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With Krisp, your team will have more productive and engaging online meetings—without all the distractions.

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When it comes to building strong teams, clear communication is the secret sauce

Boost team confidence

Give your team the added peace of mind—and a boost of self-confidence—during online meetings by eliminating disruptive background noises that get in the way of communicating clearly.

Run effective meetings

With background noise now a distant memory, your teams can run smooth and effective meetings that drive higher levels of engagement, collaboration, and productivity.

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Improve your Meeting Experience

mic Noise Cancellation

Say goodbye to annoying and disruptive noises Gone are the days of asking teammates to mute themselves during meetings. Krisp ensures that only your voice comes through clearly—free from disruptive background noises—and also blocks anything but other human voices from the other end of the line, too.


mic Voice Cancellation

Distracting background chatter is history With Voice Cancellation—the only technology of its kind—Krisp not only removes background noises but also background voices of anyone other than the owner of the device.

mic Echo Cancellation

Who doesn’t want crystal clear audio when you work? Is your home office setup less than ideal, acoustically-speaking? Krisp can remove the echoes bouncing off of the walls in an empty room as well as those resulting from your own voice or a really sensitive mic.


mic Talk Time

View your team’s call participation in real time Krisp’s Talk Time displays the exact amount of time you speak during a meeting, allowing you to monitor your own engagement and providing insight on when to leave room for others to speak. This helps ensure every online meeting is collaborative and inclusive.

Call analysis Call Summary

Keep track of your call performance Krisp’s Call Summary provides a quick overview of insights after each call to help you keep track of your meeting effectiveness.

You can uncover meaningful insights such as how long the meeting lasted, how much time you spent speaking, and how much noise Krisp canceled. With Call Summary, you can show up as your most confident self in every meeting knowing Krisp has your back.

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Enjoy big benefits no matter which conferencing app your team uses

Krisp seamlessly integrates with every conferencing app you already use for online meetings to block noise and other distractions standing in the way of your team’s conversations.

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