ROI Calculator for Call Centers

Krisp provides positive ROI by enabling customers to reduce costs for expensive headsets and soundproofing, decrease AHT through better voice clarity, and increase CSAT with every interaction.

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CSAT increase
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Frequently asked questions
How does Krisp reduce hardware costs?
Krisp cancels background noises, echo, and human voices, making it unnecessary to invest in expensive noise-reducing audio systems such as headsets, white noise systems, soundproofing office designs, and other solutions. Our customers have reported a 30% reduction in noise-reducing hardware costs after using Krisp. The ROI calculator takes this reduction into account and returns 30% of the hardware and soundproofing costs to the user.
How does Krisp reduce the AHT in call centers?
By filtering out both agent-side and customer-side noises, Krisp ensures clear communication between the two, reducing the need for repeated requests and allowing agents to resolve customer issues more quickly. Any decrease in AHT leads to financial benefits for call centers in two ways: fewer agents can now handle the same amount of calls, or the current number of agents can handle more calls. Our customers have reported a decrease of up to 10% in AHT after using Krisp.
How does Krisp increase the CSAT?
Clear communication between agents and customers leads to faster resolution of customer issues, resulting in a drop in noise complaints and an increase in customer satisfaction. A higher level of customer satisfaction, in its turn, leads to increased customer retention and financial benefits for the company. Krisp customers have reported an 8% increase in CSAT after using our product.
Are the ROI calculator results guaranteed for my business?
The ROI calculator is based on the reports of hundreds of Krisp customers. We cannot guarantee that the exact results obtained from the ROI Calculator will be achieved with Krisp, as the results for individual businesses may vary based on multiple factors. Those include the amount and intensity of noise present in your agents’ and customers’ environments, the office setup, current CSAT score, AHT, and others. Generally, the higher the noise level on both sides of the call, the greater the impact of Krisp.

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