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Do your employees struggle with background noise during online meetings? 

Trying to empower employees to communicate productively?

Employees are stressed about background noise while working from home? 

Is poor quality online communication taking a toll on their happiness?

Are employees losing confidence because of noisy team meetings?

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Fulfill your employee benefits package with Krisp noise cancelling app for conference calls

Removes any background noise

Krisp mutes any type of background noises like dog barks, kids screaming, street noise, keyboard clicks, and more.

Easy setup

Install and simply select Krisp as your microphone and speaker to mute the noise

Works wherever you are

Zoom, Meet, Uberconference, and 800 more. Just pair Krisp with any conferencing app your team uses for meetings

Use with any headset, microphone & speaker

Krisp works for every team member regardless of what audio equipment they use

Krisp makes it all go away. Hear the difference.


Built With AI

Krisp technology is based on deep neural networks and is trained using thousands of hours of audio.

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Maximum Privacy

Krisp performs all audio processing locally. Your voice and audio will never leave your device.

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