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Krisp Rooms App - AI Noise & Echo
Cancellation for Your
Meeting Room

Too much noise in your conference room during meetings?

Spending money on expensive audio equipment and room isolation?

Can’t hear your colleagues speaking because of room echo?

Muting yourself and other participants all the time?

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Trusted by Professionals From:

Krisp Rooms Solves
2 Biggest Pain Points of the Conference Room:
Background Noise and Room Echo

Noise Cancellation

Krisp Rooms removes background noise during the conference

Room Echo Cancellation

Krisp Rooms removes room echo during the conference

Multi-voice Support

Krisp keeps human voices so you can hear everyone

Works for All Rooms

Krisp Rooms works for conference rooms of any size

Works with the Most Popular Room System Software

Krisp Rooms easily integrates with any room system software such as Zoom Rooms, Microsoft Teams Rooms and more

Easy to Configure

Simply select Krisp as Microphone in your system settings & mute all the noise and room echo with one click

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Krisp Rooms = Less Expensive Room Setup

Get superior room echo & noise cancellation without investing in expensive microphones, sound systems and sound-isolating materia

See Krisp in Action


    for Mac and Windows

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    Available for download
    on Mac and Windows

    What Our Users Say

    guy guy

    Josh Thompson


    most useful tool I've encountered recently: https://krisp.ai
    removes background noise from voice calls. Just stress-tested it on a call with my team in a very loud coffee shop.
    Default mic == horrific
    Krisp input == perfect clarity, zero background noise


    Dan Nolan


    I cannot praise http://krisp.ai enough for making voice/video calls so much easier in a crowded office, the tech is like magic


    Jacob Bednarz


    Can confirm, krisp.ai is magical. does exactly what it says on the tin and Just Works™ out of the box with no configuration other than swapping the audio device in the call tool you're using. it's a must have for anyone who uses any call/conferencing software.


    Alexis Ohanian


    Krisp: Mute the background noise during your calls https://www.producthunt.com/posts/krisp via @ozgrozer


    Dane Cardiel


    This is an amazing tool to reduce background noise while on a call (or conducting an interview). Harry Duran was on a Simplecast webinar recently from the airport and the difference when Krisp was on blew my mind. I definitely recommend.


    Ognjen Vukovic


    Been using it for some time, since it was in beta. Especially cool if you work inb community places, bars or anywhere out of office. I would reccommend it to everyone who has calls during his workday.
    Just wonderfull app in overal. Simple to setup and does the work.
    I am a simple guy - if it works, don't change it.

    Enjoy Noiseless & Echo-free Meetings Right in Your Conference Room

    Make your remote colleagues feel present in the room
    Hear everyone’s voice regardless of noise & echo
    A world-class conference room is at your full disposal :)
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