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Your team is having a tough time during remote meetings?

Team remote meetings are noisy and unproductive?

Constant muting/unmuting is distracting?

Noise-cancelling headphones don’t really help with background noise?

Dog barks and child screams are interrupting the calls?

Krisp boosts productivity and confidence during remote meetings by removing background noise


Removes any background noise

Krisp mutes any type of background noises like dog barks, kids screaming, street noise, keyboard clicks and more


Easy setup

Install and simply select Krisp as your microphone and speaker to mute the noise


Krisp works wherever you are

Zoom, Meet, Uberconference and 800 more. Just pair Krisp with any conferencing app your team uses for meetings


Use with any headset, microphone & speaker

Krisp works for every team member regardless of what audio equipment they use

Try Free for 30 days

Krisp is a desktop app that works with your conferencing app

Built with AI

Behind a simple UI is an AI-powered technology that enables background noise removal.
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Cross Platform





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for Mac and Windows

Available for download
only on Mac and Windows

Don’t take our word for it

Maximum Privacy

Krisp performs all audio processing locally. Your voice and audio
will never leave the device.

Available for download
only on Mac and Windows

Great teamwork starts with crystal clear communication

Have high-quality noiseless team meetings anywhere
Return your teammates the freedom of joining the meetings from anywhere
Make your remote team feel connected by communicating more and with ease

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