Vonage, one of the best leading business cloud communications provider, launched its very own App Center on Wednesday, October 30.

The App Center is built on infrastructure that allows Vonage Business Cloud (VBC) customers to effortlessly create and deploy business applications from VBC and integrate various tools directly into their VBC account.  

With the new Vonage App Center, VBC users will have a more sophisticated experience finding applications based on their business needs. 

The App Center provides a wide selection of add-ons, productivity tools and business apps including Krisp noise cancelling productivity software, which is featured alongside with Office 365 and G-suite.

Following the launch of Krisp within the App Center, VBC customers will be able to seamlessly integrate and use Krisp with Vonage to mute background noise during calls from challenging locations such as open offices, home offices, and public workspaces.

In addition, when VBC customers are invited to join conference and collaboration calls on applications such as Zoom and Skype, Krisp works equally well without changes to the application or configuration.

We are excited for you to check out the new Vonage App Center and start your noise-free business meetings with one click!