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We are back to the Virtual Product Summit online conference held by Product School on March 19th, 2020 and we have to say that it was awesome! 

What is Product School?

Before we talk about the online conference, Product School is the global leading company specializing in Product Management training. They have organized a variety of informative and exceptional product management courses worldwide, thanks to their strong community of professional instructors and product managers who work at famous giants like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Netflix and many more.

Over time Product School has organized many events and has a big collection of resources that can be of a great assistance to all the beginner and future product managers out there. You can choose from a variety of ebooks, listen to podcasts or read their blog and subscribe to their newsletter and become an inseparable part of the Product School community. But what’s even better is the Virtual Product Summit online conference!

What is Virtual Product Summit?

The Virtual Summit is a 4-hour long online conference fully dedicated to Product Management. It included prominent product minds from the big famous companies such as Netflix, Facebook, Paypal and more, and they all unite and give you a big dive into the wonders and secrets of the Product World. The online conference is always live-streamed to Youtube, Facebook, and LinkedIn and the slides can be downloaded during the event in order not to miss any crucial information. 

The online conference opened with an inspirational talk from the Founder & CEO of Product School Carlos González De Villaumbrosia, followed by important topics regarding product marketing, product teams, product management & tech trends for the next 50 years, product analytics, growth. All these topics are all aimed at transforming the way companies and startups build and market their products. 

Krisp is Sponsored Virtual Product Summit for the 2nd time

Once again, Krisp had the honor of becoming the sponsor of this great event for the second time in a row. We are always on board to help provide people with as many knowledgable resources, tools and insights as possible and the opportunity to be a sponsor for the Virtual Product Summit is the best way to bring an entirely new perspective on product management, alongside with other sponsors like Heap, Mix Panel, Miro, Fullstory, Amplitude, Mural, Userguiding, Slido and many more. 

We bet you like what you’re hearing, so make sure you don’t miss out on the next one 😉

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