Speak in HD Voice when communicating online

Krisp maintains your mic's HD audio quality during online calls in real time

For Mac and Windows


Having trouble sounding professional with your microphone?

Your voice doesn’t sound clear during calls?

An expensive microphone doesn’t make a difference?

Can’t get rid of rumbling mic noises while recording?

Your voice gets interrupted during a podcast?

Upgrade your microphone with Krisp’s HD Voice


High quality audio

Krisp maintains the HD quality of your microphone when you are communicating online


Pairable with any device with HD support

Krisp can be used with any wired or wireless microphone, speaker and headphones that supports HD audio


Works with any app

Krisp works with any conferencing, messaging, recording app that allows you to change audio devices


Quick & easy setup

Krisp can be installed and activated with just one click

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You can use Krisp to:

Sound professional in important online meetings

Record high quality podcasts for your audience

Have a high quality streaming experience

Hear the difference in your voice with Krisp

Krisp is a recognized industry-favorite

People’s voice winner, 2021. Productivity & Collaboration Apps & Software

Check out more features of Krisp

AI-based noise cancellation for microphone & speaker

Remove unwanted noise from both ends of a conference call

Acoustic & Room echo removal

Removes the echo resonating from the walls and the echo that comes from your own voice.

Full support for any headset, microphone and speaker

Works on any machine (low CPU consumption mode)

Working on bringing you more new cool features!

Experience HD Voice during your online meetings today

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