Digital nomads can travel to any country that they want to. They can also work from any location in that country that they want to. As beautiful as this sounds, choosing a location is not so easy.

Even though nomads can work from anywhere, they spend a bunch of time trying to find the perfect location that is the least noisy one. We want you to spare the time and start your search from these 5 least noisy places.

1. Library

Can you ever find a quieter place than library? The ultimate quiet area studying space for students. We have all been to a library at some point in our lives, so why not revisit it to get some work done?

Libraries have plenty of wide desks, so you can put your laptop anywhere you need and find the most comfortable position that won’t your neck, back and arms (we usually strain them from sitting too long). There are thousands of books which you could use as resources to find necessary information, learn new skills or do some research.

digital nomad library workspace

Since it’s a quiet area, most of the time you won’t encounter any noisy conversations and will be able to fully concentrate on your work.

You can choose between public or university libraries in the city where you live. Keep in mind that you’ll need to pay to get a membership for either of them. So before you choose which library you want to work at, assess each one for their working environment, WiFi strength, comfort, overall space and lighting, and of course pick the one that seems quieter to you. 

2. Co-working spaces

If you want an absolute office-like atmosphere, visit a co-working space. They are designed to accommodate your every working need.

Co-working spaces have stable and fast WiFi, comfortable desks and chairs, snacks and awesome people to make friends with. Co-working spaces are generally noiseless, as long as there are not many side conversations going on.

digital nomad coworking space

When choosing one, look for the spaces that have private offices and conference rooms, in case you want to work alone without interruptions.

If you need to take urgent conference calls and no conferencing rooms are available, you can take the call right from your place and use Krisp.

This tool will help you create a noiseless atmosphere by removing the background noise coming from you, and the noise coming from other call participants.


You can use Krisp with any app, and just leave it on at all times to have productive calls regardless of any noisy areas.

3. Expensive cafes

Coffeeshops and cafes are a prominent working space for digital nomads, but they are also prominent for the loud noise of conversations, music and outside noise. Some of the digital nomads mention coffeeshop noise among the most annoying noises in remote work.

If you enjoy getting your work done in coffeeshops but keep getting distracted by all the noise, try visiting more expensive cafes every once in a while.

digital nomad working in a coffeeshop

People tend to go to affordable places during lunch hours and that’s why most of the famous coffeeshops and cafes are overcrowded and noisy. Expensive cafes may be less overcrowded and hence – less noisy.

Another option is visiting coffeeshops during non-lunch and less crowded hours. You can ask the waiters and reschedule your working hours accordingly.

If neither of these options work, you can get yourself a good pair of noise cancelling headphones and use Krisp for completely noiseless work experience and conference calls.

4. Rented desk

If you don’t mind working from an office with other people, renting a desk will be an excellent decision for you. Connect with companies and organizations linked to your profession and ask if they have free desks you can rent.

Working from an office with other workers is comfortable because you’ll have all the amenities needed for work and can exchange your knowledge with others. You will have a great network of friends, coworkers, and also resources that will help you in your digital nomad job.

digital nomad renting a desk

If you have trouble finding companies for renting desks, visit deskcamping or ShareDesk to see if there are any available desks near your location. Don’t stick to the companies with a similar background; try new places to get inspired!

5. Park

This one may sound surprising, but there is always a benefit to working in a park from time to time. The fresh air and nature will boost your willingness to work, stimulate your brain and help you focus on your work easier.

digital nomad in a park

Parks are usually not very crowded during working hours, so you won’t have a noise issue. You can also bring food and coffee with you so that you don’t stay hungry throughout the entire workday.

Parks usually have free WiFi, but their connection may not be strong enough if you’re a heavy internet user. For such cases, bring your personal hotspot with you and don’t forget about your laptop charger and power bank just in case you decide to change your location later on.


We hope you will visit these locations and get work done noiselessly and productively!