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Krisp maximizes the productivity of call centers and BPOs with its AI-powered Noise Cancellation, Accent Localization and Call Center Transcription.

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Deployed in world's best call centers

How call centers benefit from Krisp

Elevated CX and loyalty

Clear, productive interactions with AI-powered technology that eliminates communication barriers and delivers next-level customer experiences.

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Easy and cost effective record keeping and QC

Transcribe all calls, regardless of software used by the client. Krisp's Call Center Transcription is very accurate, secure, and seamlessly integrates with all UCaaS and CCaaS platforms.

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Improved agent retention and happiness

Improve the agent experience by eliminating distractions and reducing accent barriers, to streamline customer interactions.

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Effortless and diverse scaling and staffing

Eliminate the need for accent training and expand your global talent pool, without compromising comprehension, with AI Accent Localization.

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Great customer experience starts with clear communication


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Krisp solutions for call centers

AI Noise Cancellation
Noise, voice and echo cancellation

Krisp's noise cancellation enhances call clarity, leading to improved CSAT, reduced AHT, and more satisfied customers by removing background noises and echoes from both ends of the conversation.

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AI Meeting Transcriptions
Unlock real-time insights with Krisp’s accurate transcriptions that are both easy to edit and share.
  • Feature presentation Free unlimited transcriptions
  • Feature presentation Bot-free, non intrusive experience
  • Feature presentation On-device and secure transcriptions
AI Note Taker
Save time and maximize collaboration with automated meeting notes and summaries.
  • Feature presentation AI-generated Meeting Summaries
  • Feature presentation AI-generated Action Items
  • Feature presentation Easily editable and sharable
Meeting Recording
Never miss a detail in your meetings with automatic recordings.
  • Feature presentation Works seamlessly with any voice application
  • Feature presentation Access, download, and share your recordings with ease
  • Feature presentation Secure and private, with recordings stored safely in the cloud
Call Center Transcription
On-device, accurate, and secure

Real-time, on-device transcriptions, ensuring efficient and secure documentation of all the customer interactions. Facilitates easy monitoring and QC, enhancing call quality and operational efficiency.

Call center transcription
AI Accent Localization
Real-time, improved comprehension

Krisp ensures enhanced understanding, leading to better communication between non-native English speaking agents and customers by adjusting the agent's accent in real-time.

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Built with powerful, enterprise-grade security in mind

  • Quick, easy deployment to all computers at once
  • User access and management
  • Centralized billing
  • Email, OAuth, and SSO user verification
Privacy & Security
  • No voice data visible to Krisp servers
  • GDPR compliant
  • SOC-2 certified
  • Encryption in-transit and at-rest

Organizations worldwide love Krisp

How Krisp works

Krisp can be seamlessly integrated into any call center environment, regardless of the CCaaS/UCaaS platform employed, the technical ecosystem in place, or the scale of deployment across devices. This is a quick and effortless integration process that ensures immediate impact.
Donwload and install Krisp
Krisp is compatible with any audio communication tools out-of-box. The central settings and team management empower Admins to seamlessly control the available features from the Admin Portal and tailor those to needs of their call center. Additionally, the Enterprise plan assures a streamlined seat and billing management, allowing the Admins to control the expand the team upon need.
Donwload and install Krisp
Unleash call center productivity
Upon implementing Krisp, agents will instantly benefit from the full suite of features offered in the Enterprise plan, significantly boosting productivity and yield better business outcomes for the call center. The comprehensive Analytics Dashboards enable Admins to constantly oversee team performance metrics and health, gaining valuable insights for continuous improvement.
Donwload and install Krisp
Donwload and install Krisp Donwload and install Krisp Donwload and install Krisp

Case studies

Krisp works with any communication and voice app.

Krisp acts as a “smart” layer between agent’s device and any UCaaS/CCaaS solution to eliminate all background noise and transcribe client calls with a single click.

Krisp works with any app

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