Written by Davit Baghdasaryan, Co-founder and CEO at Krisp

Note: The Krisp Phone app will be removed from the app store and will be no longer available for download as of December 26th. However, if you’ve already downloaded it to your mobile device – you can continue to use it until then. As of December 26th, the app will be officially shut down. All existing users will be signed off and the app will no longer function. Please read more about our decision here.

I would like to reveal something. 

The built-in noise cancellation on all our phones is pretty shitty

That’s not because Apple and Samsung of the world are not investing energy to make them better. It’s simply because they don’t have the technology to make it better.

All modern smartphones have multiple microphones deployed on the phone. I have talked about it previously on NVIDIA Developer Blog.


The basic concept is that one microphone is located close to your mouth and the others are designed as far as possible from your mouth. With this setup, noise cancellation works ONLY when we hold our phones close to our mouth. 

However, people increasingly don’t hold the phone close to their mouths anymore when they are in calls. Instead, we wear headsets like AirPod, or we hold it in front of us (for video) or we drive and speak in the car. In all these cases phone noise cancellation STOPS working entirely. Period

At Krisp, we have built a revolutionary app to fix this problem. The app is called, not surprisingly, Krisp. 

Krisp gives you the freedom to make calls from anywhere you want using your phone. It uses AI-powered noise cancellation technology to completely eliminate the background noise while you are having your call.

krisp for iOS banner

With this app, you can hold the phone anyhow you want and wear any headset you want. 

Krisp doesn’t care. It adds up on whatever noise cancellation you already got on your phone and adds a superpower to it.

You can use Krisp to call any phone number. You can even join conference calls – like Zoom, Webex, Meet, MS Teams, Skype for Business, etc.

So next time you are outside in street, or in an airport or maybe at home but you have your kids screaming in the background (like my kids like to do) – just give Krisp mobile dialer a try and you are going to be amazed. 


And one more thing… Krisp is completely free. So downloading and using it is really a no brainer.