Krisp Technologies has recently partnered with V-Cube, the leading web-based visual communication services  (VCS) provider in Japan, to deliver Krisp applications to enterprises, SMBs and call centers in Japan.

V-Cube solutions create value by becoming an integral part of each customer’s communications infrastructure. The company provides communication services to thousands of businesses in a variety of industries in Japan. 

The wide range of services — V-Cube Seminar, Gate, Voice, Presenter, and V-Cube meeting — increase productivity and ease the process of sharing audio, visual and multimedia content internally and externally with people in diverse and remote locations. 

Including Krisp in V-cube’s product lineup, and bringing it to the Japan market through their sales channels and support teams, line up very well with customer demand from enterprises and call centers. Our partnership delivers Krisp applications in Japanese with B2B and B2C payments in Yen.

Effective communication is one of the crucial components in remote business communication and together with V-Cube, we provide our users with the best and most professional conferencing experience available in the market.  

Krisp removes background noise from you and from others during conferencing and collaboration calls and is compatible for use with not only with V-Cube services but all other web conferencing solutions as well, including Zoom, Skype and hundreds of others. Additionally, Krisp works equally well with all headset, earbud and microphone types.

We are excited to be partnered with V-Cube and extending the reach of Krisp applications as a key part of the broader remote work initiatives in Japan. Check out Krisp and V-Cube and experience noise-free calls for you and your team today!

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