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What a year! We hope you had wonderful holidays and are ready to settle in for the new year. 2018 was a breakout year for Krisp, so let’s wrap it up by looking back at some highlights of the past year together.

After developing Krisp for a while, we’ve released it for beta testing in August. And here are some of the numbers and highlights that have made our 2018 special.

In less than 5 months Krisp has:

How Did All This Happen?

Since the launch of private beta for Mac we’ve welcomed thousands of our Beta Heroes who’ve joined us in battling the noise and making work more productive. After polishing the app, we’ve opened the public preview — for everyone to try and have noise-free calls with Krisp.

Going forward, November was a fruitful month for Krisp. Interestingly, before we even announced the public preview, Krisp already became popular on major tech platforms. Like that we accidentally found Krisp trending on Hacker News and reaching the Top 3 position. Afterwards, Krisp was featured on Product Hunt, becoming #1 Product of the Day, #3 Product of the Week and #4 Product of the Month. Numerous mentions on social media and various media outlets have followed after this.

Concluding the year, Krisp was featured on TechCrunch! Here we speak not only about our technology, but also the backstory of Krisp and some future plans. So make sure to check it out!

More Great Things to Come in 2019!

2018 was a great year for Krisp. We’re proud that Krisp is the best noise cancelling tool that exists today. It took us more than two years to develop the noise cancelling technology that lies beneath the Krisp app, and if you’re interested you can learn more about the technology part from our recent blog post on Nvidia DevBlogs.

We want to thank all our users, our Beta Heroes, for all your support and feedback you’ve given us. Throughout 2019 we’ll stay focused on our goal of making your work simpler and more productive.

And some great news for the start of 2019! We’re tirelessly working on Windows version of Krisp and it’ll be available very soon! Even sooner than you think 😉

So, stay tuned for all the great things that are coming your way this year!
Krisp Team


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