An AI meeting note taker transforms meeting management by transcribing, summarizing, and analyzing discussions in real-time.


These tools save you from the hassle of manually taking notes, allowing you to focus entirely on meeting discussions.

Therefore, in this article, let’s discuss why such tools are actually worth using and what the five best AI meeting note taker tools are. Let’s dive in! 


Why You Should Use an AI Meeting Note Taker 


It’s worth mentioning that note-taking has evolved significantly from traditional pen and paper.


Initially, digital tools offered basic typing features. Apps like Evernote and OneNote introduced better organization and search capabilities. 


Note Taking is Automated 

Nowadays, automatic meeting note software uses machine learning and real-time data. The latter enables such tools to transcribe meetings simultaneously when the meeting takes place. 


The best AI meeting note taker software can transcribe audio, capture slides, generate summaries, and much more. These features ensure thorough documentation, allowing you to focus more on content and participation rather than manual note-taking.


An auto note taker ensures accuracy by preventing crucial points from being forgotten. 


An Auto Note Taker Is Easy to Use


Today’s many meeting note software programs can integrate with calendars, conferencing platforms, and project management tools. They can seamlessly organize notes and action items. Such an integration means fewer manual updates and more time focusing on critical tasks.


Automatic Note Takers Improve Over Time


An AI meeting note taker can be trained and fine-tuned to handle large volumes of data. The latter makes searching past meetings for specific information easy. This capability is critical for complex projects where tracking multiple meetings is necessary.


Finally, the best AI meeting note taker tools enhance efficiency, making meetings more organized and focused.

Features To Look For in The Best AI Meeting Note Taker


Top meeting note software tools are designed to simplify your workflow during and after meetings. They can automatically transcribe spoken words into text, generate concise summaries, and identify key action items.


Automatic Transcription

Automatic transcription is a key feature in an AI meeting note taker. It works as an AI note taker from text and converts audio from meetings into written text in real time. The latter captures every word spoken without manual typing. 


Meeting Summarization

Meeting summarization helps you digest lengthy meeting discussions quickly. Instead of going through pages of transcripts, you receive a concise summary. The latter highlights key points, decisions made, and important topics covered, saving time and ensuring everyone stays on the same page.


Action Item Extraction

Action item extraction identifies tasks or follow-ups that arise during meetings, highlighting who is responsible for each task and setting deadlines. This ensures clear responsibilities and better project management. 

5 of The Best AI Meeting Note Taker Tools to Consider

There are many ways to take notes during meetings, but all those manual note taking methods are highly distracting.


manual note taking takes ages and is distracting

What if you could take excellent meeting notes without losing focus? In this section, let’s explore five of the best AI meeting note taker tools to help you maximize your meetings and improve productivity.


1. Krisp


Krisp presents a sophisticated AI Meeting Assistant. It’s considered one of the best AI meeting note taker tools due to its comprehensive suite of functionalities harbored within one system. It involves automated transcription, an automatic note taker, and easy sharing features, making your note-taking process seamless.


Krisp transcript


Krisp not only provides raw transcripts but also generates summaries tailored to your needs. Whether you need essential takeaways or detailed meeting highlights, Krisp has you covered. This capability is perfect for board meetings and other professional settings.


What Makes Krisp Different From Other Note-Taking Methods?


Krisp’s AI meeting note taker stands out among other AI-powered tools thanks to its advanced technology. Here’s why Krisp is the best choice:


Exceptionally Precise Transcriptions


Krisp’s advanced AI ensures precise transcriptions, making meeting notes clear and easy to understand. Transcribing happens during the meeting, so note-taking can be taken to a whole new level. With this feature, you can record audio or video and have it transcribed in real-time. This is perfect for meetings or interviews where you need an accurate record of what was said.


transcribing interviews in real time


Summary Generation


Krisp doesn’t just take notes—it generates advanced meeting summaries. You can customize your summaries to include only takeaways and action items, or ask for more comprehensive highlights.


Simplified Recordings And Playback


Easily capture and store your meetings from any app in one central place. With Krisp’s AI meeting note taker, you get synchronized playback for your recorded meetings with AI-generated transcriptions. This way, you never miss a tiny detail from your meeting.

Enjoy the flexibility to join meetings with or without a bot. Whether you’re using the AI note taker for Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or any other tool, Krisp provides accurate transcriptions and easy access to your meeting notes.


Ease of Sharing 


Share your meeting notes with teammates or stakeholders effortlessly.


Krisp’s meeting note software helps you distribute important information effectively, fostering teamwork and comprehension.



2. Confluence

Confluence is a versatile automatic note taker designed to enhance team collaboration and documentation.


Integration With Multiple Platforms


Confluence seamlessly integrates with a variety of applications, including Jira, Slack, Google Drive, and Microsoft 365. This makes it easy to centralize all your meeting notes and project documents in one accessible place, enhancing team coordination and reducing information silos.


