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Krisp Call Center Transcription is a dedicated solution designed to tackle the specific challenges faced by call centers and BPOs in capturing and maintaining call transcriptions. 

Green check markFor BPOs and call centers of all sizes Green check markWorks on-device and assures utmost privacy Green check markPII redaction
AI Noise Cancellation

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How BPOs and call centers benefit from
Call Center Transcription

On-device processing

Krisp’s desktop app processes transcriptions and noise cancellation directly on your device, keeping sensitive info secure and compliant with strict security standards.

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Unmatched privacy

Krisp ensures the utmost privacy by redacting PII and PCI in real-time, storing transcripts in a private cloud owned by customers with write-only access.

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Superior 96% accuracy

Krisp CCT delivers unmatched transcription accuracy with a WER (Word Error Rate) of only 4%

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A single solution across all platforms

By centralizing call transcriptions across all platforms, Krisp CCT optimizes costs and simplifies data management, eliminating the need for multiple transcription services.

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No additional integrations required

Krisp's plug-and-play setup integrates effortlessly with major CCaaS and UCaaS platforms. Requiring no additional configurations, Krisp ensures your operations run smoothly and securely.

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See Call Center Transcription in action

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Use cases enabled by Krisp Call Center Transcription

Enhancing call center efficiency

Boost your BPO’s efficiency by ensuring quality control of customer interactions, enabling targeted training and coaching sessions, refining sales strategies, and improving call center metrics for an enhanced operation.

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Better Compliance and Record-Keeping

Maintain regulatory compliance and adhere to industry standards with Krisp CCT, which provides a searchable record of all customer interactions. This can support your compliance efforts and offer valuable information for dispute resolution.

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Enabling customer intel gathering

Streamline customer research and analysis, identify actionable customer insights, and collect feature requests to better understand and serve your customers.

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Fortifying fraud detection

Identify fraudulent patterns in customer interactions, mitigate data breaches, and enhance fraud prevention strategies to protect your business and customers with Krisp CCT.

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Built with powerful, enterprise-grade security in mind

  • Quick, easy deployment to all computers at once
  • User access and management
  • Centralized billing
  • Email, OAuth, and SSO user verification
Privacy & Security
  • No voice data visible to Krisp servers
  • GDPR compliant
  • SOC-2 certified
  • Encryption in-transit and at-rest

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How Call Center Transcription works

Krisp Call Center Transcription employs noise-robust deep learning algorithms for real-time on-device speech-to-text conversion. The process consists of several stages:

Processes and turns speech into unformatted text.
Adds punctuation, capitalization, and numerical values.
Removes PII/PCI and filler words on-device and in real time.
Assigns text to speakers with timestamps.
Temporarily stores the encrypted transcript locally.
Safely transmits the transcript to a private cloud.
Krisp Call Center Transcription

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