Transcribing audio and video files manually is a time-consuming endeavor. Fortunately, advancements in AI have given rise to free transcription software that can easily convert recordings into text or transcribe instantly. This guide explores the top seven free AI transcription solutions available.


These software picks highlighted here cater to diverse needs, whether transcribing lectures, meetings, interviews, or podcasts. But first, let’s sum up what free transcription is and what to look for in the best software.

How Does Free Transcription Work?

The short answer to this question is that it’s a transcription practice carried out by software that completes AI transcription free of charge. In other words, such software works in sync with artificial intelligence and automatically transcribes whatever you need for you. Here, manual labor is minimized, saving time and other valuable resources.


The innovative technology of free AI transcription software attests to several factors in creating an accurate AI transcription. It uses speech recognition, natural language processing (NLP), and machine learning models to transcribe spoken words.


The core process involves the AI software listening to the audio, identifying individual sounds and words, and analyzing language structure and context. Then, it generates a textual transcript. As the AI models are trained on vast datasets of audio and text, they can handle accents, dialects, and background noise. Meanwhile, they continuously improve accuracy over time, making them great for free transcription and transcription practice.


The Best Free AI Transcription Tools to Consider

After discussing all that free transcription software stands for, let’s analyze the tools themselves.

1. Krisp


Best for: overall, the best free AI transcription software for virtual meetings. 


An innovative solution for anyone looking to transcribe meetings, interviews, or any audio with background noise, Krisp offers unparalleled accuracy. It’s not just free transcription software but an all-in-one AI Meeting Assistant that maximizes meeting productivity. Once connected, Krisp’s AI Meeting Assistant transcribes interviews in real-time, allowing you to focus on the conversation itself.


With Krisp, you can also generate concise, AI-powered summaries highlighting key discussion points and action items from interviews.


Overall, Krisp enables free transcription through automation, real-time access, cross-platform integration, AI-powered summaries, and noise-cancellation capabilities.


Key Features

  • Automatic, accurate AI transcriptions,


  • Noise cancellation,


  • AI meeting notes and action items,


  • Custom vocabulary,


  • Audio recording and video recording via Zoom,


  • Easy integration with popular communication platforms.


Pros Cons
High transcription accuracy Transcription supports only English
Excellent noise-canceling feature
User-friendly interface





Best for real-time transcription for meetings and lectures. excels in real-time transcription, making it ideal for students, educators, and professionals who require live notes.


Key Features

  • Live transcription,


  • Integration with Zoom for direct meeting transcripts,


  • Easy sharing and collaboration on transcripts.


Pros Cons
Accurate real-time transcription The free version has a monthly minute limit
Useful collaboration tools
Can identify and label speakers

3. Sonix transcription

Best for multilingual transcription needs.


Sonix supports a wide range of languages and dialects, making it perfect for international businesses and researchers working with global teams.


Key Features

  • Support for multiple languages,


  • Automated and manual editing tools,


  • Timestamped transcripts.


Pros Cons
Wide language support Limited free trial period
High accuracy with clear audio
Easy-to-use interface

4. Rev

rev ai transcription

Best for: a hybrid model of AI and human transcription.


Rev offers the best of both worlds with its AI-powered service complemented by human transcriptionists to ensure near-perfect accuracy.


Key Features

  • AI and human transcription services,


  • Quick turnaround time,


  • Captioning and foreign subtitles.


Pros Cons
High accuracy Free trial but paid for continued use
Fast delivery of transcripts
Integration with popular platforms

5. Trint

trint ai trancription

Best for journalists and content creators.


Trint is tailored for media professionals, offering powerful editing and collaboration tools alongside its transcription service.


Key Features

  • Automated verbatim transcription,


  • Collaboration tools for teams,


  • Integration with Adobe Premiere.


Pros Cons
High accuracy Limited free trial before subscription
Advanced editing tools
Direct export to content management systems

6. Temi

temi free ai transcription

Best for quick, automated transcriptions.


Temi is great for those in need of fast, automated transcriptions with no frills. It’s best used for clear, single-speaker recordings.


Key Features

  • Fast transcription turnaround,


  • Simple, easy-to-use interface,


  • Affordable pricing for additional minutes.
Pros Cons
Fast and affordable Best for clear audio and single speakers only
Mobile app available

7. Happy Scribe

happyscribe free ai transcription

Best for academic and professional research.


Happy Scribe offers high accuracy and is particularly useful for academic researchers or professionals who require detailed, accurate transcripts for their work.


Key Features

  • High accuracy, even in technical fields,


  • Support for over 60 languages,


  • Interactive editor for easy corrections.


Pros Cons
Supports many languages and accents Free trial, then pay-as-you-go
Good for technical and academic use
Easy to use

What to Look For in Free Transcription Software

When evaluating free AI transcription programs, there are several key factors to consider:



Prioritize software that delivers precise transcriptions across different audio qualities, accents, and contexts relevant to your use case, such as interview transcription.


Feature Set

Seek out tools that complete AI transcription free of charge and offer capabilities beyond basic transcribing, such as noise canceling and note-taking, speaker identification, timecoding, file format support, and integration with productivity apps.


User Experience

Opt for an intuitive free transcribing software interface with clear audio/video import, easy navigation, and quick export/sharing of transcripts.



Assess if the free transcription software can handle your typical audio/video duration and volume without sacrificing speed or taxing system resources.



Summing Up

There you have it—the top free AI transcription programs to revolutionize your audio and video workflows in 2024. Thanks to these innovative tools, the transcriptions have never been easier or more accessible.


Whether you need accurate AI transcription for lecture notes, a way to document meetings professionally, or as a student for research analysis, these free transcription solutions have you covered.


So why not try one of these free transcription software options for your transcription practice? Save countless hours of manual transcribing and let the AI do the heavy lifting. Your productivity will thank you. With free transcription programs that are powerful, there’s no excuse not to elevate your transcription game.


Frequently Asked Questions 

What's the best free transcription app?
Krisp is highly regarded for its quality transcriptions and noise-cancelling capabilities, making it the best option for most transcription needs.

How good is AI transcription?
AI transcription has significantly improved, offering high accuracy, especially with clear audio. However, the presence of background noise and multiple speakers can affect performance. Tools like Krisp are designed to mitigate these challenges.

Is Riverside AI free?
Riverside offers a free trial, but for continuous access to all its features, including AI transcription, a paid subscription is required.