Dynamic Documentation


With Confluence as your AI meeting note taker, you can create dynamic documents that support text, images, code snippets, and design files. This flexibility allows teams to compile detailed notes and insights from their meetings efficiently. The platform also offers real-time editing and inline comments, facilitating asynchronous collaboration and ensuring everyone stays updated regardless of their location.


3. is one of the best AI meeting note taker tools that guarantees timely and accurate meeting notes. 


Real-Time Transcription


One of the standout features of is its ability to transcribe meetings in real-time. As the meeting progresses, captures every word spoken, transforming spoken dialogue into accurate text. This feature is particularly useful for busy professionals who need to focus on the discussion rather than on taking notes.


Highlighting Key Points doesn’t just transcribe meetings; it also highlights key points and action items. This ensures that crucial decisions and tasks are not overlooked. By automatically identifying and highlighting important segments of the conversation, helps teams stay organized. 


Simplified Recording of Action Items And Decisions


Its AI meeting note taker captures the essence of the meeting, making it easy to review what was discussed and decided. This is particularly beneficial for project management and team collaboration, where clear documentation of decisions and action items is critical.


4. ClickUp

ClickUp is an adaptable auto note taker that integrates seamlessly with many other tools and platforms.


Real-Time Collaboration


One of ClickUp’s standout features is its real-time collaboration capabilities. With ClickUp, multiple users can work on the same note simultaneously, making it ideal for team projects or brainstorming sessions. Real-time collaboration ensures that everyone is on the same page, no matter where they are located.


Efficient Note Management


ClickUp offers a range of features to help you manage your notes efficiently. You can organize your notes into folders, tag them for easy searching, and even set reminders for important notes.



A key feature of as an AI meeting note taker is its ability to transcribe in real-time.


Real-Time Transcription


It accurately transcribes interviews, meetings, and lectures, providing a written record of conversations as they happen. This feature is invaluable for ensuring that important information is captured accurately and comprehensively.


Integration With Zoom seamlessly integrates with Zoom, one of the most popular video conferencing platforms. This integration allows users to use as their AI note-taker during Zoom meetings, enhancing productivity and ensuring all meeting content is captured and recorded.


Real-Time Data continuously improves its transcription accuracy and functionality based on real-time data and user feedback. This commitment to constant improvement ensures that this AI meeting note taker remains a top choice for professionals seeking an efficient and reliable note-taking solution.


Choosing the Best AI Note Taker for Zoom

When selecting an AI note taker for Zoom, focus on compatibility and user-friendliness for a seamless experience.

Compatibility With Zoom

The best AI note taker for Zoom integrates well with the platform, automatically joining meetings without extra setup. Look for features like real-time transcription and searchable transcripts. A good integration ensures accuracy and minimizes disruptions.


Ease of Setup And Use

Setting up an AI meeting note taker is straightforward. Select a meeting note software compatible with your tools, install the extension or app, and link it to Zoom. Customize settings for language, sound, style, and note format. Integrate the tool with calendars for automatic note-taking without manual input.


Post-Meeting Note Distribution

Choose an auto note taker that is simple to use, even for non-tech-savvy users. The features of the best AI meeting note takers include easy search functions, automated summaries, and action item identification. Simple interfaces and intuitive navigation allow you to focus on the meeting rather than managing the tool.

Distributing AI-generated notes from a centralized system is crucial for easy access. Pick a tool that enables that. 



Final Words

In conclusion, automatic note taker tools have revolutionized the way we manage meetings by automating note-taking processes and enhancing productivity. Among the best AI meeting note taker tools are Krisp, Confluence,, ClickUp, and Each of these tools offers unique features that cater to different needs, such as exceptionally precise transcriptions, integration with multiple platforms, real-time transcription, and seamless collaboration.


When choosing the best AI note taker for Zoom, consider factors such as compatibility, ease of setup and use, and post-meeting note distribution. By leveraging these AI tools, you can streamline your meeting management process and improve overall efficiency.


Frequently Asked Questions


What are the advantages of using an AI note-taker for in-person meetings?
Using an AI note-taker for in-person meetings reduces the need for manual note-taking, allowing you to focus on the discussion. These tools can accurately transcribe conversations and highlight key points, streamlining the entire note-taking process.
How does AI note-taking technology ensure privacy and security?
AI note-taking tools often include features like encryption and secure data storage. They follow industry standards to protect your sensitive information during transcription and storage, ensuring that your data remains confidential.
How do AI meeting note-takers differ from general voice recognition software?
Dedicated AI meeting note-takers are designed specifically to capture and summarize meeting content. They offer specialized features like action item tracking, keyword extraction, and integration with collaboration tools. General voice recognition software, on the other hand, typically focuses on basic speech-to-text conversion.