Last updated: June 16, 2020.

Please refer to the pricing page for the updated information.

Krisp has been following a tremendous journey altogether with an ultimate goal of making the life of remote professionals, freelancers, location independent workers and for many others more productive. 

We have spent a lot of time trying to tailor the perfect product for our customers and motivate them to strive for even more productivity. 

It’s an inseparable part of the modern world that’s deviating towards remote work opportunities and growth. 

We’re happy to see our Krisp community grow, and it’s all thanks to you that we are able to improve Krisp and make your work lifestyle easier. 

We believe at heart that the true mission of Krisp is to make the remote world as productive as possible, and to do that we need to help our community grow. 

That’s why we have been working on our new pricing plans to make Krisp accessible to even wider remote communities and not only. We have made updates which will help anyone incorporate Krisp in their daily routines without any effort.

It’s time to officially introduce the new plans for Krisp Pro separately for individuals and teams:

krisp pricing plans

Annual plans

krisp pricing

Monthly plans

Krisp Pro is the best choice for remote professionals who want to have full freedom and flexibility. This plan comes with unlimited noise cancelling for microphone and speaker which you can use on home and work devices, as well as unlimited noise-free calls on Krisp iOS mobile dialer. Krisp Pro costs $5 per month, or an annual payment of $40 ($3.33/month)

Krisp for Teams comes with an additional set of tools, such as centralized billing and member management, designed specifically for teams. It’s available with a month-to-month payment of $5 per team member, or an annual payment of $40 ($3.33/month/team member). This plan is perfect for remote teams and teams working in an open space.

Krisp is also available for enterprises and call centers, please contact us to learn more information about these plans.

We are happy to have such wonderful supporters who make Krisp’s mission important and we want you to have a great remote experience with Krisp. 

Let’s strive for more productivity together! 🙂