There is a common misconception that digital nomads  rest almost all the time. Well, that’s not the case. Being a digital nomad means carrying all your obligations with you wherever you are. Most of the digital nomads can’t unplug from their work due to the difference in time zones, working hours and else.

You’ve seen those hard working guys checking their email or doing business calls during a friends’ gatherings, right? Without proper weekends the week can’t be productive, so here are some exciting ways to spend your day off being a digital nomad!

digital nomad day off with coffee and book


Yes, traveling is the essential part of digital nomads – you work and travel at the same time. But do you remember the last time you just purely enjoyed the magnificent views without getting a phone call or thinking about deadlines? Since traveling is so relatable to digital nomads, you can often get the illusion that there’s no need to travel when you are in a new location. Trust me, it will make you feel better.

Turn off your laptop, turn on auto messaging, pack your backpack and go to travel during your weekends. It’s important to dedicate some time to yourself every now and then. Go to small local villages, visit that famous temple on the top of the mountain, hitchhike and get to know locals better. Don’t think about your work and don’t let it disturb you while you enjoy your travel time.

Clean up

Is there a better feeling than laying on freshly ironed bedsheets, looking at polished floors and organized desk, eating homemade food and having everything put together? Spend your weekends to clean your house: there is no clean mind if you’re living in a mess. Clean the windows so you can enjoy the magnificent sunrises.

digital nomad organized desk

Take care of your wardrobe by washing your clothes and organizing them. Throw away everything you don’t need or don’t enjoy anymore. If you don’t want to get rid of your clothes, give some for charity. This will make both your backpack lighter and will be a plus to your karma.

All you have to do is turn on the music you like and just spend time by yourself, dedicating it to your house – the very center of your energy.

Try homemade food

When was the last time you’ve cooked a meal? Due to traveling a lot, most of the time it’s easier to save time and eat out rather than prepare it by yourself. If you have close friends nearby you or just people you hang out with, invite them over for a dinner.

This can be a great way to spend time together and enjoy the magic of the process of homemade food preparation. . Who doesn’t like a cozy evening with friends, fresh homemade food, candles, and calm music?

digital nomad home made food

Explore new things

There is one certain thing in our lives – life gets a bit boring if you don’t learn on a constant basis. Even if you’re a world class professional in your field, there is always room to expand your interests. Take some time to read books, listen to podcasts and practice what you learned. The best option will be to explore interests that aren’t connected to your profession.

If you’re obsessed with Spanish, open your exercise book or app and dedicate time to learning new words and phrases. You can take online courses that are taught online. In case you struggle with taking calls in noisy environments like coffeeshops, coworking spaces or simply outside, you can get Krisp.




It will mute all the background noise during the call from both sides so that you focus on learning easily. Find people with a set of skills you’re interested in and spend some time with them – you’ll learn more from a person rather than a book.

Create art

When you some some free time, visit galleries and exhibitions or make art yourself. It can be anything: pottery, photography, poetry, painting or even some doodle sketches in your notebook. All people have the need for beauty and thoughtfulness in their lives.When you spend lots of time working and caring about business, there’s no room for fulfilling your needs of art.

digital nomad art

Go to a one-time drawing session or pottery making classes. Spend some time with a pencil in your hands to write a poem or a short story, make something for your home with your hands. Creating something new from scratch helps to relieve the stress, boosts creativity and produces pleasure.

Observe the surrounding nature

There’s something philosophical in this point, but it’s worth trying.

Have you ever noticed the old man sitting near the supermarket and selling flowers? Did you notice that the building in front of yours is freshly painted into a new color? Can you see that the flowers are already blooming?

Our lives are so intense, full of work and other worries that we forget one of the most important senses gifted to us by nature – sight. You can look at everything, but can you really notice every detail? Take a couple of hours, go out to your neighborhood and just observe what’s going on around you.

Don’t listen to music, don’t use your phone, don’t do anything except looking for and appreciating you glance at. Life around us is so beautiful if we start paying attention to it.

Make a difference in your community

The heartwarming feeling of gratitude is fantastic. You’re happy when strangers tell you the right road, when the small boy hands you the wallet that fell out of your bag, when the man you’re hitchhiking with shares their food with you.

digital nomad community

Dedicate your free day to volunteering in a local refugee camp, help the old people in the nursing home, feed stray cats and dogs on streets. These small actions will help you to make an impact in the community you’re living in and get to know the local culture better.

Every small action counts for making the world a better place. We promise you; you’ll get so much energy from the universe that your whole upcoming week will be full of passion and pleasure.


We hope that these recommendations will help you have great weekends which will be both useful and enjoyable.