Did you just learn about an important meeting you’ll have with your co-workers? Is the conference going to be with potential clients? Can you close a big deal? Receive a promotion?

Are you nervous?

It’s perfectly normal to feel nerves prior to major life-changing events. When you have to prepare for a remote conference in addition to the anxiety added by the magnitude of agenda, it’s key to approach your preparation with delicate attention to detail.


Knowing how to prepare, what to expect, and how to present yourself will allow you to be calm and confident going into your conference.

Prepare, Prepare, Prepare

Knowing how to prepare, what to expect, and how to present yourself will allow you to be calm and confident going into your conference.

remote conference preparation

Chron provides actionable advice for those who are in a position to set the agenda for their upcoming remote conference.

“If participants know which specific topics are going to be discussed at a meeting, they can research those topics in advance and prepare relevant information and questions to contribute constructively to the meeting,”

Gregory Hamel stated in reference to his suggestion of circulating meeting agendas in advance of a conference.

If your preparation for a remote conference involves you diagraming a proposal, this could help your potential clients have an idea on the direction of your presentation. It also shows a measure of professionalism which will leave a positive impression.

Even if you are not setting the agenda for your meeting, preparation remains beneficial. If an agenda circulates, be sure to review it and research any necessary materials that will help you perform at an optimum level during the conference.

You should not treat the importance of the conference any differently because of the digital component. The vast majority; if not all of the conferences remote workers attend is conducted through modern software.

Also, do not procrastinate regarding your preparation. If possible, finish your research at least two days prior to your conference so you’re not trying to fit everything into the last moment.

Remember, preparation is key.

Check Your Conference Software Prior

Whether the conference is going to be hosted in Zoom, UberConference, WebEx, or another meeting application, test the software prior to the scheduled meeting time. By doing so you can ensure your microphone is working correctly, you are able to stream the video properly, and that you have familiarity with the various features the program offers.

While potential software problems are unlikely to ruin a potential deal, they could cause you unnecessary anxiety which could influence how well you perform.

Of note, all conferencing applications can be teamed with Krisp, a noise cancellation solution which mutes background noise during calls. The software is easy to use, free to download, and will ensure your meetings go without avoidable distraction.

It’s always better to lean towards the safe side.

Practice Self Care Prior To The Conference

Treating yourself well should always be a primary goal. It is even more important before an important meeting. Being in a healthy state of body and mind will keep your thoughts from being flooded with negative and unnecessary angst.

drink water before remote conference

Conscious Company Media provides further details, “An important meeting can produce stress-induced anxiety for days or even weeks in advance.

When we are in an active state of stress, the part of the brain that reacts to danger is activated and the part that helps us rationalize is suppressed,” Lauren Wessinger begins.

“The part of the brain responsible for memory is also greatly suppressed. All of this means that while we may be able to exert high levels of physical strength for a very short period of time, we also experience brain fog, fatigue, lower concentration, and an inability to communicate clearly.”

She would go on to encourage readers to stay hydrated before and during the meeting. Drinking water will fight off bouts of lightheadedness and loss of concentration.

Taking time to exhale, relax, and taking in your environment will help you feel whole before the meeting. The more at ease you feel, the less stressful the conference will feel.

Outline Talking Points

Creating and reviewing talking points while you prepare for a remote conference is a sound strategy. It would be a mistake to script your every word, however having a general idea will play to your favor.

plan before conference call

It’s likely multiple questions, and conversation threads will arise throughout the conference. If you come prepared to speak with authority in multiple avenues the meeting should go smoothly.

You can also create talking points to help you direct a conversation in a direction favorable to your point of view. Being able to do so effectively could directly lead to you closing out the deal or receiving the promotion you were looking for.

If Necessary, Prepare Digital Aids

Amber Tiffany of GoToMeeting provided the following actionable advice in relation to creating visual aids for your remote conference.

Use document sharing tools to make visual aids part of the meeting to capture visual learners. Create bullet point notes for reading and writing learners and share them in the same way.

Help auditory learners more by asking them to comment on points so they can recite what they’re hearing. And if you have some kinesthetic learners in your midst, consider “how to” segments when they fit the bill.

It will be extremely helpful to make your presentation as visual as possible. Even if you weren’t initially tasked with leading the proceedings, preparing such material could go a long way in displaying your professional acumen.

This is especially important for remote workers as they will perform their work from the comfort of their homes, favorite cafe, park bench, library, or wherever else they enjoy being productive. By taking this extra step while you prepare for your remote conference it will help your clients feel confident with you as a worker.

These tips will help you prepare for an important remote conference that could elevate your career.