanced Noise Cancellation to Vonage Contact Center (VCC). This noise and echo cancellation feature uses Krisp’s machine learning technology to eliminate disruptive background noises and voices, boosting agent productivity, reducing average handle time, and improving the overall customer experience.


Through Krisp’s proprietary Voice AI technology, Vonage Enhanced Noise Cancellation is one of the only offerings on the market with noise cancellation fully embedded and available out of the box, eliminating the need for onsite developers or IT departments to manually integrate the technology. Users simply click to add the noise canceling feature in the VCC dashboard. Unique to this feature is its ability to cancel noise and voices around agents and any inbound noise behind the caller, providing an exceptionally clear connection, and a better experience for all.


In addition to eliminating local and remote audio quality issues – including removal of background voices, fan sounds, pet sounds, acoustic echo, and more – Vonage Enhanced Noise Cancellation enables better recordings, and more accurately captures call data to deliver superior analytics by extracting more meaningful insights, such as customer behavior and agent performance. This drives improved efficiency and customer support and overall better communication on the leading method of connecting agents and customers.


“The ongoing prevalence of voice in a world where consumers are connecting with businesses and their favorite brands from literally anywhere has driven a considerable demand for clear, concise and noise-free, two-way connections,” said Mary Wardley, VP, Customer Service and Contact Center for IDC. “Vonage’s introduction of Enhanced Noise Cancellation provides an immediate and effective way to improve customer experiences that drive engagement while also providing better recordings and analytics to help businesses resolve issues faster and gain better insights that drive data-driven decisions.”

“Audio quality is often a concern when it comes to a busy contact center environment, and the addition of inbound noise from a caller can make the experience a challenging one,” said Savinay Berry, EVP Product and Engineering for Vonage. “By embedding the technology to ensure optimal audio quality from within the Vonage Contact Center, agents are more productive and more efficient while providing a better experience for customers. This seamless experience helps drive the kind of personal and meaningful engagement that leads to long-lasting customer relationships.”


“Customer communications with contact centers should only be focused on solving issues and extending services, and agents should not have concern or angst about the noises and other voices around them,” said Robert Schoenfield, EVP of Licensing and Partnerships at Krisp. “Krisp’s Voice AI technology, integrated seamlessly within Vonage Contact Center, delivers on the promise of clear communications for agents and customers on every call, no matter the environment on either side of the call.”


Vonage customer Champion Power Equipment, a global market leader in power generation equipment, relies on Vonage Enhanced Noise Cancellation to help its agents diagnose and triage inbound callers seeking service on equipment.


“At Champion Power Equipment, the Vonage Contact Center has been a game-changer in our customer support journey. The Enhanced Noise Cancellation feature’s remarkable effectiveness in minimizing background noise has transformed the way our agents handle inbound calls, leading to quicker resolution and heightened customer satisfaction,” said Pedram Koukia, Customer Service Supervisor for Champion Power Equipment, Inc.


Koukia continued, “With a notable 20 percent decrease in call abandonment rates and a remarkable 25 percent increase in first-call issue resolution, Vonage has become an indispensable asset in our commitment to delivering seamless service and maintaining our reputation as a global leader in power generation equipment.”


Lowell Five Savings Bank, a Boston area savings and financial institution for more than 165 years, has employed Enhanced Noise Cancellation to its Vonage Contact Center solution, which serves its in-office agents: “Most of our agents are in-house and noise is a frequent challenge, not only for the productivity of our agents but in enabling them to deliver a personal and private experience for our clients. With Vonage Enhanced Noise Cancellation, that is no longer an issue,” said the Contact Center Manager for Lowell Five Savings Bank. “Our agents are empowered with the tools they need to provide every client with the kind of one-on-one engagement that makes them feel comfortable and heard and that ultimately drives loyalty and repeat business.”


Vonage Enhanced Noise Cancellation is currently in beta and will be Generally Available in April 2024. To date, more than 100,000 calls into VCC and a total of 350,000 minutes have been completed by Vonage customers using Vonage Enhanced Noise Cancellation. A demo of this new feature will be available in the Vonage Booth #818 at Enterprise Connect March 25 – 28, 2023, at the Gaylord Palms Convention Center in Orlando, Florida.


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