In today’s fast-paced digital world, the ability to transcribe meetings accurately and efficiently has become a necessity for professionals and teams. Google Meet, one of the leading video conferencing tools, offers users the option to transcribe meetings directly within its platform. However, limitations exist within this native feature, prompting users to seek more advanced alternatives. One such alternative is Krisp’s AI Meeting Assistant, renowned for its superior transcription capabilities. Below is a comparative table highlighting the key features of both transcription services.

Feature Google Meet Transcription Krisp AI Meeting Assistant
Cost Requires Google Workspace account Free Unlimited Transcriptions
Accuracy Good High accuracy with advanced AI
Automatic Summarization
AI-Generated Action Items
Additional Features Basic transcription Noise cancellation, AI meeting summaries, action items, call recording
Works with Any App Limited to Google Meet Yes, compatible with any video conferencing app

Transcribe Google Meet Meetings on Google Meet

Google Hangouts is currently Google Meet. Check out our comprehensive guide on Google Meet transcription for further clarity. 

Step 1: Initiate or join your Google Meet session.

Step 2: Navigate to the lower right corner of your screen, where you’ll find an icon composed of a triangle, square, and circle, known as the ‘Activities’ button. Click on it, then choose ‘Transcripts’ followed by ‘Start Transcription’ and finally, click on ‘Start’.

Google Meet Transcription

Step 3: A ‘Transcripts’ transcription icon icon will now appear at the top left corner of your screen.

Step 4: Upon concluding your meeting, both you and any co-hosts will automatically be sent an email containing a link to access the transcript of the meeting.

Drawbacks of Transcribing Google Meet Meetings on Google Meet

Despite its convenience, Google Meet’s transcription feature has its limitations:

  • Google Workspace account required. Only available for users with a paid Google Workspace account.
  • Accuracy issues. The transcription may not always be perfectly accurate, especially with complex terminologies or in noisy environments.
  • Lacks advanced features. Features such as generating summaries, action items, and advanced noise cancellation during meetings are not available.

Transcribe Google Meet Meetings for Free with Krisp

Krisp’s AI Meeting Assistant offers a robust solution for transcribing Google Meet meetings. Here’s how to utilize Krisp for transcription:

  1. Download and install Krisp. Ensure it’s set up on your device and integrated with Google Meet.
  2. Select Krisp as your audio input and output. Before joining the meeting, choose Krisp as your microphone and speaker in the Google Meet settings.
  3. Enable the AI Note Taker feature. In Krisp, activate the AI Note Taker to start transcribing the meeting. Just as you’d get a Teams meeting transcription without recording, the same applies to Google Meet. Simply start or join your meetings as you usually do, and Krisp automatically jumps into action.
  4. Access and share transcripts. Once the meeting is over, you can access the transcript directly in your Krisp account’s web dashboard.

Benefits of Generating Google Meet Transcriptions with Krisp

Choosing Krisp for transcription offers several advantages:

  • Superior accuracy. Utilizes advanced AI for high transcription accuracy, even in noisy environments.
  • Free Unlimited Transcriptions. Krisp works independently of your Google Meet account, offering flexibility for all users.
  • Advanced features. Includes generating summaries, identifying action items, and providing advanced noise cancellation, enhancing the overall meeting experience.

Final Thoughts

While Google Meet’s built-in transcription feature offers basic transcription capabilities, Krisp’s AI Meeting Assistant emerges as a superior choice for professionals seeking accuracy, advanced features, and convenience. Whether you’re conducting team meetings, client consultations, or educational sessions, Krisp ensures that your meetings are not only heard but also understood and actionable.



Frequently Asked Questions

Does Google Meet have transcription?
Yes, Google Meet provides a transcription feature, but it’s limited to users with a Google Workspace account and lacks advanced functionalities.

Do you need an extension to transcribe on Google Meet?
No, you don’t necessarily need an extension. While Google Meet has its own transcription service, using Krisp’s AI Note Taker feature can provide higher accuracy, additional features, and better privacy without the need for extensions.

Where are Google Meet transcripts stored?
Transcripts made using Google Meet’s built-in feature are stored in the meeting organizer’s Google Drive in the same folder as the meeting recording.