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In our previous entry concerning Webex Meeting Center, we presented a guide which helps new Webex for Mac users navigate through a number of introductory features including:

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    In this guide, we are going to detail the more advanced features Webex for Mac offers those who wish to take advantage of the sleek and smooth pier to pier platform. Your team; no matter the vertical will find use in these intimate features, allowing for fully featured conferences suited towards the needs of multiple verticals.

    How To Use Annotation Tools

    Once a meeting has been scheduled or is in progress the host can give participants access to annotation tools. These features unlock several options which could come into use during a variety of conferences.

    webex annotations

    To show or hide annotation tools, click the Show-Hide option which has a pen next to it. If you are interested in enabling or disabling annotation privileges, click Allow to Annotate with the pencil and right arrow next to it. After clicking, select a participant’s name. You also can click an annotation to turn on/off the feature.

    The following annotation features are available in Webex for Mac:

    How To Share Content

    Users can access options for sharing content during meetings from the ‘Share’ menu. The following options are available to you after clicking on the aforementioned menu.

    How To Use The Recorder

    The Network-Based Recorder available on Webex for Mac allows users to capture screen activity along with audio on a Webex Meeting Center recording server.

    webex recorder

    After making the selection the server processes the data recorded, then sends the recording file to your personal recording folder on your Webex service site. Recorded files are saved in Advanced Recording Format (.arf), a proprietary format exclusive to Webex.

    The following steps allow you to access the recorder and save your meeting for future review:

    webex recorder setup

    How To Use Video

    Conference participants can utilize Webex for Mac in order to share their video during the screen if they have a readily available webcam.

    webex participants panel screen

    To begin streaming:

    You can control video settings and switch between multiple cameras on your computer by clicking the Set Video Options icon (gear) beneath the Participants panel.

    How To End Or Leave A Meeting

    leave webex meeting

    While only a host can end a meeting, the process for leaving is identical for attendees to leave the proceedings. Participants can exit the meeting at any time by clicking the File option which will unveil a dropdown menu. Selecting Leave Meeting will allow a participant to leave, while a host choosing End Meeting will end the meeting for everyone.

    We hope this guide is helpful to those who wish to utilize Webex for Mac. Remember, combining Webex with Krisp will provide multiple solutions for your teams’ conference needs.


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